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Superstar at Irving Plaza


Thurzday on Lupe...

So over here at The Lupe Fiasco Show we will be doing a new feature called What The Artist Say... We will be asking some of Lupe Fiasco's fellow colleagues what they think about Lupe, his music, and what he brings to hip-hop...Our very first installment comes from a guy who has opened for Lupe Fiasco and is 1/2 of the breakout LA hip-hop group U-N-I...


and here's what he had to say about Mr. Fiasco...

"I think Lupe is one of the premiere lyricists...He delivers on great concepts and I hope he continues his career after LupEND.

And he needs to jump on sum records with U-N-I"

These will be happening sporadically...its interesting to hear what other artist have to say about Lu! Im sure everyone thinks hes great just like we do :)

Stay tuned to the blog for more!




I love the song he has with Lu and Sarah! (Can you let me know)...though I tend to bypass his verse sometimes lol I never seen what dude looked like and its funny cuz he looks like the japanese version of Lu :) Dude is fresh as hell!! Spotted this pic over at WMF...

Feats of Strength and Agility...

The first person to send in a video of themselves performing "Feats of Strength and Agility" gets a GIFTCARD FROM TICKETMASTER...IM NOT PLAYING BITCHES! I have one to give away i might even throw in some lupe posters ( i have a damn collection) So record you and your homies getting it in and the giftcard is yours :)

Aint no deadline...this ain't no contest...this is for comedy and entertainment purposes...and its LUPE RELATED...if you have no idea what im talking about watch the video below...

If you hurt yourself in ANYWAY in the making of your video...THE LUPE FIASCO SHOW ain't responsible...I sure hope you have insurance...

Mendi's Review...

One of out faithful readers attended the WORLD FAMOUS LUPE FIASCO SHOW las night at's her review

Let me get set details out of the way first. He started off the show with "Kick Push." There is no way I can remember the exact order of songs but included in the set were "Sunshine," "Go Go Gadget Flow," "Paris Tokyo," "I Got Ya," "Superstar," "Hip-hop Saved my Life," "Little Weapon,"and it capped off with "Daydream." There was also some new material thrown in there somewhere, stuff that Lupe called incomplete works and none of them were titled. As a matter of fact one had a chorus of "new shit," and as they moved to each new piece in this jam session Lupe would simply say, "Let's do that other shit." Whatever the case, if the lyrics on display were any indication LUP-end is going to be hot! Be ready at the end of 2009 for that! Yes, Lupe himself said that the end of 2009 is when we can expect the new album which will also be his last.

And how do I describe this show? I simply do not know how! Lupe has an amazing energy! He and Bishop G seemed to truly be enjoying every minute of being onstage, and their energy was amazing! Couple that with the fact Lupe had a live band, which if you ask me makes shows that much better... simply amazing. If you've not been to a Lupe Fiasco show you're definitely missing out on something truly awesome! And he didn't just perform the songs. He did talk some, once before the song "Little Weapon" about how war is unneessary and how things could be different if we allocated our money differently instead of spending it on war. And at one point in the show he endorsed Barack Obama, which I admit I found surprising given some dialogue that took place earlier in the year. But that's okay! At any rate, the show is one I won't soon forget, and if Lupe comes anywhere close again I'll most definitely try my best to be there! That show was worth every little bit I spent on those tickets!

And it's not a concert experience if I don't talk about what happened afterwords. My roommate and I decided that we were going to try the trick of finding the tour bus to see if we could perhaps get a quick meet and greet with Lupe. Without saying too much... it worked. I now have Lupe Fiasco and Bishop G's autographs on my ticket stub. My roommate didn't think to bring a camera and unfortunately I dont' have pics to prove it, but that's all right. The memories are good enough for me.

To read the full recap G0 HERE!:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

If you are entering a video for our contest and upped the video to youtube...


The contest has been extended till SEPT 15TH for those of you putting the finishing touches on your videos...

Thanks :)

The Lupe Fiasco Show Staff

Lupe VMA Performance...

R&B singer Ciara is among a new list of presenters unveiled this week for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. T-Pain and Lupe Fiasco are also expected to help the show celebrate its 25th Anniversary on September 7th.

