Sunday, November 30, 2008

Refresh Your Flow Show...hosted by Lupe Fiasco

Click here to see the return of FNF Radio...kinda


They added his interview with Estelle...check it out now!

I like this interview...

This is a pretty cool pre-election interview that I found on youtube. Done in Toronto on October 18, Lu speaks on life after LUPend, the election, and performing live...Enjoy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

this has got to be the dumbest most retarded shit pertaining to Lupe that I have ever seen in my life...

The Video

The Comment

the she hez talkkin bout his queen itz weed an tha 2nd vers iz about his rieghn or how eva i spell it tha otha version of rain that na tha en of tha 2nd iz mainly about him an tha 3rd iz like wut the Cool doz ta u an The Cool is like a devil or sumthin basicly tha thing that makkz us do bad thingz u kno yea ha ha !!! Al n al this one of my favorite songz by him

C Crest


You sir are a dumb ass...and I demand that you stop listening to Lupe and trying to break down his lyrics IMMEDIATELY.

that is all.

(i know i said I was done but i had to post this that not retarded?)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

Want to send a Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers and to the FNF crew...Have fun and be safe yall...




electro rock v4: ffff dec. 4th

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey Champ Shirts

Click here to get one

I Was Just Emailed This...


so I have to post it...Go and Support if you are in the city...Shout out to Gem's Uncle Reggie :)


I no longer plan on contributing to this blog...It seems to be an overall consensus that you all are unhappy with the content that I post...and frankly im tired of all the ridiculous comments every time I make a post on the blog.I can only take so much before I say FUCK YOU and keep it moving...Being apart of this blog is no longer fun and that is due the readers that feel like they can do a better job at this than I can...completely disregarding anything that I might going on in my life...Like I said before...Some people choose to blog about Lu to get attention from him (like a shout out)...or to get attention in general...I don't have to not blogging about Lupe is not the end of the world for me...I love Lu and the entire FNF crew...and I love my Femme Sisters even more( i miss you all!)The relationship that me and these ladies called The Femme Fiasco's formed was real and we have FNF to thank for that...FNF will forever be my family and I will support them in all means possible...except contributing to this blog...For those of you that like my blogging you can always check out my site The Shameless Plug...I might even make my own Lupe blog or something in the future...Thanks to all those out there that totally take shyt way to serious and are able to suck the fun out of the one thing I love most in this world and can't even have to myself anymore...

Im sure comments are gonna be left on this post too so go ahead and leave them...Im not going to be returning to the blog to read them :)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forever Remix minus Weezy...

Forever Remix featuring LUPE FIASCO!

I found the track without the offspring of a Predator look alike... hope you enjoy the track

Forever(remix) Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne.....

ohh and Lupe Fiasco of course...

i was a fan of the original so I definitely like this....coulda did without lil wayne but whatever...his verse wasnt bad...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another check for Lu...

"Superstar" is featured on a VH1 Soul Commercial that features Common as well...If I find a clip of it ill post it...until then if you have VH1 Soul then just stay tuned to check it :)

Hey Champ Vimby Video

Shout out to Noah from Vimby! Who did this wonderful Vimby video of the guys at the Halloween show...And I walked right behind Saam when they were filming and didnt even know it was my man Noah lol

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shout out to U-N-I!

Y-O from U-N-I: Dance Battle

Thurzday and Y-O have got the be the coolest niggas next to Lu...fa real...above is a video of Y-O battling some was pure comedy yall lol

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ko*Starz- 18 & Up

My homies from Chicago the Ko*Starz got a single called "18 & Up" that's currently featured on DJBOOTH.NET...Click here to check out the track!

Ask Sarah!

Another Installment of Ask Sarah! This time the question comes from Taps in Winnipeg,Manitoba.They ask...

"Hey Sarah. I'm a huge fan of FNF music. And your one of my favorites. I was just wondering if your going to release a song soon? And How are you and your family? hope everything is going good.

Peace v"

Sarah Says...

