Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Upcoming Tour Dates...

YES! I waited for these dates to be upped on his myspace...like always...forgive my laziness!!!

October 3: La Jolla, Calif. (University of California, San Diego)
October 5: Fort Collins, Colo. (Colorado State University)
October 7: Kent, Ohio (Memorial Athletic & Convocation Center)
October 9: Toronto (Club Circa)
October 10: Toronto (Club Circa)
October 11: Baltimore (Loyola College)
October 12: Binghampton, N.Y. (Binghamton University)
October 15: Orlando, Fla. (UCF Arena)
October 17: Mansfield, Penn. (Decker Gymnasium, Mansfield University)
October 22: Atlanta (Morehouse College, Forbes Arena)
October 23: Nashville (Memorial Gym)
October 26: New Orleans (Voodoo Island/City Park)
October 31: Chicago (Congress Theater)
November 6: Greenville, N.C. (East Carolina University Minges Coliseum)
November 7: Carlisle, Penn. (Dickinson College)
November 12: Los Angeles (Club Nokia at LA Live)
November 15: Storrs, Conn. (Jorgenson Theater for Performing Arts)
November 17: Elmira, N.Y. (Elmira College, Emerson Hall)
November 22: Geneseo, N.Y. (Kuhl Gym, SUNY Geneseo)
December 5: College Park, Md. (Univ. Of Maryland, Ritchie Coliseum)

Sooooooooooo Baltimore on Oct 11th and Chicago Congress Theater...WHO'S GOING!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fan Reviews: Lupe at UTA

"I went to the Lupe Fiasco show at UT-Arlington on Sep 24th, and I was blown away. I thought Lu's performance at Glow in the Dark could not be topped, but he gave the most incredible performance I've ever seen (and the tickets were only 25 bucks!!). His energy was crazy, he would spit lines at sonic speed and then slow down with the most flawless flow. When the whole auditiorium began chanting his name, he ran across the stage did a cartwheel and then a BACKFLIP!! And in addition to rapping, he also sang! He sang a slow jazz song, the intro to Daydreamin, and I must say LU CAN DEFINETLY SING!! Lupe also performed a song from LupEND, which I don't know the name of but it was a slow jam with incredible lyrics and a mellow beat. And Lu's dance moves were much more polished than usual (I think he's been rehearsing!). What I loved most about this show was not only Lu's incredible energy, but he was not afraid to be himself....He was not afraid of being silly or speaking his mind. And at the end, he gave the most articulate and motivating mini speech about why we should educate ourselves and vote. I also got to meet Lupe before the show, and even though he was running late, he was really sweet and took the time to meet me and my sister and take some pics with us! (THANKS LU!) I've been to a lot of concerts, but this was definetly the best show I've ever been to! If Lupe is coming to your city, definetly go and see him because you'll get every cents worth and you will fall even more in love with hip hop."

This could be you! send all your Lupe reviews or Groupie encounters to kay2dacee@gmail.com!

We are all STOOPID! (yes i meant to spell it like that)

Click here to see what some bee-otch is saying about us lupe fans

Kanye shows Wasalu some love over on his blog...

Click here to see more on the "Fresh Kid"

*sidenote* is it me or did he post HELLA pictures of Lu?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lupe in N.O for the Voodoo Experience

so he's gonna be there and Fuse is "broadcasting live" Click here for more information

Last time I complained about Fuse not showing Lupe on their network for Lollapalooza after heavily promoting him on their network...same thing will happen this time around :)

Semi-Throwback: RIMS AND TIMS! and the Emperor's Soundtrack video!

Whats funny is I was at this show on the side of the stage going off...that song seriously needs to be recorded lol

Now time for a real throwback...

The Emperor's Soundtrack vid

Directed by my fave person in the world Christopher Adams and Hana McDowell from Impakt Studios

I love this video because Lu's infamous "hand gesturing" game was on point lol

FNF ARMY: People's Champ Award...VOTE FOR LUPE!





Friday, September 26, 2008

Get your music heard on ITUNES

Im offering Itunes Placement Services...if you are an artist looking to make some profit from your music and want it to be placed on itunes for THE WORLD to hear...then HIT ME UP for details...SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!


**This is not a FREE service people!**

Lupe at UTA

A review of this show is coming soon...remember if anyone attends the world famous Lupe Fiasco Show be sure to send all your reviews and such too kay2dacee@gmail.com! Thanks a bunch

Eva ft. Lupe "Slow Down"

Click here to listen

via GWHH

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Gemstones Interview

Done by ME :)

"KayCee: As you said you’re signed to Lupe Fiasco’s 1st and 15th label. We all know about Lupe Fiasco the artist…what can you tell us about Lupe Fiasco the “Business Man”?

