Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Very Complex Cover

Above is an image of Mr.Fiasco on the cover of Complex Magazine. I dont know about you, but I like the Supras on his feet.

Life on Mars

One of the illest musicians...EVER...homie be getting down on the keyboards lol

Unreleased Lupe "U Don't Know"

Im sure Andrew leaked it first but i peeped it on i think all the unreleased music is getting HELLA OLD...

Download HERE

Dear Lupe Fiasco,

I'll begin by sounding like every other fan you have who acquires your email address off your blog and sends a message hoping to get an ACTUAL reply from the artist not some 'rep'

Here are things you may have heard/read before

I've been a fan of yours since forever
I've been to all of you're concerts in my area
I bought all albums by you or featuring your music
I think you're cute

Here's some info you may not have heard

When i went to the Glow in the Dark tour in Dallas in June, I came just to see you're performance and by the final performance when you took the stage again from Kanye's finale, I truely admired your lyrical talent. Though I heard your verse of touch the sky a million times, hearing them while seeing you on stage gave them an undescribable meaning to me.

Though you are a busy person, I just thought I'd give you one more thanks to you for continuing to doing you like no one else can.

Please don't quit music but if you so choose to do so....Do please write a book (or severall) and I will read that if i can't no longer hear your albums.


Gloria Ogboaloh

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Another SOBs Contest...

One winner and a guest

Send your full name, as well as the full name of your guest, with the subject line Spectrum Funk to

I will be choosing the winner TOMORROW since the concert is Thursday. Thanx again Kozza!!!



Are you an aspiring video director? Do you constantly listen to some of your favorite Lupe songs and think to yourself "Damn...a video for that would be crazy!"


The Femme Fiascos are giving you the opportunity to DIRECT YOUR OWN LUPE FIASCO MUSIC VIDEO!!!! All you have to do is pick 1 of the 3 song choices given, create your own music video to the song (video must be 1 to 3 mins long...nothing longer then 3 mins please!) and submit your videos to and THAT SIMPLE!

What are the prizes you ask?

The winner will recieve AUTOGRAPHED PRIZES and will also get his or her music video featured on LUPE FIASCO'S OFFICIAL BLOG! So your work is sure to be seen!

As always with all of our contest...the video doesn't have to be super professional it just has to be CREATIVE! CREATIVITY IS KEY PEOPLE! So start filming!!! The deadline for video submissions is AUGUST 31ST!

Song Choices:




REMEMBER! You can only find monthly contest catered to YOU...Lupe Fiasco's "Superstars" at!


Straight From Busy's Blog

"Paris Tokyo (Remix)" ft. ____ & ____ & _____ drops next week...more details on Friday...

"The Coolest" video, directed by ___ films next week...

A very complex magazine cover drops very soon...

FNF UP & AWAY!!!! Feels good 2 be home!!!!


Gemstones on okayplayer...

"Gemstones is or, was, the dude on vocals on all of your favorite Lupe tracks from both Food & Liquor & The Cool. “Go Baby”, he’s chillin in the cut; “He Say, She Say”- your boy was there under the name Gemini- but now, it’s strictly Gemstones, with a reassessed outlook on the game, and indebted focus, for all of those on the come up.

“It was, 2000 or 2001 when I first hooked up with Lupe,” Gemstones, a Chi-town native began, “and he was doin’ what I wanted to do with the game. We fist met in the studio, and when I learned how he was stepping to everything, and that he owned his own publishing company, I had to get with him.” And after getting with him, things quickly began to spark. Initially with Lupe’s first effort, and then with the explosion of the Chicago underground-turned-mainstream scene."

CLICK HERE to read the full article

Gem is hard at work in the STUDIO...working ON NEW MATERIAL...u know what that means :)

Disperse Video

Lupe is a dancing machine lol SHOUT OUT TO THE FAM*LAY CAMEO :) DirtyWay COMING SOON!


Monday, July 28, 2008


Me and Bowwow LOVE to celebrate our birthday with Patron Silver...

No Cake & Ice Cream needed for me...

