Friday, March 30, 2007

Calling All Fans!!!...I SAID CALLING ALL FANS!!!

I have been getting alot of emails...well not alot but enough...and I have been prompted to create a section where fans with skills...(You know Bowhunting skills, NumChuck skills...Sorry couldn't resist, I love Napolean can show them off.

But really, any type of talent you may have that you use to express yourself in some way, shape or form.

Be it music, art, videography, photography, fashion design, graphic design, crocheting, WHATEVER YOU DO, I want to see it and I'm sure other fans do too.

This is the start of the Official LUPE FIASCO FAN ARTWORK SECTION of this blog...

I've made the process simple enough to get me your creations, even for the laziest blog reader...

(1) An email...YES AN (Yes I've changed my email for the blog to this new one...much more simpler right?? You can still use the old one if you like)

And in this email, you can include a link, an attachment or whatever to the work that you would like to give to me to display on the blog.

Also, Name, Age, Location, description of what you're sending in, and whatever other random information you would like to include...

Trying to make this short, So LSS (long story short for the lames), Get off Yo Ass and send me your Fan Work!!!!

Thanks, MGMT.

Pictures Galore

Okay...So I got a request to put captions for the pictures...these were put into collage form and I don't really remember, But Imma try my best...HERE GOES...

(left to right) Photoshoot for some magazine, Bishop G lookin like he bought to steal off on dude beside him lol, Lu on phone (simple), Lu @ Flex Car Show, Pocket Ninjas (, Lu with mic (even simpler)

(left to right) Flex and Lu @ Flex Car Show, a man named Geo and Lupe @ Bumbershoot, Lu and Bishop performing at some event having to do with adult swim I presume @SXSW, Lu and some woman @ Sneaker Pimps 2006 in Chicago

(left to right) Lu @ Islington Academy, Lu Performing, Papoose, Kay Slay and Lu @ Flex Car Show, Lu performing @ Big Day Out

Lu @ Islington Academy, Lu pointing @ me and saying "There is the girl of my dreams" Lol...Just Playing...Lu and a guy with a shirt on that says F#%k Yo Couch (They should have never gave you *&$%#* money...LOL) and a dude wit a white tee, and FINALLY Lu with Geo's son (the man from the 2nd round of pictures wit the red shirt)...LU LUH THE KIDS!!! Almost as much as Trick Daddy...

You Like...You Like...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is My Mic On??? As I Twilight Zone...

So we have a Challenge...


To my Left we have Lupe Fiasco, all the way from the Westside of Chicago, Rapper Extraordinaire representing 1st & 15th Up All Day

And to my right we have Turbo, coming to you all the way from Cala- For-Ni-Ay (California for the lames), repping the TSST (The Scramblin' Scholar Team)

If you haven't heard Twilight Zone by Lu, you can listen to it on the player thats on this blog!!!

Step up to the mic Turbo...

DISCLAIMER: This is all in good fun...Not to Be Taken Too Seriously!!

(In other words...Don't be Bashing Dude)

Check it out and tell me what you think:

Twilight Zone Part 2- Turbo's Version

I listened and thought it was worth putting on here, so you know it had to be kinda cool...But really though, I FUX WIT so does Krusty...

If you like his style and all that, he has more songs on his myspace page...I actually like those songs too...I wanna go out and buy me a little Blue out his page though!!!!

Scramble Team Myspace

I tried making the picture be a link to the myspace page, BUT I'm not up on my HTML that good yet...Imma work on

Lu Groupie Encounter

Another espisode of Lu Groupie Encounters...

Lupe Fiasco was very dope to and at the end of the show I got to meet him. He was a pretty cool cat. Wish I could have chatted with him longer than 5 mins *lol*. But he had important people to see (like his "check cutter" *lol*) than to hang out with a lost little Cali girl all night *lol*. All was understable though, so I got my picture and hug and bounced. As I hugged him I whispered in his ear, "I just might not let go", which he got a kick out of and chuckled. lol. I was only joking of course. I really enjoyed myself at the show. All Lupe shows are highly recommended from me.

Complex Simplicity Syndrome Blog

I Concur...Whenever Lupe is in your vicinity...GO SEE HIM...Its a Great Show!!