Ciara joins Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps, Lindsay Lohan, Corbin Bleu, Miley Cyrus, and Ashley Tisdale who will present awards at the 25th Annual MtV Video Music Awards.

Additionally, it was announced that DJ AM, Katy Perry, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, the Ting Tings and other special guests will perform new and past MTV hits as part of a special celebration of the VMAs' 25th birthday.

Im HELLA salty that Lupe and T-CLOWN will be performing on the same stage...Sure hope T-Clown doesn't spoil it by sounding ridiculously i really need to post that youtube video to remind people?????

Read the full interview here

More Lupe pics from San Fran

Lu's swag is ridiculous...

Refresh Your Flow Tour: NYC

Some performances from last night

Lupe has made the big time... is talking shit about our boy...and yall know they only cover those so-called A LIST CELEBS :)

All in together....HI HATERS!!!!!

View More Pics...

The Picture...

The Comments...

fly guy...but i if i didn't know any better that looks like ray lewis in the

OMGH the smile....*faints* lol

.Please dont wear that suit again cuz u are teasing us yung ladies!!!!.(lol)It's supa sexy Lupe!

Your show was amazing. I became a much bigger fan of yours and have a great respect for your swag ;)

u tha man lupe

marry me? you're already dressed for it! ;} Chicagoans are THE finest!

LOL! these peoples' comments always make me laugh...lmao at the dude saying Bishop looks like Ray Lewis(?)...anyways HI GUYS

Lupe and Gemstones "I Know Why" produced by Prolyfic

Im sure you all have prolly already downloaded this track or whatever...but for the hell of posting it...

Yall already know where this came from no need to cite...


Friday, August 29, 2008

For those complaining about the Paris Tokyo Rmx push back...

LETS BE REAL PEOPLE...are you REALLY TRULY SURPRISED? I mean...we should ALL be used to it by now...Not to say anything negative about anyone or anything...but Ive learned to not get to excited about stuff and expect a push back lol...

So everyone CHILL...AND RELAX... when it drops...IT DROPS...If you REALLY want something to do while your waiting for the remix...GO OUT BUY MORE COPIES OF THE COOL AND FOOD AND LIQUOR...Money Talks bitches! Whats in your bank account! Ha Ha! (A Lupe quote im sorry i thought about that when i typed that lol)


Lupe is performing at the VMAs

I checked the VMA official site and he's listed as a performer...MTV BETTER give that man enough time to...or another episode of THIS is going to be happening in my living room...

heres the link to the site to see for airs Sun. Sept 7th so MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN! (* Ill be recording Lu on the show so ill try my hardest to get it up on youtube yall know my comp is bootleg at the moment)



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New Top Friends

Got some new people up on Fiasco's top spot...including this guy...

Be sure to add him to your friends too!


This track is featured on my upcoming mixtape...

I LOVE THIS RECORD! with or without lupe lol..They performed this a while back in Paris (July I believe) If u don't have Kennas album YOU NEED TO GET IT!

Lupe and the EMA's

our boy is up for some categories

Ultimate Urban
Addictive Track- "Superstar"
Best Album


Lupe Fiasco Chicago Defender Article

Some members of the Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs and youngsters lucky enough to win tickets on the radio enjoyed a free invitation-only concert at the Park West, featuring rap star Lupe Fiasco. The Aug. 17 event was part of a special promotional tour sponsored by Coca-Cola.

A dressed down Lupe Fiasco talked with the Defender during a press junket held before the start of the concert.

Lupe said he was happy to be a part of the special event and to put on a concert specially for his young fans.

link to read the rest of the article

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bishop gotta blog...

I know im late...forgive me..but be sure to check out his poetry and don't forget to add his new myspace page...


Matthew Santos Vimby Video Profile


Fan Artwork

click the link below to check it out i cant post the pic for some reason

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

U-N-I "K.R.E.A.M"

Okay so if you don't know who U-N-I is or have not heard any of their music based of this song and video right you should know they are DOPE AS HELL. This song samples Lu from "Kick, Push" and they just sho happen to huge fans of our boy...Shout out to Thurzday for all the love...U-N-I was recently up for Best LA Break Artist for MTV2's Road to VMA Competition I HOPE EVERYONE VOTED FOR THEM! If they win they get to perform LIVE at the VMA's this year which is a MAJOR look...Stop by their myspace page and spam their inbox and comments with message of how dope they are and tell them KayCee sent ya lol!

