Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taking It Back

So...I was reading Kaycee's post about the forum and decided to log in, then I came across this....

Wanna be the Number One Fan and be showcased on the blog!!!!

All you have to do is answer the two following questions and BAM...Its done!!!

(1) When did you first fall in love with Lupe Fiasco? (for guys: no homo)

(2) If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco what would it be and why?

Also you can include any other information about yourself if you want.
Example: your myspace, favorite color, pictures, WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!
This is your time to shine.

I think we should SO bring this back...

So start sending that stuff in people...

(forward to all of us...)

Or...just create an account and answer the questions

And Stay Tuned...for new and exciting things @ The Lupe Fiasco Show

Its Only Entertainment

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