"Hey how are you. Yes I am. I will be putting a song up on my myspace page soon but I will be dropping a single in jan.

Much love
Sarah Green FNF"

There you have it ladies and gents...New Music from Ms. Green COMING SOON! If you want to participate in Ask Sarah! Then just shoot an email to and put Ask Sarah! in the subject line...please include your name and where u are from...u can even send a pic of yourself if you would like the ultimate shine lol...


Friday, November 21, 2008

Backstage in LA w/ Hey Champ

Check out this video and more over at their blog!

Lu is headed back overseas...

Sydney...Melbourne...ITS YOUR TURN!

Jan 20 2009 8:00P

The Enmore Theatre-Sydney

Jan 27 2009 8:00P

The Palace-Melbourne

Shout out to my homie Naadia out in Paris! Hey girl!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gemstones "Free Chilly" Teaser

Shout out to Gemstones! FNF UP!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There's a Black President now bitches!!

Old Interview...but its hilarious

Fam-Lay in Toronto while on the Glowy

This a random video of my brother in the streets of Toronto after the Glow Tour show...I told yall him and Lu were best buds now! lol...Fam is hilarious I love him :)

Better late than never, i guess...

This is THEE LAST video you will see from Lu's Halloween performance. It took forever to load (no thanks to the crappy AT&T internet service)but here is the video of Lu's big performance and the 'Superstar'. Enjoy...don't hate on the lateness as well lol.

Lupe Fiasco's Big Announcement & 'Superstar' from Roderick Hilliard on Vimeo.

Lupe Fiasco Fan Artwork

created by Gerard Soratorio. Check out more his work over at his blog

this kid's stuff is dope as hell!

Ask Sarah!

Its time for the 1st installment of Ask Sarah...featuring FNF's 1st Lady Sarah Green! The first question comes from FNF fan EazyNeva...they asked:

"Wadup Sarah Green!!

I'm a big fan of all the FnF artists. So I was just wondering, what part of Chicago did you grow up in, what are some good or bad memories of Chicago, and how was it overall.
Thanks, EazyNeva"

Sarah Says:

"I grew up on the south side right off the lake. I love chicago what I love about it is its always some thing to do here. Only bad thing is the crime it ain't cool

much love to ya
FNF Sarah

If you would like to be like EazyNeva and have Sarah Green answer YOUR QUESTION right here on the blog...send me an email @ Please be sure to include your name and where your from (a pic of yourself if you like) and also be sure to put "Ask Sarah" in the subject line...

Thanks again to Sarah for collaborating with us over at The Lupe Fiasco Show! More from Sarah Green COMING SOON!

Shayla G on Radio Depaul 11/22/08



Anyway...shout out to my homie LJ from Radio Depaul...Shayla G will be a guest on the show THIS SATURDAY @ 8:15pm sure to call in and tell her KayCee sent ya :)

"If we could break down these walls to set you free..."

Continue to pray for him and his family yall...especially during this holiday season...


Liem Vu Interview with Mr. Santos

Click here to read it...and check out my video of Matthew singing Superstar during soundcheck below

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I just have one thing to say...

Wasalu M. Jaco aka Lupe Fiasco is the baddest motherfucker walking this 3 mc's dead or alive...I don't care if you disagree with me...this is solely my opinion...but ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS FUCKING WITH FIASCO! I promise you that...can't no one convince me of anything different...

that is all.


New Music Tuesday!

For those that don't know...I have a New Music column over at I do album reviews and write a column every tuesday about the newest album releases to hit the stores...Today's column features releases from Ace Hood, Slim from 112, and Beyonce and that article can be read here on my blog and it should be up on the prince site soon...check it out...leave me some feedback and let me know what u think!

Mars NERD with Swag Interview

wow...i completely missed this...Shout out to Lu's brother from another mother Mars!

Lupe at UCONN

We are ALL Lu's Superstars :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Music from Hey Champ...Jet Set Mixtape

Looks like the guys released a mixtape today, which includes a remix to Cold Dust Girl by 80kids, Click here to check it out!