Gemstones: Lupe the Business Man, he’s an asshole. He’s an asshole but in a good way though. He’s an asshole, the business man…You remember the asshole the y said Dame (Dash) was? But it was for business, for the team so the team could win. We need that type of business person, you need that type of person with that business mentality of an asshole because when you’re an asshole you get the job done. You see what I’m saying and with Lupe and his asshole mentality he brought home a gold record. FNF is out there being heard right now. I’ve had a chance to have my voice heard you know what I’m saying and he’s kept me on top of my game with his asshole like mentality. Like when it all boils down to it, he don’t take no shit and he’s on top of his business which makes me be on top of my business and I want him to continue to do business the way he does business because it will forever keep me on top of my business and keep me ahead of all these others guys. So shouts out to Lupe for having the business mentality that he has…I love it."

Click here to read the full interview

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lupe loves Harry Potter

via MTV.com

"Harry Potter has his 10-year "birthday" this week, but it's not just the fantasy crowd that's celebrating (either with wizard-rock shows or readathons).

We checked in with a variety of musicians and actors (some from the films, some not) to see what they thought about the boy wizard and how he's impacted their lives. We thought we might get laughed at — after all, a lot of these folks were walking the red carpet at the VMAs and probably had something far more glamorous to attend to. But mention Harry Potter, and some people just light up."

Lupe Fiasco: "I'm a spectator of the entire phenomenon, you know what I'm saying? The entire phenomenon inspires me. I love Harry Potter [he points to his own specs] because of the glasses."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gemstones "Unappreciated"

Click here to listen

Monday, September 22, 2008

That Asshole is at it again...

that goes by the name of Capt...

This nigga look fruitier than a fruit cake in this pic...lol absolutely hilarious

Lupe at Gamestop Conference

The title HELLA through me off lol

Life on Mars: Behind the Scenes at the VMA's

Just came across this...seems like they crew had fun! HEY BAM!

FNF ARMY >> Vote For Gemstones on Urb Magazine's NEXT 1000

"GemStones is a Chicago rapper determined not to be pigeonholed into a ghetto stereotyope. Recently undergoing a lyrical content makeover, he adopts a new style of socially conscious rap on his upcoming release Troubles of the World. GemStones devotion to making positive music caused him to push back his own release date. Click Here!! to Vote for me on URB.COM."

You have to register to VOTE...so go on ahead and do that while your jamming to the Paris, Tokyo Remix :)

Paris, Tokyo Remix dropping today

Straight from Myspace...

2 Remixes that is...

+ Lupe Fiasco ft.
Q-Tip, Pharrell & Sarah Green - "Paris Tokyo (Remix)"

+ Lupe Fiasco - "Paris Tokyo (Jazz Remix)"
Produced by Chris Paultre with Vocals by Chris & Denise Paultre

FNF UP!!!!!

I already heard the Jazz version and I think its hella dope...Lu being the Jazz buff that he is...excited to hear Sarah on the Remix :)


The songs are NOW UP ON LU'S MYSPACE!


Download it HERE BITCHES!

Okay so my computer shut off while i was uploading the Jazz Remix...
Click here to download the Jazz version

Sunday, September 21, 2008

N.E.R.D in Oregon

Be sure to catch the Star Trak crew when they come to a city near you on the Seeing the Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour!

As always..much love to my brother Fam-Lay out on tour doing it BIG! For all the Fam-Lay fans out there expect some new music coming...and my interview :)

Vote for US! The Lupe Fiasco Show!

BT DMA07 People's Choice Nominee - Vote for me!

I really don't get into blog awards and neither do any of my Femme Sisters...Knowing Lu checks our blog and that our readers enjoy the content is all the award we need...but I have entered us in this...late yes..voting ends SEPT 27TH...so vote and spread the word!


DOPE AS BAND FROM CHICAGO YALL! Damn fa real...this kids are are dope...check them out on myspace here...

They have a show with FNF's own He Say She Say on Oct. 3rd at Wicker Park in Chicago...be sure to check them out if your in the area!


Lupe performs at the 2008 New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala

Click here to view all the pictures

Lupe in Fruition

Click here to buy the shirt

I know this is old so no need to remind me lol

And for those that are excited about Lu's upcoming line


Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is too damn funny

Oh man...thats hilarious lmao!