Unless this is the cake. LOL.

Bullet: Back To The Lyrics


01. Intro
02. Put Ya Hands High
03. Follow the leader
04. I’m On My Ish
05. I Ain’t Gotta Front (Pt. 2)
06. Blue Moon f/ Youngblaze (prod. Vanysh)
07. Take That
08. Quick
09. Complete Love
10. Back To The Lyrics
11. (Skit)
12. Hype
13. Earth Girls (prod. Slot-A)
14. About Me
15. Damage Is Done [Bonus Track]
16. That Girl f/ Chrisian Rich [Bonus Track]
17. Get It (prod. Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids)

Bullet is my homie...and every time i say his album title i start singing failure lol....but hes doing his thing...and this album just got reviewed in The Souce (page 88 Nelly Cover CHECK IT OUT!)

Head over to his official website to download the album :)

Straight From Myspace:Lupe on MTV Choose or Lose/Kanye West Special

Check out Lupe Fiasco making an apperance on MTV's "Choose or Lose & Kanye West Present: Homecoming" special airing tonight, Monday, JULY 28th @ 10pm et/pt. The special will shine the spotlight on three Iraq war veterans, representing the diverse cross-section of America’s returning armed forces. The issues faced by these three young veterans are emblematic of the issues that will be faced by the more than 1.7 million young people who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The documentary will also highlight how viewers can help through extensive resources available through and the Dr. Donda West Foundation.

Viewers can go to and interact with the show and the veterans, find ways to take action on these issues and share their own thoughts on the subject.

They can also get more information on the veterans featured by clicking on the following profile links also available on Tirann Lewis, Shameeka Gray and Lorenzo Zarate.

It Rapper Big Pooh!

"With You" produced by 9th Wonder

Not Lupe Related but who cares (well kinda cuz Lu interviewed on FNF Radio years ago) This joint comes from Rapper Big Pooh...1/2 of me and my Femme Sisters Brandi and Rhoyal Fiasco's FAVORITE HIP HOP GROUP LITTLE BROTHER! This joint is from his upcomoing mixtape Rappers Delight and the album Dirty Pretty Things is coming soon yall...SUPPORT OUR BIG HOMIE BIG POOH!


Win a pair of tickets to The Glow In The Dark Tour in NYC...courtesy of BBC!

"We will release our second NYC Flagship store exclusive T-shirt this upcoming Wednesday July 30th at 11AM. Two lucky customers who purchase this T-shirt will each win a pair of tickets to the Glow In The Dark concert at Madison Square Garden on August 5th or 6th."

Gotta train em' while they young...

Cute :)

Give Freely To Furor

Click the link below to donate

FREE MONEY EP from Nouveau Riche]free


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stills of Lu...

in the Cons video...snatched from my favorite white boy (in the whole wide wide world lol) Tibs over at GWHH

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tugun Cannon ft. B. Howard "Cant Let You Go" *Viral Video*

Tugun Canon feat. B.Howard from Chris & Blaq on Vimeo.

Directed by the Christopher Adams and Hana McDowell

Pictures from Somerset House Gig...

CLICK HERE to view :)

Throwback: Risen Magazine Interview..Lupe Fiasco: Street Cred

Risen Magazine: How many kids were in your family?

Lupe Fiasco: Nine—five girls and four boys. I'm the youngest boy and the fourth youngest overall.

RM: How did growing up in such a big family treat you?

LF: A lot of it was satellite. A lot of it is half-brothers and halfsisters. We all didn't live in the same household, so we hadspace. And the ages ranged from 32 all the way down to 4. So it was different households, different marriages, so we all had our space and we all had our time. It wasn't like nine of us like the Brady Bunch—running around, lagging, committing suicide in the shower. It wasn't like that. We all got our attention and everything.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview

This is an oldie but a good read...

Youtube vids

Once again I havent been online in ages so if any of this is old then i apologize in advance...

Lupe upping Jordan on Espy's Red Carpet

(sidenote: I SO wanna Lupe on the court lol...what ya game lookin' like Lu?)

Footage of an afterparty while on the Glow tour...