1. Hey Champ DJs - In The White City
2. Prairie Cartel - Cracktown (Hey Champ DJs Remix)
3. Hey Champ DJs - Strobe
4. Ying Yang Twins - Drop (Hey Champ DJs Remix feat. DJ White Shadow)
5. Hey Champ DJs - The Way You Feel
6. Hey Champ DJs - Metropolis
7. Hey Champ DJs - Early Sensation
8. Yeasayer - Sunrise (Hey Champ DJs Remix)
9. T-Pain - I Can’t Believe It (Hey Champ DJs Remix feat. DJ White Shadow)
10. Hey Champ DJs - Shibuya
11. Hey Champ DJs - Fallujah
12. Hey Champ DJs - Cold Dust Girl (80kidz Remix)

props to Hot Biscuits

Catch He Say She Say @ Evil Olive on Dec 1st

Make sure if you are in Chicago to stop by and show Drea and Mano some support! If you missed my interview with Drea then CLICK HERE!

Cold Dust Girl IS MY SHIT

Seriously...and I think Saam is my newest crush...This song is so damn addictive...Dec 5th in MD anyone?

In other Hey Champ news...they filmed their very own Vimby video with my man Noah before the Halloween look out for that shortly...

Don't forget to check out Hey Champ's official blog and tell them the lovely ladies of The Lupe Fiasco Show sent you!


Please Do It. Please.

I been listening to Ace Hood's song "Ride" featuring Trey Songz ALOT lately. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! And today I was really listening to it and thought "Damn Ace Hood voice sounds familiar." And then it hit me who he sounds like...

GEMSTONES!!! Now speaking directly to Gemstones (or his people) PLEASE DO THIS SONG!!! PLEASE KILL IT!!! Please. For me. For the Femmes. For the Fans. Because I KNOW you would kill this...

P.S. Trey Songz' voice sounds like Money on this song.

Ride - Ace Hood

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lu performing Superstar at FMF Carshow

This was some time ago...still a dope here to see part 1 of his performance

The results are in...

And according to the Poll...46 % of you said that Lu shouldn't retire because...

He is the only rapper saying anything with any substance

To continue to build our Top 10...leave more reasons y u dont want Lu to retire and I will put up another poll...

Damn I miss the Radio...

I am listening to the old FNF Radio shows around Thanksgiving time and they were hilarious! Lupe!? Bishop?!! I need some FNF Radiooooooooooooooooo to lift my holiday spirits!

What are some of your favorite FNF Radio episodes?

Who really graduated from XXL Freshman class of 2008

I bought a new XXL magazine with Wale, B.o.B., Mickey Factz, Kid Cudi and etc. on it who represented the XXL freshman class of '09. After reading all of the facts about the new cats, they had a review of last year's freshman class with Papoose, Saigon, Plies, Lil' Boosie a few others and yours truly, Lupe Fiasco. XXL deemed the two most successful freshman from that issue are Lupe Fiasco and Plies! I thought it was cool that a year ago Lupe was ahead of his class and he is still ahead of the class.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the Attic with Matthew Santos

Hey Matthew! Hey Gball!!! Click here to see Part 1 of this podcast...

and check out this Throwback of Lu and Bishop on Current TV


Freestyle from Nokia Club

Lu freestyles at every show not really sure why this one is so different...he mentions LupE.N.D in this one...maybe thats it...either way i dont understand all the excitement


after actually watching this video i realize that this is no way a freestyle and lu just pretty much says the same thing over and over again...more of a mini Jam Session...who the hell be hyping up all these videos like Lu be doing exclusive stuff off LupEND when he REALLY AIN'T? Hella wack son son!


Gotta Question? ASK SARAH! Send all questions to and please make sure to put "Ask Sarah" in the subject line...questions will be screened ladies and gents so nothing stupid...look for your question to be answered on The Lupe Fiasco Show! FNF UP!!