Lupe @ Stanley Theater 9/19/08

Oct 11th Baltimore, MD WHOSE GOING?

If you hit up a date on Lu's college tour...be sure to send us your reviews!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Aubrey O'Day loves herself some Lupe Fiasco

I was on Complex.com and was randomly reading about Aubrey from Danity Kane, or better yet, P Diddy's Making the Band. And Aubrey was quoted saying this...

"Ever the romantic, Aubrey makes her assistant sleep with her because she hates to be alone. She also calls Lupe Fiasco “my future husband.” Lu, you may need to kick, push up on that. "
I can't escape reading about Lupe Fiasco even if I wanted to...LOL

Here's the link just in case you wanted to read about Aubrey...Hey, YOU NEVER KNOW!!!! LOL

Lupe the Gamer..Interview with Celebrity Cafe

Came across this interview while searching for music...

Lupe Fiasco -

By: Dominick A. Miserandino

Chicago-born rapper Lupe Fiasco is making headway in hip-hop, winning awards for his albums and performances, and now he's a featured artists inXbox 360's new karaoke game, LIPS. TheCelebrityCafe.com's Dominick Miserandino spoke with Lupe about his venture in the video game industry.

DM: What got you started in the video game industry?

LF: They came to me with an idea that I really liked and I also liked the calibre of artists they were bringing into this particular job.

DM: Were you always into video games growing up?

LF: Oh yeah. I go way back to early Nintendo and SEGA and now we're looking to the future with PSP and Xbox.

DM: How did you find the game when you played it yourself?

LF: I'm actually … I'm actually quite terrible. (laughter) I had to learn how to play the game, that you don't just sing but also how you move with the mic to really get your points up.

DM: As a gamer yourself, how do you think this game will do on the market?

LF: I think it will go really well. I think it fit well alongside Guitar Hero and Rock Band but I think that because it's a different genre of music from classic rock and rock. It's got an iPod-type feature you can load your own songs and even music videos. And of course you have to move with the mic, to perform. That really sets it apart and lets it compete with everything else.

DM: Now video games aren't your main source of income, but do you think music and video games are all just merging together now?

LF: It's one of my main sources of lots of income. (laughter). I think it's kind of the final frontier with all these different types of media converging into one entity. I think that's the sign of the times, the future. It's like you've reached the limit with what you can do with a lot of stuff whether it's music or movies, so now it's how can you put the great music with a film, or that video game with a film, put this song with a game. I think the convergence is the natural order of technology.

DM: Does that mean you're trying other avenues, too?

LF: Actually I'm gonna go out and get some robotic arms next week. (laughter) Yeah, a complete cyborg overhaul. I got a couple movie soundtracks out. My older records were just part of the video game soundtrack, but now they're really part of the game, so that's a revolutionary thing for me.

DM: Did you enjoy working on it?

LF: My work was already done. I already had it all recorded. Now my work is to beat my own score.

DM: So now the work is the fun afterwards.

LF: Now the work is beating everybody up. It'd be a shame if some fat kid Idaho gets a higher score than I did. I really don't want to look at YouTube and see that.

DM: Do you have any other video game projects in the works?

LF: This is probably the beginning of something. I want my own video game. I actually did my album with a type of video game on the side.

DM: So this has been on your radar for a while.

LF: Video games are a big part of my life. I've got them at almost every concert for before the show.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is an EMERGENCY!!!

Okay not really...but its HELLA Lupe Related...I need to redownload every and anything ive ever had lupe in my life...can u say PISSED...im just now downloading the FNF Radios (the old ones) i need help getting my music back (and i had a WHOLE LOT) as well as some video files (ill prolly rip from youtube) if anyone can send me OLD LUPE RECORDS ya know his mixtapes unreleased stuff etc...please email it to me kay2dacee@gmail.com...hell send me everything except The Cool and Food and Liquor...I even need Us Placers! im so hurt right now...DAMN MY COMPUTER FOR CRASHING! I would only go through this bullshyt for Lu..any other artist (well Pharrell too im currently collecting on him and NERD lol) I would have said FUCK IT...

Help a sista and fellow Lupe fanatic out!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Lupe Nominated for 2 BET Hip Hop Awards..

He better have been nominated if not ALL HELL WOULD HAVE BROKE LOSE...7 NODS for Kanye and 12 for Wayne...