Okay I have to stop there my comp is giving on me but i shall return...

Lupe acting a damn fool in Cons Video

I was just waiting for him to Crump like Chris Brown...

Straight From Myspace: FNF ARMY...NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!!






Friday, July 25, 2008

He Say She Say performing Live at Evil Olive for Lollapalooza After Party

Hit up their myspace page for more info!

Are My Eyes Playin Tricks On Me?

Has MUAH Made Her Comeback?
Im Excited!!!!!

Update from Muah:
"Don't call it a comeback,
I been here for years,
Rockin my peers
and puttin suckas in fear"

"Bitch I'm back on my Grizzy,
Yo Brandi, Where you at?
Turntables and a Mic
Tell the DJ run it back"...

"Sorry Fa Cussin...I'm Back...(AYEEEEEE)"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why Nas is Lupe's Favorite Rapper (as told by Lupe)

I started to question again...I started to doubt..."NIGGER" (yeah I still call it Nigger...Fuck the press!!!)...really???...this nigga is naming his new shit "Nigger"???...hmmm...interesting...publicity stunt?...of course it is...did it work?...hell yeah!...people were was great publicity wise...but the music, the message...would it be that "soundtrack to life", thought provoking, undeniably revolutionary, conceptually impeccable, stunning, invigorating, inspiring, down right send-you-back-to-the-drawing-board quality PIFF!!! that N-A-S is capable of ????????????..................I avoided buying it...I avoided watching the videos online....I avoided downloading any of the leaked music...I was scared...I put it out of my mind...I refused to participate.......I was afraid it wouldn't be............until today...............and the answer to the longwinded question is......

Read Entire Okayplayer Post Here

Spectrum Funk

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old Lupe Interview

Shout out Drea from He Say She Say! Thanks for showing The Femmes and The Lupe Fiasco show so much love :)

Lupe's Myspace page....

has it been hacked? i keep seeing bulletins about winning a phone call or get backstage passes to his shows and it has pics of him with that guy from MTV and the pic with him LL and 50 cent lol...does anyone else think this is hella weird? I haven't been online for a while so if im late then shoot me :)

Lupe at the Espys

Im just now seeing this...

Lupe Fiasco on Coca-Cola's Refresh Your Flow Tour

Straight from his myspace...

Coca-Cola keeps the summer cool and makes it hot for teens across the country as it kicks off the six-city, invitation only "Coca-Cola Refresh Your Flow Tour" featuring hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco today in Los Angeles. Starting tonight in Hollywood, Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco will bring his hits, "Kick, Push" and "Superstar" to lucky teens, ages 13-17, across the country for an exclusive, invitation only concert tour created by Coca-Cola North America. The "Coca-Cola Refresh Your Flow Tour" opens today at the Avalon in Hollywood and will travel to some of the hottest venues in five other cities including: The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, August 3); The Tabernacle (Atlanta, August 8); Park West (Chicago, August 17); LOVE (Washington D.C., August 21); and, The Filmore at Irving Plaza (New York City, August 29).Up-and-coming artist Karina Pasian will open the show.

"The 'Coca-Cola Refresh Your Flow Tour' continues Coca-Cola's tradition of connecting African American teens with something they love – Coca-Cola and music," said Yolanda White, assistant vice president, African American Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. "Not only will each concert offer the teens an unforgettable musical experience, it will give each of them a taste of the Coke Side of Life – a moment in time that is refreshingly optimistic and uplifting. And, by engaging an artist like Lupe Fiasco, they will be encouraged to live on the positive side of life."

Tickets to the show are free and can only be obtained from partnering radio stations, participating retailers and Coca-Cola street teams traveling to teen hot spots throughout the cities. In addition, select Boys & Girls Clubs in each market will distribute tickets to deserving Club teens. "I am looking forward to the 'Coca-Cola Refresh Your Flow Tour.' It's a unique opportunity for me to bring a message of positivity and what it really means to be cool," said Lupe Fiasco. "I hope it will be an unforgettable experience for every teen who attends."

