Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet Nee...

Lupe Fiasco's # 1 Fan of the Moment

1) The first time i fell in love with lupe was when i first saw the KICK PUSH music video on BET. I had never heard the song on the radio before hand so i was totally unawhere of the song and him as an artist. The thing that sparked my interest in him was the fact that I had never heard a Hip/Hop song like it before. SKATEBOARDING?! He was obviously a lot different from the other Hip/Hop artist on BET and the song was sick as hell! "I LIKE DIS DUDE!" At the end of the video when his name flashed on screen i read to myself: "Lupe Fiasco? Hmm, is he puerto rican" LOL! but seriously, even his named sounded interesting to me. So, I googled him, read some articles and watched some interviews on youtube(I found out he wasn't puerto rican LOL). I saw what kinda dude he was and how he didn't hide how he was deep into japanese anime, comic books, toysand his versitile musical interest! So the realness got me!

2) LOL I don't think I'd even have the guts to steal anything from him but im gonna pretend for a moment that im this "crazy lupe stalker". I'd most likley steal one of his wee ninjas! I really wanna have one hangin on my jeans too!

Well, to give u some info on ya gurl Nee': Im fun and crazy most of the time and will say random things a lot LOL. I've been described as an "animated person". I like to read but Listening to music is my fav pastime. my fav color is blue. I may be female but pink is my least fav color. My fav music artists besides Lupe is Lauryn Hill (beautiful, talented sista), Coldplay, No Doubt, Beyonce', Jay Z, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Janet Jackson and of course Michael (the "KANG OF POP"). My fav author is Mary Monroe. My fav NBA player is Kevin Garnett! My fav artist, as in paint and drawings, is Justin Bua (artwork is oozin' with that urban vibe) So u can check out my page at THANX! HOPE I WIN!

Hey Nee...LMAO @ "crazy lupe stalker" I think we all would like a wee ninja!!! Oh, and kudos on your music taste (Kaycee would especially appreciate your love for Michael Jackson!! And thanks for reading the blog!!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh word? This is his #1 fan..

best believe its not for long..

hahaha.. but yeah.. them ninjas are dope

Anonymous said...

LOL uhh ..

is that her picture or did you use a random one .. xD

nee said...
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nee said...