Alltel Wireless People’s Champ Nominees

Lil Wayne – A Milli
Lupe Fiasco f/ Matthew Santos – Superstar
Plies f/ Ne-Yo – Bust It Baby Pt. 2
Rick Ross f/ Nelly and Avery Storm – Here I Am
Young Jeezy f/ Kanye West – Put On
Yung Berg f/ Casha – The Business

CD of the Year
Jay-Z – American Gangster
Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III
Lupe Fiasco – Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”
Nas – Untitled
Kanye West – Graduation

Show airs October 23rd

KayCee on Twitter

Ive caved in and joined the Twitter network...i think its gonna be my new addiction :)

Click here
to start following ya girl!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

FNF Army >>Vote for Lupe and NERD for the EMA's


Under Ultimate Urban


Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Lupe Tee is available on Ebay

Well not MY shirt but someone is selling the promo tee I got...CLICK HERE if you want to buy it

Ill pay somebody 50 bucks...

If they can read this...



Okay so im watching MADE and they making the girl over into a HIP HOP dancer (they said Xtreme Dance Force from ABDC opened up for Lu before HOW INTERESTING) and at the end of the show they started playing "Hip Hop Saved My Life" under the girl talking about how much Hip Hop dancing has helped her and blah blah blah...LOL...I just thought that was so fitting and hilarious at the same time lmao...thought i'd share :)

Im interviewing GEMSTONES today so that interview shall be up later :)



Interviews from the VMA Red Carpet


Friday, September 12, 2008

Vote for Lupe for a Mobo

Straight from Myspace Late as hell...

Lupe is Nominated for a MOBO Award, Vote Now!

Lupe is nominated for a 2008 MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Award in the "Best Hip Hop" category! The awards will be held at the Wembley Arena, London on October 15th 2008. You can vote for him now here! *Email address required to vote.

go here to vote...


Ive been busy yall...forgive my lateness...i need a lil help...if anyone finds any lupe stuff send it to me at kay2dacee@gmail.com :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gemstones: 9 To Watch In 09'

My Best Bud Gemstones made Def Sounds list of the 9 Artist to Watch in 09'!

"Chicago has been consistently producing quality MCs over the last few years. Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and now Gemstone.

Formerly known as Gemini, Gemstone is a close friend of Lupe Fiasco and has gone toe to toe with the celebrated MC on numerous tracks including “The Die,” on his critically acclaimed album “The Cool.”

Gemstone’s solo effort, Troubles Of The World, is currently in the works. He is also rumored to be working on an untitled album with fellow First & Fifteenth members Lupe Fiasco and Shayla G."

Click here to read the full list

Thanks Dino

Just to let everyone know

Im going to be blogging over at Hardknock.tv :)I got offered a position after they posted my VMA review. Once I start posting over there...be sure to check me out!

Click here to visit the site and to join the Hardknock Community!

Im sorry yall I gotta post this LMAO

no more making fun I promise :)

The Hollywood Moon Tour

features Mano and Hollywood Holt :)

MoveOn.org Political Action

In an effort to register half a million young voters in swing states, MoveOn.org is almost giving away Obama t-shirts at the smallest donation of $8 to their young-voter registration program.


U-N-I's Vimby Vid

Thanks Mario :)

Lu talks to Miss Info about his VMA outfit...

Click here to listen...

apparently this was supposed to happen...

"Lupe says he was set to debut his Fall of Rome line on the red carpet but it didnt make it through customs en route from Tokyo’s Swagger Crew. So he went to H.Lorenzo in LA instead and copped this ensemble by the Belgium line, Les Hommes."

Im not backing down I still don't like that outfit...but I LOVE LUPE FIASCO BITCHES!!!

so he could wear whatever the hell he wants :)

Blast Magazine Interview

"Kellen: Let’s turn to your music for a moment. You’re quite well-known for dealing with some tough issues in your music. Are those issues part of what inspires you as an artist?

Lupe: Yeah, very much so. You know, you gotta talk about something. I know how to talk about just about anything, so you have to kind of find out the right thing to talk about. I pull a lot from things going on in the world, social issues, things I can help with or affect, and really actually bring that stuff to my audience, which is where I came from, people who listen to me and who don’t know what’s going on Russia, going on Uganda or what have you. How do I take those issues, transform them, and package them in a way where my hip-hop family or hip-hop base, you know, can understand it and participate in everything else going on in the world."

click here to read the full interview

YAY Kanye!

for recording Lu's FULL performance of Superstar at the VMA's!