Check the Pictures of the UNC-Chapel Hill Show I attended on February 5, 2007.
(I did not take these myself, my stupid camera decided not to work that day)

See the wallet he has on, I was in the front and when he came to our side these girls behind me started pushing me all up on him and his wallet chain got caught on my hand and it cut my finger...How that happened I have NO IDEA...But I will cherish that scar FOREVER...LOL...Sike naw but forreal...It hurt...BAD...I Should have lucky I like him.

This Dude beside me was hating on his jacket, talking about it looked like an old Fila jacket he owned when he was a kid back in the 90's. I just looked at him and shook my head because he OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT see the FLYNESS of this jacket...AND its PURPLE...I love Purple on Guys...Not lavender, but a deep purple such as this one...But enough about me...Back to Lu & Bishop...

The energy that this man has when he is performing is CRAZY...from the perfect hand motions, to the dance routines that him and Bishop perform, to the sporadic jumping up and down, running back and forth, violining, Everything...JUST CRAZY!!!

Another funny story about that night, When Lu does his American Terrorist section where he gives you the history lesson and he was talking about how we as college students are the future leaders and we need to implement programs that can help bring about change in this Effed up Society, and then he starts talking about things we could do and somebody yells out, "AND VOTE" and Lu pauses, and says "VOTE...FUCK VOTING" and Everybody is laughing, clapping in agreeance...well at least I was...and of course Bishop eggs it on by saying "Awwww Lu, He thought you was gone agree with him about voting..." LMAO...HILARIOUS PRICELESS MOMENTS THAT YOU CAN'T GET ANYWHERE EXCEPT AT A LUPE FIASCO SHOW...

(I recommend watching these clips on Youtube to hear Lupe's "lecture" on American Terrorist)

The first clip is the song then he starts talking about 4:30 into it...But for some reason everytime I watch these clips I get the strong urge to Rally...

Monday, March 26, 2007

FNF NEWS!!!...Chilly was Convicted...Facing 60 Years!!!

There was a post on OkayPlayer messageboard discussing Miss Jones tryin to clown Lupe verse in the Buddy Remix...Okay so I'm gathering my thoughts to write my post defending Lupe, I submit and then read through and see that Lu has came in and posted something...

Definitely wasn't expecting what I read...

Poor Chilly...Damn 60 Years...My Prayers definitely go out to him and his family...But 60 Years...THATS CRAZY!!!!! I hope not...I really wanna get on my political rant/tirade right now but I will abstain...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...kennykenken

from Japan
(can I come visit???)
Age: 16


Hip Hop Nerd

When did you first fall in love with Lupe Fiasco?

"I'm not in love with Lupe...! "
(I rephrased the question to a more no homo standpoint for the

When did you first become a FAN of Lupe Fiasco? (better???)

"Anyways when I borrowed the F&L album from my friend, I thought his flow and wordplay was just fasacinating! I really became fan of him when I researched and found out that he is a nerd and not like a gangster dude who just think about cars and money. And he likes Japanese culture! I'm a Japanese so I know what he's saying when he rhymes about anything Japanese so .... you know....that's why I became fan! "

If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco, what would it be and why?

"Well I would like to steal many things from him....hmmm...I would go with his swagger in his style(I think you call it that) know...his style! Yeah I his style! "

Thanx kennykenken, you were the 1st person to respond, I appreciate you reading the blog, YOU'RE OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE BLOG READER...You should be receiving your award in the mail really...but give yourself a pat on the back and imagine that it was me doing!!!!!

Wanna Be Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment???

Well, on this blog at least, I'm starting a new section where we can get to know Lupe fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD, or at least acquaint ourselves with the ones who read this blog.

I know how people HATE to respond to stuff, and would rather just lurk about on a blog without EVER making a comment, (I know you're here, There is a counter at the bottom of the blog), but this is your chance to be seen, be known, shout it loud and Proud, I LOVE LUPE FIASCO...(yes homo for guys, (I hate the phrase no homo and yes homo is just my way of refusing to say no homo, but whatever) back to the matter at hand)

IF YOU...YES YOU...YOU OUT THERE LURKING ON THIS BLOG, YOU WHO NEVER EVER MAKE COMMENTS...Want to be Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment, This is the time to redeem yourself, and I shall forgive you in time....