Throwback: "Kick, Push" LIVE in NYC

I love this and bishop wasn't getting NO type of crowd participation lmao! NO LOVE in NYC at all lol...isn't it wonderful how things change :)

The Coolest Manager What! Jboogie...


Busy Says...

That the Paris, Toyko Remix has been pushed back due to the Birds and the Bee's leak...

so expect the Paris, Tokyo Remix to drop just in time for Christmas :D

Nikki Jean NYC Birthday Party

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10:30pm-3:30am
Location: DROM
85 Avenue A btw 5th & 6th streets
New York, NY



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I just won a pair of THESE BAD BOYS...

ATRAK'S RUNNING MAN DUNKS! Super excited just thought I'd share with you all :)

Check out the posts over at the Fool's Gold blog!


Straight from Myspace...

"Click here to add the official Lupe Fiasco Widget to your myspace page! Get the latest news, audio, video and tour info from Lupe!"

FNF UP and add the widget people :)

final disc

of turbo's mixtape.
download it if you want.
click here to get it.
here is a song off of this disc..
5minutes Part4 - Turbo

Just a little update...


Are you an aspiring video director? Do you constantly listen to some of your favorite Lupe songs and think to yourself "Damn...a video for that would be crazy!"


The Femme Fiascos are giving you the opportunity to DIRECT YOUR OWN LUPE FIASCO MUSIC VIDEO!!!! All you have to do is pick 1 of the 3 song choices given, create your own music video to the song (video must be 1 to 3 mins long...nothing longer then 3 mins please!) and submit your videos to and THAT SIMPLE!

What are the prizes you ask?

The winner will recieve AUTOGRAPHED PRIZES and will also get his or her music video featured on LUPE FIASCO'S OFFICIAL BLOG! So your work is sure to be seen!

As always with all of our contest...the video doesn't have to be super professional it just has to be CREATIVE! CREATIVITY IS KEY PEOPLE! So start filming!!! The deadline for video submissions is AUGUST 31ST!

Song Choices:




REMEMBER! You can only find monthly contest catered to YOU...Lupe Fiasco's "Superstars" at!



Thanks to everyone that has sent in their videos already...we are thinking about extending the deadline cuz some people have stated that they needed more time so if you are still working on your video dont worry lol we will let you know of the new deadline when we decide on it :) WHERE ARE ALL THE VIDS FOR JUST MIGHT BE OKAY!!! lol

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Ibn Jaspers Limite Magazine Interview

Check out Ibn over at his blog :)

Pics from Outside Festival in San Fran


"Fighters" In Sign Language

Shout out to MrEARSking for doing this wonderful interpetation :)

Gemstones at the Refresh Your Flow Show in Chicago

Thanks for the pic Jroc :)

Lupe at Outside Lands Festival in San Fran

Just some videos

Theres also some more vids of Lu performing at LOVE in DC thats up on youtube...ill post pics of Lu at Outside later but for right now I gotta run...


You know you want to lol...

That pic is HELLA OLD and I believe us Femmes were really the first to have that I Bump Lupe Fiasco pic...its turned into a whole clothing the link below if you are interested in purchasing :)

Sarah Green...The Number 1 Soloist

Pics from her music myspace page of the crew overseas

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Windy City Times Interview with Lupe Fiasco

"WCT: I love your song “Hip Hop Saved my Life.” What inspired it?

LF: When I did that song a year and half ago, Hip Hop was getting a lot of bad press. I wanted to put a statement out there that Hip Hop saves a lot of people. Sometimes that's all people have got.

WCT: How did you get involved with the tour?

LF: Coca-cola invited me out. This gave me an opportunity to perform my music for a large section of my fan, which are underage kids and teenagers. I have done this venue before. This group can't come to the venues that are 18 and over.

WCT: Do you have other tours planned for the future?

LF: I am putting together a big college tour for the fall. Then I am going back overseas."