Vibe Is Sippin' On Haterade

Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell are the latest solo stars to form a supergroup, but will they last? looks at other possible super groups, and why they would or would not work.

The idea of an infinite urban group knotted together by (mildly and fiery) successful solo artists is no virgin to the music world. Following the allure are Benjamin-backpackers Kanye West, Pharell Williams, and Lupe Fiasco, who in May 2007 introduced themselves as the lefty power bloc CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) and premiered the balmy, retrospective “US Placers”, from ‘Ye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape. That, along with N.E.R.D.'s “Everyone Nose” remix, and the just released Rebel Music mixtape, hosted by Pharrell and featuring blended tracks by him, Kanye, and Lupe, has quickly webbed CRS a strong following of supporters patiently waiting for the group’s ’08 debut. However, as the guys attempt to seal the title as hip hop’s greatest super-group, they should be forewarned that birthing a potent assemblage of previously autonomous players aint always cake.

Gemstones in Chaunce Clothing

Black In America

I have been really excited about Soledad O’Brien’s series Black in America (shown on CNN 7/23 and 7/24 @ 9pm EST). I am curious to see how many on her panel and interviewees share my view of the state of Black America. I have also been watching some of the interviews she conducted of various media personalities on CNN on demand in anticipation of the actual airing of this series.

My focus is on her interview with rapper Lupe Fiasco. I am a fan of Lupe. I think his rhymes are not only intelligent and (as The Child puts it) “hot”, but he also has a creativity I find lacking in 95% of today’s rap artists. Lupe is the definition of real Hip Hop in my book.

What struck me about this interview was his awareness of the history and the community that formed us as a people. At one point in the interview he explained (and I am paraphrasing) that people regardless of their race have an innate ability to think, nurture and care for themselves. There is an innate drive and ambition that causes human beings to strive for a better existence and not just float around haphazardly waiting for permission to do well. He goes on to explain that African Americans were systematically stripped of this innate ability. Whether it was through the actual act of slavery (which he states didn’t really end until the 40’s or the 50’s and I agree) or through the systematic refusal of equal rights up and through the 60’s and 70’s. He said then, once that shadow was lifted we were supposed to forget those centuries of conditioning. Lupe went even further to say that because of all those years of conditioning African American people are playing catch up and one cannot expect a level playing field after only 40 or 50 years of true freedom. He took pains to explain that the black experience is unique from other races who suffered degradation at the hands of America...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dita Sunglasses: Midnight Special

Specially made for Lupe Fiasco while on the "Glow in the Dark" tour.
$575 worth of sexy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lupe with his Next Artist....

"I gotta old iPhone"

LMAO....That was Great!!!

Click Here to read MTV Newsrooms Latest Article on Lupe

Straight From Myspace

Want to help nominate Lupe for a Video Music Award?!
Watch FN MTV Premieres THIS Friday, July 18th at 8p/7c for details!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Okay Lu, Maybe you DON'T need Backup Dancers

On the set of Everybody Nose remix video shoot...

Courtesy of Lu's Youtube


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lupe poses a Question

Lupe made a rare appearance on his messageboard
And had this to say...

"Them other nigga's I don't Vibe with."

-'Hi-Definition' Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

Hey Guys...Much Love to ya'll...I'm taking this time out to inform you beautiful guy's and gal's about a few things that seem out of order and rather odd to me...I pose the question...

Does the media in hip-hop conspire to create controversy and tension in the culture just for the sake of publicity? recently started a campaign with the intention of crowning one lucky artist from the vast talent pool of hip-hop as "Best Rapper Alive" (FYI the notion of someone being the "best" of something especially in a category as subjective as music is a rather impossible idea to bring to fruition with any credibility. Its based on bias and political maneuvering when in the public realm. I mean in private you simply like what you like as it fits to how you live your life and how you feel at a particular point.) I do find these rather unfounded events entertaining and even in some instances rather valid when a large amount of research and an unbiased, objective approach is taken using damn near scientific methods to make a list of criteria that tests artists in various formats and divisions to really reach a conclusion that is "This Person Is Based On This List Criteria Is The Best Of Something..." But when these spectacles are done just for the sake of manifesting publicity and controversy at the expense of someone's physical safety and overall state of mind I find them rather disgusting and an abomination of the lowest caliber.