Decided to throw some pictures in the mix, because I know how people hate looking at just words on a page and no pictures...

Send me an email, YES AN EMAIL,, I know this is an extra step, but I'd like to keep this information private so we can be surprised about who the next Lupe #1 Fan of the Moment will be...

Answer the following 2 Questions, YES 2 QUESTIONS, and you could be Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...(name of this section is subject to change at any time)

(1) When did you first fall in love with Lupe Fiasco?
(Or guys if it makes you feel better to answer this question,
When did you first become a fan of Lupe Fiasco?)

(2) If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco, what would it be and why?
(for the record, I do not condone thievery)

Also in the email,, would you please send your name, age, where you're from, Social Security Number (JUST PLAYING) and any random information about yourself that you would like to be included with your Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment Profile (i.e. Myspace page, favorite color, what color underwear you're currently wearing). Also a picture would be nice but is not required, I will provide one for you if you don't send one, so might want to send one. LOL

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fly without Flapping his Wings, Don't think that he was born here, think that he was Beamed

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Seymour "Lupe's Robot"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Picture from Swagger Party

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

His shirt says "Remember you're never as cool as you think you are"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Forgot where this pic is from...Has something to do with the big chain on his neck though (and Swagger I do believe but don't quote me) Thanx 2 Isaac, the chain is made by Complete Technique for Kid Robot.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lol...Whats the Big Deal OKP's??...He doesn't want to listen to it...Alot of people think Mike Jones is Great, Should he be required to listen to him too? This pic is too funny...Photoshop is Great!!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Somebody looks, Jason, Bishop...Is that you??...Mixmaster Megan in the back!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I want every pair of shades this guy owns...

Friday, March 23, 2007


Saw this on a blog (Learning to Play) and thought it was cute and SO TRUE...

Lupephany (definition) - That moment when the realization of the profundity of a certain section of a Lupe Fiasco song hits you like a cannon ball in the head. Also sometimes called a 'some times it be like dang!' moment. It is usually triggered by the sudden elucidation of a metaphor or allegory used in one of the verses in the song and is in extreme cases accompanied the gaining of a whole new perspective on the song.

Root of the word:
Lupe Fiasco - the world famous 3 time Grammy nominated rapper/lyricist extraordinaire, leader of the f n' f crew and one of the deepest minds out in the entertainment industry right now.

- a sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something.

(Originally from the Learning to Play Blog)

You know that Eureka moment when the clouds open up and a beam of sunlight shines down and your aura screams "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
(or something to that effect)

I can definitely relate to this Lupephany idea, I was listening to a mixtape song the other day, Not sure of the name, But the one where he says, (Some lyrics may be incorrect, got them from some random site)

Yes I, F. I., west side of the ink
Its WAS, hot, like the left side of the sink
Left hand like the right, plum (plumb) fool with the tool
Right hand on the pipe
I'll give ya some, every thing but the kitchen one
The phones is tapped but I can never leak it
I'm on the run , I'm off it, back on it
Way too true, I could never faucet [force it]
I'm much colder when it comes to rappin'
My only cap size [capsize] is seven and a half in hats
and I'm on the board with the chick yall fishbowled
The caprio and the captain
Let it sink in duke
While I foot you a brick like cement shoes
So throw in your towels I'm unstoppable
But, let me stop, I don't wanna overflow

And I was really listening to the lyrics for the first time, even though I hear the song everyday and really realized that this man's wordplay is RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY and HE IS A GENIUS...And the cleanest, and the meanest...SWITCH!!! (I love that song

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lupe the Chef???

Okay so we've all heard of Lupe the Jedi, Lupe the Gorilla, Lupe the Killa etc. but Lupe the Chef???...This is an old interview, but its one where Lupe explains how to cook, Shepherds Pie.