Lupe @ VMAs from kwest on Vimeo.

via Kanyes BLOG

Im featured over at hardknock.tv

They posted up my VMA Review :)

Click here to check it out if u haven't done so already :)

Lupe Fiasco Interview with Rap Up

After performing at Sunday’s VMAs, Lupe Fiasco spoke to Rap-Up.com about his third and possibly final studio album, L.U.P.N., due in stores by the end of 2009.

“I just don’t really feel like rapping anymore,” Lupe admitted. “I’m going to write a book and put out [other artists’] albums like Matthew Santos.”

Sadly, he stands by his word and claims it’s not another Jay-Z episode.

The “Superstar” rapper says he hasn’t even started recording the new album yet. He will begin work next year.

Words and photo by Jessica Washington.

SMH @ people STILL getting their anus sprained of his "retirement"...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I had to go to work today...

so im late on posting the Bishop G and Lu track "No Pain" ...sorry...


Shout out to Bishop! (Now where is the tweak muzik?)


Okay so bishop said thats not lupe on this track...its a gentleman that goes by the name of Hucabera

"Lupe Fiasco you are NOT Andre 3000"


"Stop it. Just. Stop. It.

I don’t care. It’s one thing to deal with the biters outside of the industry, but at an artists level you should really think twice about some of the clothes you wear and what it conveys. This look conveys “I don’t care, I’m going horseback riding…on Andre 3000’s stylee”

Sweetie...I don't think Andree 3 Stacks would rock this outfit...

College Tour Dates...

Don't think this a full list but more dates are out...

09.18.08 McCann Center Marist College - Poughkeepsie, NY
09.19.08 Utica College - Utica, NY
09.20.08 SUNY - University of Albany - Albany, NY
09.24.08 Venue - TBD - Arlington, TX
09.26.08 Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA
10.03.08 University of California - San Diego - La Jolla, CA
10.05.08 Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO
10.07.08 Memorial Athlectic & Convocation Center - Kent, OH
10.11.08 Loyola College - Baltimore, MD
10.15.08 UCF Arena - Orlando, FL
10.17.08 Decker Gymnasisum - Mansfield University - Mansfield, PA
10.23.08 Memorial Gym - Nashville, TN
10.26.08 Voodoo Island/City Park - New Orleans, LA
10.31.08 Congress Theatre - Chicago, IL
11.07.08 Dickinson College - Carlisle, PA
11.12.08 Club Noika at LA Live - Los Angeles, CA
11.15.08 Jorgenson Theatre for Performing Arts - Storrs, CT
11.22.08 Kuhl Gym - SUNY Geneseo - Geneseo, NY

"Superstar" is going Karaoke

spotted at HHDX

"Lupe Fiasco reached a large audience with his 2007 hit "Superstar." The song was a chart-topping radio success, as well as a nomination for last night's MTV Music Awards [click to read].

Now, after a strong run, the song is to be immortalized in XBox's new game LIPS. Described to be in the tradition of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the game challenges players on their ability to rock the microphone over an array of hits from Hip Hop history.

"It's dope. I've had my songs in games before, but more as kinda the soundtrack," Lupe told HipHopDX Monday night. "For now, for my song to be part of the game, so to speak, is like ill. It's revolutionary. It's revolutionary in the sense that this game, LIPS, focuses on Hip Hop. The microphone, you can't just sing like karaoke, line-for-line, you actually have to rock the mic."

"It's amazing," Lupe added, seeing his song get appreciated in new medium. "I just did a show and said, 'I can't believe this is my life.' I'm at a point now where it's Lupe Fiasco everyday, and I kinda forget that I'm famous, or that I have celebrity or what-have-you, and to be reminded of it in ways like this [game] is [shocking]."

Asked if this opportunity will alter Lupe's relationship with songwriting, he laughed, saying, "It's gonna make me that much more responsible. [It's going to make me] say more and do better. It goes other places, into performing. A new level of professionalism, focusing on the art, a new level of integrity - everything is heightened for me."

Lupe closed that the artist featured on "Superstar," Matthew Santos is working on a yet to be titled album, the next released by 1st & 15th Records. A single is to be released by year's end."

Nikki gets a gift from Mr. Jaco...

Rapper Big Pooh on Lu...

Rapper Pooh is 1/2 of the DOPEST hip hop group out LITTLE BROTHER! As part of our What The Artist Say... series, we asked Pooh these questions...

What are your thoughts on Lupe Fiasco and What do you feel he brings to Hip-Hop?

and his answer to that question was...

"Lupe was a much needed voice in Hip Hop when the masses became aware of not only him, but his talent.

He is an artist who use words as if they are paint brushes creating pictures people will be analyzing for years to come."

