Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lupe Fiasco on The Guardian

This is old but who cares :)

"The skinny guy standing in the doorway dressed in socks, terry towelling dressing gown and bookish glasses doesn't look much like a famous recording artist. A cursory glance around his Manhattan hotel room only reiterates this; there's no entourage, the only paraphernalia is cough and cold-related and the TV is tuned to a documentary on deep-sea diving. It wouldn't be unfair to surmise that Lupe Fiasco is a bit of a geek. Not that he'd care. "I just do me. I don't chase the status quo," shrugs the practising Muslim who doesn't partake in drugs, drink or groupies. "I don't try and be anything I'm not. Yeah, I was a nerd in school; I wasn't trying to be no big gangster or drug pusher," he says before listing chess, Transformers, karate and shortwave radio as four of his childhood interests."

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