Chi-town rapper Lupe Fiasco sticks to the simple pleasures in life. So,although he was hard at work finishing his Atlantic Records debut Food & Liquor (with Jay-Z handling co-executive producer duties), its no surprise that the 23-year-old found time to cook up something good for the soul, Shepherds Pie. √Ęs the easiest, most favorite thing I know how to make, he eagerly explains. Its just a casserole with a layer of mash potatoes, a layer of like seasoned ground turkey and then cheese on top. His interest in the special cuisine interest originated from his visits to the local mosque, where he would feast on Shepherd's Pie after service. I actually learned how to make it from a lady at the mosque, he recalls. Every Friday she would make these big humongous pans of it and we would just eat. While grating cheese, Lupe reveals his secrets to a tasty Shepherds Pie aside from his special seasoning, he places a high importance on cooking slow and making sure to watch the casserole closely while its cooking. I make the potatoes first and then the ground turkey, but you could actually do it at the same time. After a delayed reaction to the realization that he hadnt washed his hands, Lupe walks away from the counter to indulge them in soap and water then goes back to grating his Tillamook Cheese. His special seasoning called Magic Seasoning Blends, along with Italian seasoning and a touch of salt and pepper, helps brown the ground turkey.It might be unusual to hear Lupe rapping about the virtues of skateboarding on his lead single Kick Push, but the rapper born Wasalu Jaco has never followed the pack. The self-proclaimed nerd even gives an educational lesson on the difference in the cheese that he uses: I try not to use cheese that has animal sources, but I try to use cheese, I know this sounds nasty”with microbial sources. Make sure you use a good cheese you cant use Velveeta or slices of American cheese, You have to get block cheese or shredded cheese. He starts on the potatoes using miracle whip, butter and Oberweis Dairy milk, a.k.a. The Champagne of Milks. He pours the milk slowly over the potatoes to secure a measurable amount that will suffice enhance its thickness. You mash them, put the milk in”mash, mash, mash”make sure you add the milk very slowly. You dont want to add too much milk and not enough potatoes. With no set time frame involved in his process, watching your food carefully is the only option according to Lupe. I dont know about time. My mama taught me how to cook, so it wasnt more like a time thing, it was more like a watching thing. Lupe grabs the aluminum pan, preparing to layer the casserole. Lay a layer of mash potatoes first, then the ground turkey second and then you just put a layer of cheese, put it in the oven and let it cook and thats it. With the last sprinkle of cheese on the casserole, the pan is layered and put in the oven. After minutes of waiting, Lupe checks on the casserole, looking for a sign of light brown melted cheese. After what seems like forever, the casserole is finally ready and cools for a couple of minutes. After dubbing himself the Shepherds Pie King, Lupe and digs in and approves of his self made masterpiece. With Food & Liquor in stores this winter, Lupe is sure to stir up a buzz and give you a good meal all in one. Anybody buying the album will get a free pan of Shepherds Pie, he says. You'll probably get hungry while waiting, so maybe you should just make your own instead.

And here how you can make your own Lupe Shepherd Pie...

Ingredients: Tillamook Cheese (Cheddar, Colby)Miracle WhipMargarine- Land O Lakes Lean Ground TurkeySalt & PepperItalian SeasoningGarlic PowderMagic Seasoning BlendsOberweis Dairy MilkBag of PotatoesDirections:Fill a pot halfway up with water. Place peeled potatoes in water and boil until they soften. Season ground turkey with Magic Seasoning Blends, garlic powder, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Cook ground turkey beef in a skillet until meat is brown. Grate the whole cheddar and Colby blocks of cheese into a bowl. After potatoes have softened, place potatoes, margarine, half a container of Miracle Whip and milk slowly into a bowl and mash until they are soft. Place the layer of mashed potatoes in the bottom of a glass or aluminum container, covering with a layer of ground turkey. Spread grated Cheddar and Colby cheese across ground turkey until its covered and place in the oven at 400-450 degrees until the cheese melts. Be careful to watch the casserole. Once the cheese has melted and slightly browned, take the casserole out of the oven, let it cool for about ten minutes and get ya grub on.

AND HE CAN COOK...What can't he do??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Got Something to Say? Well I Do...

Just wanted to respond to a few of the questions that I've been getting lately...