Thank you BIG POOH for being apart of The Lupe Fiasco Show and chatting with us! Little Brother is currently out on tour with David Banner! check their MYSPACE for more information and tour dates :)

Stay tuned to the blog to hear what other artist have to say about our main man LUPE FIASCO!


Monday, September 8, 2008

The One Time Its Okay To Be a Follower

Blogger has this new thing where you can "follow" a blog, and there's a little gagdet that I added in the sidebar to show who is following this blog. And all you have to do is click where it says, "Follow this Blog." Simple.

Now normally I wouldn't encourage people to be followers, but I will make an exception for this.

Follow Me (Club Mix) - Aly-Us

More VMA pics (some in the waiter outfit this time lol)

It looked like Lu had alot of fun at the awards...he was jammin when Wayne and T-Clown was on stage lol

Lupe @ the VMA's

I love Lu to def but DAMN I am NOT feeling his outfit...

I saw somewhere that during his sideshow "performance" he looked like a waiter lol i liked the shirt he was wearing (looks like it was inspired from the jacket in superstar)...the leather pants were a bit much for me....


here's all 34 SECONDS OF IT :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All I got to say about the VMA's is... FUCK MTV!!!! (throws up the middle finger)....

for not even taking to time to even INTRODUCE Lu when he him and Matt was on the SIDE OF THE DAMN ARENA IN A CORNER PERFORMING...Nigga could have ATLEAST got an introduction...


Im not gonna leave my full review of the show on this blog BUT if you read my review of the BET AWARDS then you know this one is going to be even more interesting...

Head over to my blog if you care to see what I got to say about MTV and all their fuckery

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't Forget To Tune Into the VMA's TOMORROW!!!

Our big homie is sure to be walking to the red carpet so watch the preshow at 8pm and the big show at 9pm...Hes performing as well as up for a nod (and HE BETTER WIN!)...Also watch to see if U-N-I wins for Best Breakout LA Artist! Im hella excited...so you should be too :) don't forget to TUNE IN!!


Throwback: Touch The Sky (Video)

Check out the open shirt lmao! And I WISH those pics with him having that big ass mustache on was still around...

Lupe @ PantherFest

In Milwaukee...

Also be sure to check up on Bishop G over at his BLOG :)

A message from Lu...

via his most recent post at OKP

Many Blessings to you all!

Calling all Graphic Designers!

My other blogging home needs some added freshness...aka a banner lol If anyone is down to contribute (for free 99 lol) then that would be greatly appreciated :)


Lupe at the Filmore in NYC

Article with pics...THANKS MENDI!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Seeing The Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour

Common and my homies N.E.R.D...Hit this tour up when they come to a city near you! It starts NEXT TUESDAY! You KNOW i'll be attending one of these bad boys :)

N*E*R*D and COMMON TOUR (Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour)

Tuesday September 9th - Verizon Wireless - Houston TX - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Wednesday September 10th - H.O.B. Dallas, TX - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Friday September 12th - Fete de l’Humanite - Paris, France

Saturday September 13th - Marquee - Phoenix, AZ - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Sunday September 14th - Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Monday September 15th - Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Tuesday September 16th - The Grove - Anaheim, CA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Thursday September 18th - Showbox - Seattle, WA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Saturday September 20th - Berkley Comm College - Berkley, CA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Sunday September 21st - H.O.B. - Las Vegas, NV - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Tuesday September 23rd - Filmore - Denver, CO - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Thursday September 25th - Rave Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Friday September 26th - Austin City Limits - Austin, TX

Saturday September 27th - Foundation - Chicago, IL - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Sunday September 28th - Filmore - Detroit, MI - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Monday September 29th - Kool Haus, The Sound Academy - Toronto - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Tuesday September 30th - Montreal - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Wednesday October 1st - Orpheum - Boston, MA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Thursday October 2nd - Factory - Philadelphia, PA - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Friday October 3rd - NC State University - Raleigh, NC - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Saturday October 4th - Roseland - New York, NY - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Sunday October 5th - Roseland - New York, NY - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Monday October 6th - Rams Head - Baltimore, MD - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Thursday October 9th - Hard Rock - Orlando, FL - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour

Friday October 10th - Filmore - Miami, FL - Seeing The Invincible Sounds Of Summer Tour


and Lu name is on it lmao!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rare Stack Bundles Freestyles

"R.I.P Stack B Ima keep you alive kid..."

Gemstones Interview on Rainy City Radio

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pharrell and Premo talk Busta with The Cons

I just realized...

