Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lupe Fiasco is Here...

Finally... The long-awaited video for Dumb it Down has arrived...


I know I did...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Straight From the Myspace

Buy "Superstar" Single on My Page!

$1.49 single bundle...comes with "Dumb it Down" on Ipod! Download right now, its real easy...
Oh "Dumb it Down" video coming tonight!!!

In Case You Didn't Notice..."Dumb It Down" Video TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT...

Think Before You Type

Subject: "Lupe Fiasco is helping the whiteys steal hip hop"

He is taking hip hop from the streets and making it nerdy. It is amazing that in a city with some of the worst gangs and some of the most notorious projects in the world this guy would be rapping about skateboarding and video games. He doesn't rep the streets and he is embracing a crackerman sport. He is slowly chipping away at the street aspect of hip hop and paving the way for crakcers like EL-P and Aoesop Rock. He is a double agent working for the crackers.

LMAO...People on the Internet say the Darndest Things...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Republic Union

Click the image above to the listen to Session 3 of the K Man show.

"Nothing new, just the greatest show that ever hit the web. The K. Man's Show live and direct from South Side, and broadcast live at some point in time. But you hear the prerecorded version. Honestly, delivering the best artists either mainstream or underground. Session III features some outtakes from enthusiasts of the show, along with the notification of the newest Republic Union releaes such as: Republic Union Radio Tees & The Brotherhood Collab (RU X Oneye). Now showcasing the brand new Republic Union Freestyle from Add-2. On that note big thank yous go out to Add-2, Bullet, Slot-A, Bishop G, Smiggz, Moshadee & FNF as always. And most importantly, like seriously words can't explain the appreciation for +27,000 listeners worldwide. We love you all."

- DJ Laissez Faire

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wanna Be Lupe's SUPERSTAR

Lupe Fiasco Quote from Lollapalooza

"You're my Superstars...I just want to jump down there and get everybodies autograph"

Here is Your Chance to be Lupe Fiasco's Superstar and give him your autograph. (Well Sorta)

All you have to do is take a picture of your autograph ...
(As Demonstrated Below. Only took 30 secs.)

Or you can take a picture with your autograph.

Then send it to me at

And You Will Be Instantly Propelled into SUPERSTARDOM!!!!

Lupe Fiasco Continues "Cool" Concept (from

You can call Lupe Fiasco a lot of things, and nerd is probably one that comes to mind first. But the skateboarding Chicago MC has no problem wearing that tag. In fact, after rapping about more everyday topics on his debut album, Food & Liquor, he's going comic book geek on his next release, The Cool, due in November. The title track, he told us, is a nod to a track of the same name on his debut, which was produced by Kanye West and introduced a character in the song who was a hustler who gets killed and later comes back to life. He actually digs himself out of his own grave."[The song ends] with him making a statement to these two kids who put a gun to his head," Lupe explained. "And he said, 'Hustler for death, no heaven for a gangster.' And it kind of ends. No one really knows what happens."So what I decided to do was go back and expand on his story," Lupe continued. "And I actually went and created other characters around him. It left me the freedom to go outside the realm, I guess, of reality. So I went and got real creative with it. Another character is the Game [not the rapper by the same name], and it's the personification of the game. Whatever the game may be — the hustle game, the pimp game, the mack game. And there's another character by the name of the Streets [also not the British rapper], and she's the personification of the streets. Everything about street life that you fall in love with. So I built up this trio and put a story line to it. But I didn't do it too heavy, 'cause I didn't want to get caught up in chasing this story and sacrifice me doing real records, like a single. But the album is very dark. It kind of focuses on ... anyone who digs themselves out of their own grave."So far, Lupe said only about five of the album's tracks will carry on with the concept. He said he wanted to avoid a concept album so he wouldn't feel pressured to chase the story. But, he explained, the story line traces back to his mixtapes and throughout his first album."The little boy from 'He Say She Say' [a song from his debut] is actually the Cool," Lupe said. "The lack of a father, he grows up being brought up by the Game, who acts as his father figure, so he grows up to become the Cool."But outside of that, I just made it so it's also good music. It can be your interpretation of what you want it to be, however you want to enjoy it."He even said he might put out a guide so his fans can connect the dots. ...

Fiasco Fam Radio

KayCee is doing it Big...
So if you haven't Found The Time to check her out yet...

Here's THREE Watches to help you ...


God's Label Clothing


Friday, September 21, 2007

Can You Let Me Know feat. Verbal and Sarah Green

You Already Know What To Do...

Also Whose Been Requesting "We On" and "Superstar" at their local stations???

If you have...GREAT...if not...TSK TSK TSK...Get On IT!!!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MTV Overdrive Australia

Go to Exclusive Snow Jam Clips
See a performace of "We On" & "Daydreamin" and more...