KennyKenKen...HEY!!!...Ummm...I've been trying to call Lupe and get him to send me some new and rare tracks, but I can't get in touch with him. The day that he acknowledges my existence then I will definitely see what I can do...LOL...But seriously though, if I come across some, I'll definitely put them up here.

1 RHOyal Fiasco...WHATS UP?!?...Us Fiasco Fans Gotta Stick Together...I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, thanx for reading, and keep doing so, day after day after day after day...well you get the point.

Radhiya...HI!!!...Did you ever listen to FNF Radio?....(I think that was Anyway, You know I'm not actually sure if Lu has a girlfriend or not, and if he does, not sure if it is the girl from the GQ event. I've heard so many different things about this subject, maybe he has a girl of 7 years, maybe he doesn't, maybe he still talks to Nat from brownBabiez (is that spelled right? lol), or maybe he just sleeps with numerous groupies on the road...(JUST JOKING ABOUT THE LATTER, AGAIN I REPEAT JUST A JOKE) Either way...Does it really matter? (And Im not tryin to be mean...I'm just saying...Does it?)

Scott...HEY HEY HEY!!!...Not much going on here, I'm a college girl, so the typical college stuff is going on. Whats going on in YOUR LIFE?? But Thanx for reading my blog, I appreciate it much. Come back and bring like 50 of your friends....MUAH!!!!!

And to everybody else who reads the blog, I LIKE COMMENTS, SO POST SOME DAMMIT!!! (sorry for the cursing, but I really do like comments)


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lu in the Studio with Chris & Drop

This video is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING...SMH...And I heard somewhere you was a Germ-a-Phobe...And then you go and do something like this...SMH...Just Sick!!! LOL

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Edition to the Blog: Lu Groupie Encounters

My Official Disclaimer for this New Section:

I use the word GROUPIE, not as a derogatory term, but as a general term for somebody who becomes excited when they encounter a celebrity. NO DISRESPECT to anybodies story that may appear in the Lu Groupie Encounter section. I myself have Groupie moments, very often in fact, so you know, I can relate. I'm actually gonna include MY VERY OWN LU GROUPIE ENCOUNTER in this section, so from one groupie to another, we have to stick together and maintain the balance between celebrities and the people who love gawking at them.


Go ahead and stare, I WON'T TELL!!!!! (Sorry Fellas, kinda a girl moment)

Okay, so here's the very first LU GROUPIE ENCOUNTER...

so i was @ work, the other day
...i work @ the apple store
and it's been crazy busy
so i'm ringing
and u know @ a certain point
all the faces become a blur
u just wanna get
the line i look
up, and i see fuckin Lupe Fiasco
("girl, there go Lupe Fiasco" i frantically whisper to
Kenyetta, next to me, and she's obviously
and he's lookin @ me, standing to my right,
askin me where the bathroom is
"how u doin?" i ask
he nods "how u doin"
"good. through that door and to your right"
maybe he nodded or said thanx,
i don't remember
so me and kenyetta realize that he's there w/ his mama
awww, we thought that was cute and humble of him...
so finally he comes out of the bathroom, right after one of the
customers go, "Lupe Fiasco is takin a shit in your bathroom!"(disclaimer: they hadn't actaully seen or heard him shittin, they were just speaking figuratively)
....and we look up again and he's in line,
me and kenyetta look @ each other...who's line is he gonna end up in....
not mine, i secretly hope, i mean, i'm a charmer (the boys love me :] ) but i was worried about sayin' somethin silly....
he ends up in kenyetta's line...
and i'm like staring, and he feels me lookin, and he glances up
every now and then, w/ a little smile...
as he's leaving, he nods, "goodnight"
"bye. goodnight" i say......his mother smiles

thatgirlsexxy1985 from MYSPACE

Friday, March 16, 2007

Armpits...From the Bottom of the Crypt

Niggas, B*tches, Pimps, Tricks, Whoever You Wit, let me see them armpits...
Musty or Dusty, Ashy or Nasty, When You Pass me, let me see them armpits...

LMAO...These lyrics are Hilarious!!!!!! But I digress...