That Ibn Jasper was in the I Gotcha Video :)


Monday, September 1, 2008

Blu on Lu...

So I remember when me and Keena came up with this idea for What The Artists Say... We were trying to come up with new shit for the blog...I was eating coconut sorbet and frozen pinapples and...OKAY you didnt need to know that...but yeah...Then, it hit me! "Why don't we ask other rappers what they they think about Lu?"

ANYWAY...Keena already hit you with what the homie Thurzday had to say (Thanks again Thurzday)

and now I bring you the big Homie Blu (another one of my favorites)

Here is BLU

and here is what he said about Lupe...

I think Lupe has accomplished something that is very hard to do now a days; Get real music to get real airplay on commercial radio.

We need more artists on major labels to take a page out of Lupe Fiasco's book and stop flooding the airwaves with garbage music with little to no substance just to make a quick buck.

Expect a Blu/Fiasco Collab soon.

So True!
And Im super excited about the thought of that Collab...
Make sure you hit Blu up on myspace

Lupe Quotable...

"George Bush got more guns than Detroit...MAYBE"

LMAO...He said that last year at a show right before he performed American Terrorist. I dont know...it may only be funny to me because I live in Detroit.
Anyway Whats your Favorite Lupe Quotable?

SMH @ Young Berg coming here and getting his chain snatched...
I gotta get out of here.

To all my family back at home in Louisiana

Im praying for you and I love you dearly...Im not ready to go through Katrina again...

"NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Hurricane Gustav slammed into the heart of Louisiana's fishing and oil industry with 110 mph winds Monday, delivering only a glancing blow to New Orleans that raised hopes the city would escape the kind of catastrophic flooding brought by Katrina three years ago.

That did not mean the state survived the storm without damage. A levee in the southeast part of the state was on the verge of collapse, and officials scrambled to fortify it. Roofs were torn from homes, trees toppled and roads flooded. More than 1 million customers were without power.

The nearly 2 million people who left coastal Louisiana on a mandatory evacuation order watched TV coverage from shelters and hotel rooms hundreds of miles away, many of them wondering what kind of damage they would find when they were allowed to come back home.

Keith Cologne of Chauvin, La., looked dejected after talking by telephone to a friend who didn't evacuate. "They said it's bad, real bad. There are roofs lying all over. It's all gone," said Cologne, staying at a hotel in Orange Beach, Ala.

But the biggest fear — that the levees surrounding the saucer-shaped city of New Orleans would break and flood all over again — hadn't been realized. Wind-driven water sloshed over the top of the Industrial Canal's floodwall, but city officials and the Army Corps of Engineers said they expected the levees, still only partially rebuilt after Katrina, would hold.

Flood protections along the canal broke with disastrous effect during Katrina, submerging St. Bernard Parish and the Lower Ninth Ward.

"We are seeing some overtopping waves," said Col. Jeff Bedey, commander of the Corps' hurricane protection office. "We are cautiously optimistic and confident that we won't see catastrophic wall failure."

In the Upper Ninth Ward, about half the streets closest to the canal were flooded with ankle- to knee-deep water as the road dipped and rose. Of more immediate concern to authorities were two small vessels that broke loose from their moorings in the canal and were resting against the Florida Street wharf.

The rain had stopped by mid afternoon Monday in the French Quarter, the highest point in the city. The wind was breezy but not fierce, and some of the approximately 10,000 people who chose to defy warnings and stay behind began to emerge. But knowing that the levees surrounding the city could still be pressured by rising waters, no one was celebrating just yet.

"I don't think we're out of the woods. We still have to worry about the water," said Gerald Boulmay, 61, a St. Louis Hotel worker and lifelong New Orleans resident.

One community in southeast Louisiana was fearful their levee wouldn't hold. As many as 300 homes in Plaquemines Parish were threatened, and the parish president called a television station to issue an urgent plea to any residents who were left to flee to the Mississippi River, where officials would evacuate them.

"It's overtopping. There's a possibility it's going to be compromised," said Phil Truxillo, a Plaquemines emergency official.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Gustav hit around 9:30 a.m. near Cocodrie (pronounced ko-ko-DREE), a low-lying community in Louisiana's Cajun country 72 miles southwest of New Orleans, as a Category 2 storm on a scale of 1 to 5. The storm weakened to a Category 1 later in the afternoon. Forecasters feared the storm would arrive as a devastating Category 4.