Also anybody reading from Australia, I know Lupe and Gemini did a MTV Diary while in Australia, if you've seen it, LET ME KNOW...If you have it, SEND IT TO ME... thanx.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Funny Quote of the Week

"If not for the holy month, I would have eaten (yummy) Lupe Fiasco alive."

-from a blog that I do not have the link to (Sorry)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Say it with me now...HATER!!!

….Lupe Fiasco was/is supposedly a drug dealer? I know I’m mad late, but it’s still shocking. I mean, it’s not okay to eat pork, but selling heroin to the people is just fine?! I knew that negro wasn’t right, as soon as I read that XXL interview. He was all kinds of conflicted: like you know he’s the type of guy to get a blow job from a groupie and then “cleanse” himself for ten days aftwerwards by cutting off all women until the next moment of weakness or he’ll just make the woman he’s dating feel all dirty for even trying to get some. Damn shame. Plus, he said he still doesn’t trust women to this day because he was too influenced by Ice Cube lyrics. In fact, he said he learned most of what he knows about women from Ice Cube albums. Negro please, you didn’t learn anything from your mama or your sisters? You mean to say that your reference for women is from AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted? That is the most immature bullsh*t I have ever heard. He just plain annoys me. I can’t believe I liked Kick Push.

November XXL Cover


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Straight from Myspace Bulletin

"Ramadan Mubarak!!!!"

Its That Time Again...The Holiest Of Months...A Month Of Fasting, Rememberance & Forgiveness...May Allah (SWT) Bless You & Yours During This Month Of Ramadan....


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes A Girl Can Dream

"All I want is to meet lupe fiasco and have him whisk me away to a world where i wear side ponys and bright scrunched up socks while he skates around and i chew bubalicious. a girl can dream. "

Don't we all Honey...Don't we all...(lol)

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Review of Lupe at Bumbershoot

Lupe Fiasco rolled around, and I was none too excited; I love his recorded work, but a few other photographers and I had been droning on about the typically trite nature of Top 40 hip-hop shows. Then Lupe came around and smacked us across the face with a cold, heavy dose of "shut your mouth." Despite commandeering an annoying number of pump-up maneuvers ("Seattle where you at," "I didn't come all the way out here from Chicago for you to not make any muhfuckin' noise," "when I say A, you say B"), the show was bomb. The DJ spun a great selection of jams, and Lupe tore through them nimbly; live he may have been slightly off key, but he was also infinitely less breathy. Gone was the nerdy Lupe Fiasco I expected to see bounding about on stage; instead a ridiculously cool lad pounced about killing rhymes. I can't wait for The Cool.

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Few Pictures

HAHAHA...(Insert No Homo Here)

It Has Officially Arrived, The NEW SINGLE

Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" Coming Soon...

Well Im sure you all have heard it by now...And have been waiting for the Full DOWNLOADABLE Version...

Go to Google, and Type in Lupe Fiasco Superstardom (or Superstar doesn't even matter) And you will find millions of downloadable versions to this song. Or just click the one below. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chi-Town it is Then...

(Just for the Record I DID NOT write this. See the link above for who did. Thanx)

I’ve never been one to just throw around props. Its just not in my blood, but I must say Chicago is REALLY holding down the Hip-Hop scene right now. In my opionion (and thats all that really matters) present day Chicago reminds me alot of New York in the 90’s, quality music coming from multiple directions. Lets see who is holding shit down for the Chi right now:

Common: Another solid album, from the Chi-town Nas. Nothing else to say there.

Kanye West: A true musical visionary. Stop hatin’ on the man, he’s damn good (Especially you Beans, you know he’s not gonna scrap wit you…shouts out to Philly). Kanye’s albums College Dropout and Late Registration made my college experience make more sense.

Lupe Fiasco: Now here is an artist that I feel is on the verge of greatness. Remember when Jay-Z dropped Reasonable Doubt? Stop lying, no you don’t. You probably don’t remember Jay-Z before Vol. 2 then you went back and listened to Reasonable Doubt and thought, man, this dude is incredible. Lupe is going to be on that same tip I promise you. If you can (though I do not condone bootlegging of any sort) get your hands on the pre-released (leaked version) of Food & Liquor. From his slavery referencing intro that parrallels Nas’ It Was Written to Ghetto Story which feels like Tupac taking you on a narrative journey to the bodega this guy comes with it. I’ll have to do a later post about Lupe because I can go on forever.

Kidz In The Hall: The entire Rawkus label is riding on their shoulders right now. Their album School Was My Hustle was pretty good. I give it a 3.75 out of 5. Plus dude in the group Knowledge was rockin a classic Polo Ralph Lauren P-Wing from 1992. That jacket is the flyest.

The Cool Kids: I got put onto these dudes through MySpace and I must say their beats are knocking and their lyrics are fun. It’s like listening to The Clipse and replacing all of their drug references with things like beepers, bmx bikes, and gold rope chains.