I thought at one point that is was "Us vs. Them" however much a misconception or an overwhelmingly idiotic notion when you take into accounts the odds that are against "Us". "They" have superior weaponry, superior discipline, vast amounts of resources and lack morals and ethics to the highest degree. The fight against them in a rational mind seems rather futile but in a mind taught to believe that the "pen is mightier than the sword" and the weapons of the weak can overcome the mighty weapons oppressive when in the hands of the righteously motivated few. And that you had allies in your elders and in the trusted institutions that were set up to safeguard the truth and use it to empower the individuals who were under their charge. Our source of unbiased, uncontaminated truth that was our beacon to the North guiding us in the darkness to freedom and enlightenment. Faith is ignorance and faith is tested when you become informed and that is what makes you strong. All you have to do to make people weak and keep them weak is to let them have faith, let them be tested by becoming informed and let them even feel that they are becoming stronger but make sure the information they are tested with is tainted and poison. And to make sure they keep taking the weakening poison make it so that they give it to themselves. I ain't a saint. Never claimed to be. But I did believe in ideals and I believed in "Us". And I fought for "Us". I continue to wage war against "Them". Sacrificing wealth and fame for the sake of the state of mind of "Us". I started to realize in the course of my career that "Us vs. Them" is now "Us vs. Us". Our institutions of information are just interested in creating spin, feeding controversy and pumping out useless information in between vibrant ads for things we don't even need from companies without souls.

Why would you create a forum under the guise of "friendly competition" in which you pit individuals whom have at present or have had in the past friction in the real world in direct competition with each other in a virtual setting that you know will re-ignite feelings of ill will amongst the constituents of these people and quite possibly the individuals themselves???

This is insidious and reckless action. And I will not be apart of it.

So I humbly ask all of my fans and friends to boycott any voting and refrain from any participation whatsoever on my behalf in the Vibe Magazine and "Best Rapper Alive" Tournament.

The love and continued support of my musical career and my endeavors outside of music that you guys give are immensely satisfying accolades in themselves. The shine of any trophy on my mantel pales in comparison to the light that I see in the smiling faces of my fans...

Peace & Much Love To Ya!!!

Lupe...Z q

"a kung fu that is righteous will always prevail even in defeat."

Emperor Lu

Straight from Myspace


Head over to right now vote my new video "Paris Tokyo" on BET's 106 & Park countdown! Let me know if you voted by posting a comment below, i'll be checking....oh and we ain't done probably shooting another video off THE COOL very soon, just got a dope treatment by a director everyone is loving right now!!!

http://www. bet. com/OnTV/BETShows/106andpark/106_Vote_Poll. htm

Until next time...


Enstrumental X Eschmitte'

Enstrumental and Eshmitte' have come together to bring you the...
Nouveau 'GO Tee

Check out Million $ Mano of He Say She Say and Hollywood Holt

Thanks to Becca the Promo Mami for sending this to kinda late...but F*** whoever has a problem with it. :)

Gemstones Interview with Groove Effect

What has it been like so far, leading up to the release of Troubles of the World?
It has been a task. It hasn't been easy, it's been a grind. I've had many ups and downs, and I'm still climbing. Troubles of the World is at the top of the hill, and rocks have been falling down on me while I climb. But, you now what they say, the joy wouldn't feel so good without the pain.

You just wrapped up your mixtape, The Testimony of GemStones, and to the surprise of many, you're not talking about the same kinds of things you were on the last mixtape, Untamed Beast, why did you change your style?
Because I wanted to make a more positive impact on the world, I'm a role model now, there's a spotlight on me, and its growth. I already did all the negative stuff, and I don't want to leave behind something negative when I go, I want to leave a legacy. My momma used to always tell me if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say it at all, and I just want to have a positive impact on a younger generation.