As of noon, the extent of the damage in Cajun country was not immediately clear. State officials said they had still not reached anyone at Port Fourchon, a vital hub for the energy industry where huge amounts of oil and gas are piped inland to refineries. The eye of Gustav passed about 20 miles from the port and there were fears the damage there could be extensive.

The storm could prove devastating to the region of fishing villages and oil-and-gas towns. For most of the past half century, the bayou communities have watched their land disappear at one of the highest rates of erosion in the world. A combination of factors — oil drilling, hurricanes, levees, dams — have destroyed the swamps and left the area with virtually no natural buffer against storms.

Damage to refineries and production platforms could cause gasoline prices at the pump to spike. The Gulf Coast is home to nearly half the nation's refining capacity, while offshore the Gulf accounts for about 25 percent of domestic oil production and 15 percent of natural gas output. But oil prices actually tumbled to $111 a barrel as the storm weakened.

The nation was nervously watching to see how New Orleans would deal with Gustav almost exactly three years after Katrina flooded 80 percent of the city and killed roughly 1,600 people. Federal, state and local officials took a never-again stance after Katrina and set to work planning and upgrading flood defenses in the below-sea-level city.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency had cartons of food, water, blankets and other supplies to sustain 1 million people for three days ready to be distributed Monday — a contrast to Katrina, when thousands waited for rescue in a hot Superdome.

"With Katrina they didn't come and rescue us until the next day," said LaTriste Washington, 32, who stayed in her home during the 2005 hurricane and later was rescued by boat. She was in a shelter in Birmingham, Ala., Monday. "This time they were ready and had buses lined up for us to leave New Orleans."

President Bush, who skipped the Republican convention to monitor the storm from Texas, applauded the preparation and response efforts.

"The coordination on this storm is a lot better than on — than during Katrina," Bush said noting how the governors of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas had been working in concert. "It was clearly a spirit of sharing assets, of listening to somebody's problems and saying, `How can we best address them?'"

Meanwhile, Republicans hurried to turn the opening day of the convention into a fundraising drive for hurricane victims. Presidential candidate John McCain's wife and first lady Laura Bush were expected to address the shortened session and appeal for Gulf Coast help.

Both Republicans meeting in St. Paul and the campaign of Democratic nominee Barack Obama asked supporters to send a text message to a five-digit code that would make a donation to the Red Cross to help victims of the hurricane.

For all their apparent similarities, Hurricanes Gustav and Katrina were different in one critical respect: Katrina smashed the Gulf Coast with an epic storm surge that topped 27 feet, a far higher wall of water than Gustav hauled ashore.

Katrina was a bigger storm when it came ashore in August 2005 as a Category 3 storm and it made a direct hit on the Louisiana-Mississippi line. Gustav skirted along Louisiana's shoreline at "a more gentle angle," said National Weather Service storm surge specialist Will Shaffer.

Mayor Ray Nagin's emergency preparedness director, Lt. Col. Jerry Sneed, said residents might be allowed to return 24 hours after the tropical storm-force winds die down.

Other evacuated areas along the coast may be away from home for longer, said National Hurricane Center director Bill Read. The hurricane will likely slow down as it heads into Texas and possibly Arkansas, and those areas could then get 20 inches of rainfall.

Authorities reported seven deaths related to the storm, including four people fleeing the storm who were killed in Georgia when their car struck a tree. A couple in their 70s died when a tree struck their relatives' home in Baton Rouge. Another woman died in an accident driving between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Before arriving in the U.S., Gustav was blamed for at least 94 deaths in the Caribbean.

In Mississippi, officials said a 15-foot storm surge flooded homes and inundated the only highways to coastal towns devastated by Katrina. Officials said at least three people near the Jordan River had to be rescued from the floodwaters. Elsewhere in the state, an abandoned building in Gulfport collapsed and a few homes in Biloxi were flooded.

The ground floor of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Biloxi's casino row was flooded during the storm surge from Gustav. Hurricane Katrina smashed the casino three years ago shortly before it was to open.

Bobby Tuber, the casino's facility-grounds manager, said the storm put about 30 inches of water in the building but the casino itself, located on an upper level, and was not damaged.

"We're fine. We'll come out all well," Tuber said as he and others used a pump and a large hose to remove the water.

Gustav was the seventh named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. The eighth grew into Hurricane Hanna Monday, followed quickly by the formation of Tropical Storm Ike a few hours later. Forecasters said it could come ashore in Georgia and South Carolina late in the week. "


Please pray for EVERYONE down in the N.O all...all of our readers down there please keep us updated as well...Im really worried right now...


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