Im not sure who has actually heard this song by Da Pak...Yeah Da Pak...The group Lupe was apart of before he became the man we all love today. They released this single back in 2000.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

LOL...Yeah ARMPITS...I bet you was wondering, What does Armpits have to do with Lu?

Well, below is the link to Lu's verse in the song, I believe thats him doing some of the chorus too.

Armpits by Da Pak- Lupe's Verse

For the whole song you can go to:
Download from ZShare

But its like a collection of songs that you're gonna have to sift through, The song Armpits start at 19:39 where Lupe starts talking about the site,, and then the song should start promptly afterwards.

After hearing this song, I am so glad that FNF is UP!!!!!

So I added A Few New Things...

On the Right side of the blog I've added a Comment box, where you can ask questions, leave suggestions, or whatever you feel you need to get off your chest. Its real simple, so USE IT!!!!

And further down, I put a music player with some Lupe songs on it, most of them are mixtapes songs, if there is a song you want to see on there let me know and I will add it.

Im gonna get some more pictures up, maybe an photo album type thing, not sure yet, but I'm tryin to see what I can do.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Im currently adding some new things to this blog,tryin out some things, ya know, tryin to make this a good blog experience. So if you get error messages or anything, It should be together soon...

Any suggestions, Please let me COMMENTING BELOW!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've been listening to the old clips of the show and it is absolutely hilarious. I think all fans and people who think Lu is just a conscious, political, martial arts, streetwear, Noam Chomsky reading, skateboarding nerd, should hear this because you get to really get a glimpse of how funny and crazy he really is. I don't know him personally, of course, but after listening to FNF Radio I feel like I do.

go to

There are twleve different shows and to get to them just substitute the number after FNF, for example, or FNF1.html

(Also you have to find the link and Save Target as in order to download the show to your computer so that you can hear it, most of the links are easy to find, but some of them, the pictures contain the mp3 link. Just right click, save target as, and you should be able to listen.)

And from listening to this I also have come to a conclusion of why Lupe has so many problems with his throat and voice.....and the problem goes by the name of Bishop to the radio show and you will understand why I say Im not hating on Bishop at all, I actually love Bishop and think that he is a pure crazed the Youtube clip to get a look @ the craziness that is FNF Radio

I missed Lupe's performance @ the DC show

Yeah so I was definitely on CP time when I arrived at the show almost about 2 hours after it started. But for the record it wasn't really my fault, my family x DC/MD traffic being hell = Me being late.

I was told he started promptly at 8, which was surprising to me, and ended his set at like 8:30 p.m. which was probably due to the fact that more people at the show wanted to see their very own DC GoGo artist, Mr. Chuck Brown.

So yeah I was upset, BUT the Roots were excellent, Great Show, and I got a bootleg Lupe/Roots/Chuck Brown concert shirt for only $10 after the show, so I was fairly satisfied.

Next time...I WILL be on time!!!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just a few of my camera phone pictures, the ushers at Constitution Hall wouldn't let me take pictures with my camera, BASTARDS!!!!

Just a Few Pictures and of course a Youtube clip...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Kinda cool

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The caption to this was "What do you mean, Do I want some Fried Chicken?" (or something like

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The shoe Lu refers to as his favorite of all-time, the John Lennon Chuck Taylor, with the message "Imagine all the people living life in peace" going across the toe.

Lu dancing on stage at Roots concert @ the Norva in Norfolk VA...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm Going to Lupe Concert in DC...YAYYYY!!!!!!!

I'm too excited right now....YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!...Ok, I'm good now...

But yeah I just got word from my cousin in DC that she got me my tickets and so tomorrow as soon as I'm done with class, I'M OUT...Can't wait to see him in Concert again, the first time was in North Carolina @ UNC Chapel Hill, it was OUTSTANDING!!!!! (And Yeah The Roots should be good too)

I just had to brag for a bit...But I'm done now

The Fiasco Family

I love YouTube as you can tell...But here is a clip of Lupe and his family on New Years as the clip name says, doing typical normal family things, eating, laughing, having a good time, chillin wit your Celebrity relative Lupe Fiasco, you know typical family stuff.