One More Video...

hella late...but i dont care lol...its my video of Lu announcing his "announcement" and them damn steadycam people GONNA FIGHT...

Lupe Fiasco Announces plans for LupE.N.D from The Shameless Plug on Vimeo.

"Can we get a remix!" haha...seriously...whens that remix album coming?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Throwback || Fiasco Fam Radio : Its a Celebration Bitches!!

On Dec 11th, 2007 us ladies of the Femme Fiasco crew and this blog found out that Lupe Fiasco mentioned this lil fan blog on his album The Cool


we went completely ape shyt...and this was the wyling out on our radio show Fiasco Fam Radio!

I love my sisters! and we LOVE LU!!! We are still HELLA GRATEFUL for that shout out...Megan should post the chopped and screwed version for yall :)

Gemstones at Depaul University


Shout out to my big brother Gemstones :) Thanks for everything!

Any Charles Hamilton Fans?

I recently caught up with "Sonic The Hamilton" and asked him his thoughts about...of course...Lupe Fiasco...Stay Tuned to the blog to check it out!!

"You Fucking Sex Symbol"

New vent sessions from the one and only Bishop here to check it out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poll || Top Ten Reasons that Lupe Fiasco SHOULD NOT retire!

Here's the first poll guys...choose which one you think is the best reason why Lu shouldn't retire and it will be added to the Top 10 list... you have until Sunday!!!

In the comments sure to leave more reasons to be done for the next poll :)

Nokia Club Video Clips

Bad Show at Nokia Club in LA

at least for this kid it was...

So call it me being a hater, call it me jelous, call it whatever the fuck you wanna call it… But i went to club nokia last night to see Lupe Fiasco. I have to say it has to be one of the worst rap shows i think ive every seen. I expected more, maybe too much from dude… Maybe i should’ve kept in mind that this is the dude that fucked up classic Tribe lyrics at VH1s Hip Hop Honors. I’m not a big fan of rap and a full on band. I’ve only seen one person pull this off with flying colors and that was Jay-z. I have yet to see The Roots and Kanye live and also i missed out on that Rakim, Ghostface, Brother Ali tour (Which i heard was really dope).

Back to Lupe…
Dude came out with a Mike Jackson type jacket… Cool… Underneath was another jacket. Which happened to be a sequenced looking Puff Daddy circa 1998 lookin thing. Underneath that was a rhinestoned tee shirt… From a distance it looked like a butterfly, but i think it as actually to pistols crossing. But still, rhinestones? really? haha come on…

He also assumed he was the first show at Club Nokia for some reason. Did someone not tell him Beck sold the place out like 3 nights before his show?

At the end of “Superstar”, there were like 3 break downs almost like a fin-alley. During this, Lupe was on his back what looked like some Susan Summers aerobics from days of Step By Step. So what seemed like it was grand closing, he gets back, throws a towel on his head and rocked another 2 or 3 songs. I enjoyed both his records, but this show was terrible. sorry.

house band wasnt bad. Lupe sucked. hype dude was too loud and did the bunny hop too much.

Whatever happen to turntables?
ps the pic clearly isnt from the show…

LOL at him saying Bishop was bunny hopping lol...Stans Attack HERE!

Fallacy Of Rome: Gladiator Denims Preview


No choice but to love them!

VOTE FOR LUPE!-First Step To More Recognition...

Album Of The Year

Artist Of The Year

Song Of The Year

Hottest Remix In 2008

The shocking thing about this so far is that Lupe is ahead in every category so far. The world is starting to realize what true lyricism and art is. Vote!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"We Superstars...No Lupe..."

Lupe's Fallacy of Rome "Hounds of Hades" T-Shirts

Available now via the False Online Store

spotted HERE

Bring Your "A" Game

Lupe might be making his big screen debut yall! Click Me!!

More Chicago Vids

Dumb It Down

Drea and Mano doing they thang...

more to come...

