Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lupe reacts to MTV's Hottest MC's Nod

"Lupe was very vocal when he was left off last year's list — and didn't even receive an honorable mention. "Yeah, I went and found all of the individual board members and asked them what was up," Fiasco said. "It feels good, man. I used that as motivation. I took that as, 'Oh, OK. I'll be back.' And I came back with a vengeance. [The Cool] is gold. Smash record that was nine weeks at #1. The bells and whistles and everything that comes with it. So, you know, I'm happy. I'm happy. A Grammy that just came out of nowhere. It feels good, man, the work. So now I've got to find something else to motivate me again, so I can be the underdog. I like being the underdog. I like that. It feels like you've got something to achieve. You wake up in the morning with a purpose."

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Adrian. The Esoteric said...

lol i love that picture

Anonymous said...

Me too adrian. Good job Lupe:)Its well deserved. Lupe should be number one. I still think Food and Liquor was better than the Cool:) But once again excellent job Lupe. There are more awards to come.

Anonymous said...

Some of the ones that said Jeezy > Lupe are retarded...and they're suppost to be "HipHop experts". Classic Album + Multiple Styles + Different from everyone else = hotness. Reason why Kanye is number one on the list, use your brain "HipHop experts".

Offtopic how the hell did Soulja Boy even get mentioned in there?