But I ask you, If Lupe wasn't in this clip, Would anybody even want to watch this??...I don't think so...But we live in such a celebrity-obsessed culture that even watching celebrities doing nothing is entertainment...But Hey, what can you do, but WATCH THE CLIP!!!!!! LOL

Monday, March 5, 2007

Video Tribute to Lu's Father, Gregory Hamza Jaco

This is a video tribute to Gregory Hamza Jaco. The clip from Youtube actually shows some of the memorial service that was held in his honor. From this video you can see how many lives he touched that will have a major effect on them forever. After watching this, it made me think about what would people would have to say about me when I'm gone from this earth...

Lu is shown in the video, he has a white headband (probably not the proper term) tied around his head. This video was NOT done by me, but by archanjo88 on Youtube. This is what was said by archanjo88...

This is a tribute to my first sensei, Master Hamza Gregory Jaco, April 5, 1992-February 26, 2007. I met Jaco when I was 15 years old in the Winter of 1968. We were Explorer Scouts together. Jaco has always been a major influence in my life. He was an example to live up to, a man who challenged you and himself to be better people in spite of whatever flaws we might have. He was well respected in the community. A warrior, master drummer, comic, philospher,and humanitarian. Not having seen him in years I went looking for him while I was doing research on The Search for Count Dante. I interviewed him in early August of 2006. He died last Monday, February 26, 2007. He was buried in the Islamic tradition on Tuesday, February 27. His memorial was held in Chicago at Bethel Church on Friday, March 2.

Just Beautiful.

(There is also a video of the burial, that is located in the videos of archanjo88 on Youtube, but I chose not to post that one on here. You can go see it for yourself. It shows Lu and other people helping at the burial)

Thursday, March 1, 2007


It was not a rumor...Lu's father did pass...He wrote a message on messageboard....Again my deepest condolences and prayers go out to all affected by this news.

"My Inspiration. My Beloved. For My Pops..."Tue Feb-27-07 08:35 PM by FNF

I buried my father may not know him but if you ever listened to my music then he is the Ghostwriter in the cut...He was the foundation of my thoughts and beliefs...He was the one that dared me to be different in light of peer pressure & the status quo...He dared me to stand for justice and righteousness in the face of ridicule and exclusion...He introduced me to The world of Music...He gave me a purpose...a reason to live and something to fight for...Something to Rap about...He gave me the weapons of self-defense...He showed me the realities of this world that lie behind the facade...He taught me the importance of a man's word in thisworld...for it is all that he truly has...besides faith in God...My father was a great man...He literally fought the "Good" fights in the face of insurmountable odds for the sake of the struggle and for the hearts & minds & spirits of his people...He waged a war of enlightment and amassed an army of light to fight against the forces of darkness and the soldiers of ignorance...He touched the lives of innumberable amounts of people whether it was through Martial Arts, Music, Religion, Social & Community Activism, The Sciences or just seeing his hand-painted, brightly decorated Church Van full of young kids from the hoody hood on his way to 63rd street beach pass you by...

May Allah Have Mercy On His Soul & Allow him Into The Gates Of Heaven....I Love You Baba.....We Love You....

"Tell The Truth" -His Last Words To Me....

Salaam....Sincerely, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco A.K.A "Lupe Fiasco" son of Gregory Hamza Jaco A.K.A "Baby Rollin' Thunder" "Tanaka Sensei" "Baba"


DISCLAIMER: AS OF THIS MOMENT, THIS IS JUST A RUMOR, I DO NOT KNOW IF IT IS TRUE OR NOT, I REPEAT THIS IS JUST A RUMOR AS OF NOW. is reporting that Lupe's father has died of unknown causes. IF THIS IS TRUE, I send my condolences to him, his family, friends and anyone else who this news may affect.

I heard about this early yesterday because one of my friends noticed that people were writing messages on Lupe's page about how sorry they were about the death of his father. And also another Myspace page had a message on it from one of Lupe's family members that hinted to the fact that this rumor may actually be true or at least something happened to his father.

Again, IF THIS IS TRUE, I am truly sorry about the loss. I send my prayers to everyone affected. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a parent, but I wish everyone the strength to pull through as best they can during this unfortunate time. Again, I am sorry.