ECU Show in NC

my homie butterz040 aka James recorded the whole damn show and upped it to youtube...shout out to all the people in NC who asked if I was going to the show lol Maryland i will be seeing you again next month :)

Hey Champ

Click here to view the rest of the videos on his Youtube Channel

Poll Daddy Time!!!!!! Top 10 reasons why Lupe Fiasco SHOULDN'T retire...

Since everytime I look for Lupe Fiasco stuff to post...i see nothing about articles of Lupe Fiasco retiring...quite honestly its annoying so I thought...why not create a list of the TOP TEN REASONS WHY LUPE SHOULDN'T RETIRE! We all know this not gonna change his mind...but its gonna be fun lol so go head...leave your reason in the comments as to WHY you don't want Lupe to retire...and we can work together and try to compile the Best Top 10 list creative, truthfully and have fun with it guys!


Some Videos from the Halloween Show I took...

I said I wasn't gonna post these but oh well...enjoy them anyway...Heres some videos from Sound Check



The String Section...don't they sound puuuuuuurrrrrttttttyyyyy!

Matthew Santos

Sarah Green

Sarah and Larrence (1500 or Nothin')...FNF UP!

More to come...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Atlantic don't know what to say huh...

Apparently Atlantic Records "decline to comment" on Lupe's retirement...they must have shitted themselves when they heard about

A Special thanks to Andrew from FSD.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lupe Interview w/ Big Tigger

The same thing moved me too....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Pop World are just now catching on to Lupe and his "retirement"

After a historic victory yesterday with Obama being elected President of the United States...white folk are finally realizing that Lu is retiring...

Articles popped up on Popeater and the Gossip Queen Perez Hilton blog...The good folks over at Vimby even announced that he was "throwing in the towel"...

Atleast everyone is on the same page and they DON'T want Lu to retire...this topic is getting old to me and I really think it should just be dropped until that time comes...right now we should enjoy the great music and dope shows that Lu brings to our cities and SUPPORT THE FUCK outta him until he calls it quits...Go out and buy 10 more copies of The Cool and Food and Liquor and maybe we could convince to stay!!!

President Obama's Full Speech in Grant Park

Shout out to all my Chi-town peeps who went to the rally! YES WE CAN!!

Heres the video of Ralph Nader whinning like a BITCH on Fox News...only to get put RIGHT BACK IN HIS PLACE...

Here's some reactions from Common, Talib Kweli and others in Chicago..spotted at Bossip

Saam from Hey Champ tells it like it is....

his Halloween Show Wrap Up...Click here to read it :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Barack Obama?!?!?

That sure is what its looking like!!!!

CNN reporting currently Obama 207 to McCain 135...that's electoral votes people

I'll keep everyone posted...



Shout out to Sickamore...this picture says it all right now...


What The Artist Say...Q-Tip of the original members of our Fiasco Fam Skateboard Eddie, ran into Tribe Called Quest MC Q-tip in NYC...Eddie asked Q-Tip what was it like to work with Lupe Fiasco and THIS was his response...

"That kids a genius"

WELL SAID Q-TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn if that don't just sum up Lu then I don't know WHAT DOES!

Lupe // Dope Couture // Opportunity Int'l

(Thanx Matt)

This shirt is especially cool because a lot of brands steal from high fashion brands but none give back. "Steal From The Rich And Give To The Poor" proceeds will be donated to Opportunity International, an organization that provides loans and basic business training to the poor, enabling people to work their own way out of poverty.

The shirt is made from various letters from the following brands: YSL, Moet, Armani, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Maybach, Tiffany, Hermes, Rolls Royce, Lanvin, Chanel, Hublot, and Veuve Cliquot. It is currently only available online at...

KayCee's Q & A with Drea from He Say She Say...A Lupe Fiasco Show EXCLUSIVE!

Shout out to Drea! That's my girl...mainly because she shares the same love for Blondie and Debbie Harry as I do...I asked her to answer a few quick questions for the blog and she was down to do so! So take a minute to get to know Drea...

KayCee: So How did you and Mano meet?