Read full Interview HERE

The Testimony of Gemstones-GET IT NOW....Its HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mendi :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Congratulations S-Preme

Winner of the
"Return of the MC" contest...

N.E.R.D "Spazz Video"

I love Pharell.
I owe Shae my first born.
Chad is hilarious.
I got to jump around on stage at the glow tour like a damn fool to this song.

Not Lupe Related but its my boys N.E.R.D and this video is just to fresh and so worthy of the posting.

I know there is video of Lupe talking about the CRS video shoot so stop posting it and telling me about it.

FNF guest bloggers COMING SOON! :)



Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello/Goodbye live with Unkle

Lupe Fiasco live at Somerset...

watch it live tonight @

Apparently CRS is doing a video on Wednesday...

We'll believe it once we see it :)



Sunday, July 13, 2008

HELLA Lupe related!

Okay this is something i thought I would share with you all cuz it completely freaked me out lol. I started working at Walgreens not to long ago and one of my co-workers happens to be named LUPE...OH IT DONT STOP THERE PEOPLE! lol This Lupe happens to be from Chicago and she also attended Thorton Township Highschool...The same as our beloved fave rapper...AIN'T THAT CRAZY! Its like no matter what I do Lupe is ALWAYS gonna be involved in SO WAY lol I guess thats all part of being a Femme Fiasco lol

I Listen To This Song Alot At Work...

Game Time - Lupe Fiasco

"I correct you a dress...I a pair a pants
I am are just a pair of cans..."

Birmingham Academy

So...It sounds Hella quiet in there but whatever Lu' still rocked it!!!

Upcoming Shows (UPDATE)

Jul 13, 2008 Manchester Academy

Jul 14, 2008 Somerset House

Jul 19, 2008 Dick’s Sporting Goods Park (Mile High Music Festival)
Commerce City, Colorado

Aug 2, 2008 Lollapalooza @ Grant Park
Chicago, Illinois -

Aug 5, 2008 Glow In the Dark Tour @ Madison Square Garden
New York

Aug 6, 2008 Glow In The Dark Tour @ Madison Square Garden
New York

Aug 9, 2008 Pimlico Race Track (Virgin Mobile Festival)
Baltimore, Maryland

Aug 23, 2008 Golden Gate Park (Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival
San Francisco, California

Aug 30, 2008 Indiana University Auditorium
Bloomington, Indiana

Will Most Definitely be at Grant Park August 2nd!!!!

Fan Artwork...

Lupe Fiasco Part 3 by: DP16


# 1 Fan Of The Moment

Okay so I just caught up with some Number 1 Fan Emails...

And The Number 1 Fan of The Moment is...


1.) I first fell in love with Lupe{All Hetero} when I heard him say "I'm tryna stop lyin'(lion) like I'm Mumra but I'm not lyin' when I'm layin' on the beat". My heart started beatin' fast and I thought to myself..."THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! A RAPPER WHO MAKES REFERENCES TO THE THUNDER CATS!!". So then I began researching him. Came across SEVERAL mixtapes and wondered why I'd never heard of him even though I lived in Chicago myself. I own EVERY single one of his mixtapes. Had to download some but I did find some of the actual copies! I mean in my opinion THEE BEST RAPPER EVER was in my own back yard and I had no idea about it. The more I researched the more I fell in love wit Lupe{Once again...ALL HETERO}. Not only was he out of the box...he probably Fed-Exed it somewhere that it would never compromise his individuality. Listening to Lu' actually got me to become myself and for that he is something like a superhero....SUPER LU'!

2.) If I could steal ONE would DEFINETLY be the red Goyard Trunk!!

Personal Info: My name is Marquis. I'm 17 and I live in Chicago MAYNE! I enjoy poetry and video games.[GTA IV if you think you can take me on PS3 the name is KeSSe_MisFitZ_GQ] That's pretty much it!

LOL at Super Lu'!! Hey Marquis!!!!

And to ALL READERS: Sorry about the lack of posts. College is kicking my ass :) Brandi

Thursday, July 10, 2008 CONTEST!!!