At the end of the day, the commonality I see between all of these Chi-Town artists is that their subject matter parrallels things I can relate to and go through on a daily basis. None of them are talking about their rims or crack sales to glorify who they are. Chi-Town must have some really good after-school programs or youth groups because these artist all developed having a sense of self. Holla.


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Because, once the fans have decided who’s best in film and music, we at OurStage make it our relentless mission to help these newcomers take the next step in their careers. By securing spots for them in music and film festivals, in magazines like Paste, on compilation CDs, rehearsal space, equipment, cash, and now sessions and opportunities with industry veterans.

Check out our monthly Artist Prize Calendar for the most up-to-date details on Artist Access mentor sessions and performance opportunities.

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From All of Us at OurStage

Once you're on the page, if you click the picture of Lupe his interview will come up in the video player.

Quotations from the Interview: (for anybody aspiring to do anything)

"Stay Versatile. Don't chase the now, Chase the Next. Because if you chase the now, the now is not gonna be the now tomorrow, its gonna be what we did yesterday."

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Click the Link to View More

Classic concert moment! Lupe says fuck George Bush, everyone cheers because apparently they don't like him either. At the end of the night Lupe and everyone that said fuck George Bush goes home and does nothing about it. Cheering doesn't change things people!!

Yeah Cheering doesn't change things people, Voting does...HAHAHA...JOKE!!!!

Another Lu Encounter

Well saturday just gone i saw LUPE FIASCO live at the prince of wales in st.kilda! best show i've been to! got there an hour and a half early and stood right infront of the stage not moving from leaning on top of a feedback speaker (except for a piss!). Foreign Heights supported and were amazing infact bought their cd (signed) and t-shirt when i left! and met M.C. Trey who is a gun! (my t reaks of smoke but i havn't taken it off yet, tis even in my profile pic!). When foreign heights came out i was rockin, Maya Jupiter grabbed my hand, and i wanted to yell maya you sent me a funkoars and hykoo cd! and they asked for a guy to get up on stage to rap a love song to, course i was too chicken shit to, but the guy they grabbed was a eal good spirit and wnet along with it! then later in their show they asked for 2 MC's ... i'm there thinking should i? if we freestyle and i choke i'll never forget it! so as soon as i pluck up the courage they already have 2! GADAMMIT! and the first MC was sick, real quick, awesome flow, but the second guy wasn;t an MC just a guy having some fun (and not really rhymin' lol but he had more courage then i did) so a third guy gets up and rips it! DAMMIT! ah well, i wasn't too dissapointed at the end of the night as you'll find out soon!

Lupe comes out and rips it immediately, dacning around to a coldplay tune, yes coldplay at a hip hop gig! and i'm filming him and during a song he points at my phone and looks right into it! and i was like woooh! and he's such a funny, relaxed guy! having a laugh and just so energetic jumpin around, playing air drums, air guitar, air everything! and i'm right near him the whole time! and he comes up and stand on the feedback speaker i'm leaning on! and during "sunshine" a song about a girl he rapped it the whole time to a girl in the audience! and she gave him a kiss and we're all just feeling the vibes! it was mad! then my great moment comes during the part where he's talking to the crowd just before "kick push" and he's right near me and then he comes towards me and talks to me with his mic, YES THATS RIGHT! "what's your name lil' homie?" "KIERON" "and where you from?" "SASSFRAS" "sassafras? where's that?" "HA UP IN THE STICKS" "is that a long way from here?" "YEP" "you skate?" "YEP" and then he points and winks at me cos we all know now he's going to do kick push, talks to another guy who says he's from bangladesh some one boo's and lupe really cooly says "who booed, don't boo bangladesh" and we all laugh cos he's just such a cool guy! then he splits the chorus into 2 parts, and my side was the push side! so he starts and instead of saying "this one right here i dedicate this one right here to all my homies out there grindin" he says " i dedicate this to you, and you etc. pointing to peoplem and continues, then he comes up to me and says "AND YOU" pointing at me!!!!! then he shakes my hand and starts the song! AND I'M LIKE AGGGH! i recorded it but you don't see the handshake cos i threw my phone into my other hand to shake his hand! SO I'M LIKE OH MY GODDD!!!!! and t then after the chorus the second verse's music changes to "shook ones part 2" by mobb deep a rap classic! and then again in the third verse to another song! MY GOD! INSANE PERFORMER! and during "daydreamin" like alway through the night he comes up to me face to face, and i'm rapping the words at the same time as him, but this time the line "wheres champagne we need champagne" he looks me dead in the eyes and we both are just going with it!" wooooooooooo!!! and during the line "right about the lower leg" he shows his shoe to me! AND I'M JUST LIKE OMG!!!! so yes THAT WAS AN AMAZING AND GREAT NIGHT and i can let down that i didn't get up to free with foreign heights! but i just felt inspired to bring out the ole' rap book and start writing again! so this is why i say HIP HOP TIL DEATH!!!!!