Drea: Mano and I met at Columbia in 2004. I went to high school (in milwaukee) with a lot of people he knew from b-boy battles ( he still breaks :)

KayCee:I know you love Debbie Harry from Blondie! What is it about Debbie Harry and Blondie that inspires you so much?

Drea: Omg where do I start. I just watched the bio of Blondie on youtube last Debbie Harry was (and still is) effortlessly cool . She was just thrown together and chic at the same time and her voice was like noone else's. She's a fuckin icon!!!As far as the band itself , their sound was so innovative. It was underground but accesible and way ahead of it's time...And Clem Burke ( the drummer) was sick!!!

KayCee: Who are some of your other influences besides Blondie?

Drea: Pat Benetar , Joan Jett , Chrissie Hynde ,Portishead, Talking Heads,Depeche Mode , Iggy Pop,Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Siouxsie Sioux, and Fiona Apple (that woman's writing skills are impecable)

KayCee: How did you meet Lu and what has the experience been like so far being signed to his FNF label?

Drea: I met Lu like 3 years ago through Mano. He and Mano went to high school together.It was right before Kick,Push was released as a single.Being signed to his label is dope. He really believes in Me and Mano as artists and he's extremely open minded.

KayCee: How would you describe your music?

Drea: Hmm...thats a toughie... well its everything we love about music!! But if you're asking what genre of music it is ..... i think He Say,She Say is pop music for the what good pop music used to be. Before the same producers produced the only 5 songs that play on the radio every know?

KayCee: What makes He Say She Say different from similar artist coming out of Chicago? (Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids, etc)

Drea:Well we dont do hip hop music .We are all friends, but what me and mano are doing isnt really hip hop or r and b influenced. But we all are black kids doing something thats not expected of us.

KayCee: Any upcoming projects?

Drea: We are finishing the album up as we speak.

KayCee: What are some of your dream collabs

Drea: I would love to do something with Kenna he's awesome . But more than anything Debbie Harry (no surprise there) and Karen O. And Iggy Pop..... i love that guy

KayCee: Last but certainly not least...probably the most important question of them all...HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU GET ASKED..." Is your group named after the Lupe Fiasco song He Say She Say?" I GOTTA KNOW DREA! LOL

Drea: Duuude many people ask us that... and we arent named after the song.... I hate to admit it but i hadnt even hear all of food and liquor when we came up with the name of our group , so i'd never heard that song till after the fact. We just thought it would be a cool name because we are a guy and a girl and we share equal parts in making the music. Mano produces alll of the tracks and I write the lyrics and arrange the vocals. Its like we both are talking to the listener in our own way.

Get ya shout outs! :)

Drea: I want to give a shout out to my fam Mano , Hollywood Holt,Mic Terror and all the little boos at Leaders.Also to the whole FNF Fam....Oh and Vic Lloyd.Fashion King for life!!!!!!

FNF UP!!!!

Caption the Picture...

This picture has always been a lil off to me...I can't quite put my hand on it...but something just not right...I don't know if its because Mike Jones aint wearing any socks and his ankles was ashy....or if it was because Daddy Yankee just looked HELLA outta place...either way...CAPTION THE PICTURE!

LupEND Cover(s) Contest

okay so its not really a contest...But I do know that alot of our readers happen to be very dope y not show us what ya got! Kinda like what Kanyelive did for Ye's fans I think it would be nice to give you all the same opportunity...So if you got the artistic skills...go on ahead and create an album cover (or covers lol) for LupEND (don't even try and front like you haven't thought about it lmao) Ill pick the top 3...and the readers of the blog will vote on which one is the best...u dont win anything...ill just post it up on the blog and most likely it will go up on Busy's...i mean LUPE'S official jump off...I have mastered poll daddy thanks to Summiyah so the poll will be right this time...

Theres not really a deadline on this just whenever i get enough covers to have a poll then ill post it up...



Lupe confirmed for Big Day Out

"Former System Of A Down singer and sometime New Zealand resident Serj Tankian heads the latest list of artists announced to play the Big Day Out.