Click Photos to Enlarge

Those 3 Pictures explain everything...Contest ends SUNDAY...

Damn, I might have to get my pen and paper out for this one.
The Rock the Bells lineup is CRAZY!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Ramone and John


Winners of the Wale contest.

Let me know how the show was. Take Pictures.

Straight From Myspace

Tune in tonight to BET's 106 & Park to catch Lupe's new video "Paris Tokyo" as the NEW JOINT of the day! It all goes down at 6pm only on BET, so don't miss it! The clip was directed by the world famous Erik White and features cameos from the entire FNF crew. And don't forget after the video premieres to head over to to vote the new video on the countdown.

Lupe Fiasco's certified GOLD album "The Cool" featuring the HIT smash "Superstar" ft. Matthew Santos is in stores & online now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Random as Hell...

I just wanted to take this time out to Thank Megan aka "Muah" for giving me an oppurtunity to contribute to this Blog. I was just sitting back thinking "OMG I am really contributing to The Greatest Blog about the Greatest Rapper Alive" (thats my opinion people) I had been reading this blog since close to its start and it has grown into something amazing!!! And now to be apart of it is just Crazy. I am amazed by the abundance of Love this blog has received from Lupe and his fans. I am even more amazed by the Family that has been built through it. If any of you know just 1 Femme Fiasco, then you know that all these Ladies are True Lupe Fiasco Fans and Great People...and I Just wanna say THANKS BITCHES (as KayCee would say)


1500 or Nothin...

Okay Last Video Post...I promise!

This band is Great...
I first saw them with Lu at the Halloween Show at The House of Blues Chicago...

Anyway...In this video they are rehearsing for tour and Lu tells the "Caught with his pants down" Story...LOL

Fan Artwork...

imagine 2nd: lup3 by: Nosliwill

Superstar in Paris

Im not going to go into Youtube overload...I promise...This is just great...Lupe's such a ROCKSTAR

Thanks for the link anonymous...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Footage-Paradiso

The Coolest-Acapella


Friday, July 4, 2008

Caption It

Picture Courtesy of nrbelex

Straight from Myspace

FNF UPDATE - July 4th Edition




FNF UP & AWAY!!!!!!


The Coolest vs. Hostile Gospel pt.1

This is a video made to DJ Zap Mashup of Lu and Talib.

This one is one of my favorites...Shoutout to DJ ZAP!!!

Get this and more HERE

Paris, Tokyo Flopped?

Check out Lupe's Paris, Tokyo Discussion with The OKP's and see what they are saying...


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DJ Zap Ultimate Mashups Presents: Lupe Fiasco

1. Happy Industries vs Mr Hahn - Bass On The Bottom
2. Heat Under The Baby Seat vs Aesop Rock - Catacomb Kids
3. A Bathing Harry vs Baby - What Happened To That Boy
4. Fighters vs Linkin Park - Numb Encore
5. Blackout vs Fort Minor - There They Go
6. Go Go Gadget Flow & Don't Get It Twisted vs Crucial Conflict - Hay
7. Gotta Eat vs Aesop Rock - Kill Em All Remix
8. I Don't Feel So Good vs Saigon - Come On Baby
9. Dumb It Down vs J-Souljah - Like It Or Not
10. Superstar vs Styles Of Beyond - Nine Thou
11. Emperor's Soundtrack vs J-Souljah - Coming Real Big
12. Don't Get It Twisted vs Talib Kweli - Country Cousins
13. Little Weapon vs M.I.A. - Paper Planes
14. Intruder Alert vs El-P - The Overly Dramatic Truth
15. Put You On Game vs Fort Minor - Cigarettes
16. The Coolest vs Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel pt 1
17. Streets On Fire vs Sage Francis - Civil Disobedience
18. Make Sure U Getta Shirt vs Aim - Walking Home Through The Park

Get MashTape Here....Whatup ZAP! Oh and Holla at me about the Remix interested in hearing your idea!

Hey Lu...Forreal This Time

Here he is...Your Backup Dancer...

He is too ADORABLE

Tuesday, July 1, 2008