Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lupe makes MTV top MC's list...


Why He's Hot

With swagger that lays somewhere between dope-boy fresh and Louis-Viutton-Don dapper, "He spat the poems that got their domes all geeked up." Did Lupe have a legitimate gripe about being totally ignored by the Brain Trust during last year's list and subsequent sidebar convos? Absolutely. Did the trustees tell the world that their list was neither perfect nor definitive? Absolutely. Nevertheless, Lupe made it impossible to overlook him this time (and not just because of the support he's getting from his peers). A little less arcane and definitely darker than 2006's Food and Liquor, his The Cool LP borders on classic contention. His blatant sarcasm didn't sacrifice his lyrical legerdemain on "Dumb It Down." The articulation of emotion and attention to detail on "Hip-Hop Saved My Life" makes the song easily one of 2008's most cherished, and the ample airplay for "Superstar" and many weeks as Billboard's top rap record re-established Lu's nascent star power.

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KAYCEE checking out!!!


Anonymous said...

this is all the more reason that he shouldnt retire

K. Denise said...

its about damn time.

Anonymous said...

aa.. he should have been higher

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

Lupe doesnt get as much hype as he should. Kids my age need to educated about "real" hip hop cuz "aye bay bay" aint cuttin it.

Lupe IS the truth.

Asia dee

propayne93 said...

this list is still a bunch of commercialized bullshit, number 7? bullshit, if u gon put lupe below 50 cent, u dnt deserve to be on TV, u dnt deserve to have a car and u dnt deserve to have ears to bump dat shyt in yo car, fuckin suits