The manic frontman, who has been solo since SOAD went on hiatus in 2006 and released his debut album Elect the Dead last year, will bring his politically charged rock to Mt Smart Stadium on January 16, seven years after System played the Auckland event.

Tankian, who keeps a home in New Zealand, will be joined by Florida hot shots Black Kids, whose debut album Partie Traumatic was released earlier this year and is one of the party rock albums of the year.

And speaking of dancing, making return visits to the Big Day Out are British electropop band Hot Chip and hip-hopper Lupe Fiasco, who both played the 2007 show."

Click here
for more information

Shout out to our Femme Affiliate Safia in Auckland! Hey Safia! TWEET ME! LOL

Love Lockdown...Fa Real yall!

Video of Lu's personal Photog proposing to his girl...ain't that special!


Lupe doesn't vote...


Lines are long in some states but STAY YOU ASS THERE AND VOTE...bring your ipod, listen to Lu and GET IT IN people!!

Us Femmes have already cast our vote in our states...yall need to do the same :)

Some of my pictures

Ill post some pics i took in chicago but i REFUSE to post any video I have on this blog...if u want to see the video u are going to have to check it on my own blog...anywhoo...the pictures


Hey Champ




Me and Sarah

For more pictures CLICK HERE

that is all

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Source is full of *#$^ along with MTV, BET, etc...

because Lu's name is on the cover and he is NO WHERE in the damn magazine...we looked through that damn thing back and forth forever looking for Lu and found nothing...EPIC FAILURE

If you find it please let me or KDenise know...that is all

More Lupe Perfomances...

Thanks to NEUROGLIACELL from Youtube (CONGRESS THEATRE) 10/31

OH WAIT ONE MORE VIDEO (low quality version though)-lol- The announcement via Youtube thanks to lovab1987

Shes Cool Like Dat and Lupe Fiasco Go Where?

Max G,Mr. Music, S-Preme, KayCee, Sgt.Tibs and KDenise at TGIF Friday's :)



I just looked through the blog and realized there were MAD VIDEOS TAKEN FROM THE LUPEND BLOG...If you DIDN'T REALIZE that some of our own folks and bloggers from THIS BLOG were in attendance at the show and had planned to put videos up of the show SPECIFICALLY FOR OUR READERS...then you SHOULD HAVE...THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY JOB HARDER...and making have to do something different with my video footage or just not post the shyt at all..HELLA FRUSTRATING...Im just saying...

A Special Thanks to the FNF Crew...

I love you guys very and video footage from the show as well as the soundcheck coming soon...BIG SHOUT OUT TO HEY CHAMP! It was nice to meet you guys!...Mano and Hollywood Holt (always a pleasure)...Much love to my sista Sarah Green (check my myspace for pictures Gemstones you my homie! HIIIIIII SIMON! 1500'S keep jammin' (THE BOOTY'S AUTOMATIC!) Bam you need a new camera...Shout out to Jroc (GO GAIN SOME WEIGHT!) and of course thanks to Lu for putting on a GREAT show! See yall next time :)

OH and shout out to the fans and readers of the blog that I met as well :)

SOOOOOOOOOOO three albums huh...

Be prepared greatness ladies and gents...

As our fave rapper says...PEACE! and much love to ya...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lupe's Halloween Pics

If you weren't there you missed out on a fantastic show...better luck next year...

LupE.N.D. Announcement (Video)

Shouts out to L.F.I. cuz that post below MADE MY NIGHT!!!!!!

Now, continuing on from his post is the video of Lu actually talking about LupE.N.D. (for the doubters and nonbelievers). Sorry if this post is kinda redundant, but the way he set up the announcement was just kinda dope and seeing as we are THE Lupe Fiasco fanbase, I figured y'all wouldn't mind.

Pulled this vid off of the lupE.N.D. blog, so shouts to them for the vid. It does have the same Superstar video attached to it (it's one long vid), so sorry about that.

Now, with all that aside:

"Now we just got one more to go
L - U - P - E.N.D."