College Tour means its time for me to hit up another show....waiting on a full list of tour dates to surface (Busy) so I can post them(and see which ones im going to attend of course)...until then I know hes gonna be performing in Baltimore on Oct 11 because me and Brandi are GOING TO THAT SHOW :)

Im pretty if you go on and search Lupe Fiasco some dates will come up for you...

"Smoking Kills"

Shout Out to Mica!

Mica is dope :) Not only is she a regular on Okayplayer...but shes one of the FEW regulars that ACTUALLY LIKES Lupe lol So for that alone shes getting this post lol. Also she recently interviewed Gemstones for a radio podcast she's apart of called Rainy City Radio ANDDDDDD she has a blog :)

Tell her the Femmes sent ya :)

Thanks Mica!


Yes I have finally made the move over to out my new blog at...

temporary wackness ladies and gents (as far as the design goes) if you have my blog on your blog roll please change the link to the above address...THANKS EVERYONE!

The FNF Family


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Thursday, August 21, 2008


BUT DAMN! Do they not look alike...I couldn't even listen to what dude was saying cuz I was laughing SO HARD...Shout out to the dude over at the forums that ACTUALLY thought this was Lu brother...

Man thats hilarious...

Matthew Santos Lolla Interview


Damn Im late! but who didnt love Sho'Nuff in The Last Dragon? TV One needs to bring that movie on again...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nikki Jean's Birthday Party


Bishop G has a new myspace page...



Lupe and Crazyeights

just a video drop




JBoogie your post is coming don't worry about that...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vote for U-N-I @!

Shout out to my man Thurzday from U-N-I! They are currently nominated for Breakout LA Artist for the MTV VMA Compeition and he sent over all the info so you can SUPPORT them and VOTE!

You can check out our live performance of "Beautiful Day" with our band and vote at The footage was ripped and posted on myspace as well. You can check that here Check em out and VOTE!

In other news...

Illseed is saying that Lu and Rihanna are apparently the models for Kanye's clothing line...Model Lu huh??

Lupe Fiasco WILL BE APPEARING at the VMA's this year....Im still waiting for that award show performance...and before anyone says anything the ESPY's dont count lol

Monday, August 18, 2008 Feature Available Now Online

Because if people stop, it’s usually because they don’t want to do it anymore, because they lost their love of it.
Lupe Fiasco: Usually. Now how unusual am I? Like, real talk. How unusual? I’m the most unusual rapper in the rapping business.

You’re one of them.
Lupe Fiasco: And I’m not even talking about “Yo, this dude just wore a bathrobe,” I’m talking about “He looks like this lame-ass nerd nigga, but he carries himself like he’s this fly-ass, gangsta nigga. This nigga did a song about robots, dog.”

Thanks for the link Ashish. Anytime.

DJ Kid Color

Shout out to my girl Ayisha! Thanks for hipping me to this Kid! Here's a lil info on DJ Kid Color...

He's a local Chicago/LA DJ that was featured on and has played with artists such as A-Trak, Flosstradamus, Kid Sister, The Cool Kids, and more.

Please check him out at

He will be doing this event with Mano on the 23rd


If you are in the Chicago be sure to check them out! Kid Color recently agreed to be apart of my upcoming mixtape so lookout for him on that as well :)

Andrew from FakeShoreDrive and Lu talk about the leaks...

so expect more unreleased music from Lu coming from fakeshoredrive lol

Refresh Your Flow Tour: Dumb It Down in Chicago

Thanks to Andrew for sending this to me :)

What up GEMSTONES!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

8.16.8 ElectroRockv3 Disc 2

it can be downloaded
it's pretty cool.

After reading the comment left on this is something more...lyrical-
G.A.S - Turbo

ps: thank you FEMME FIASCOS for allowing me to post this. ^_^

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our girl K.Denise copped hers...

Have you?

Birds & The Bees Prod. Kanye West

fresh of the griddle

Birds and the bee's

So how are those Music Video's coming everybody?

DROP A COMMENT AND LET US KNOW HOW ITS GOING! You have until August 31st! Thanks to those that have already submitted your vids...Remember all you gotta make a creative music video to any of these 3 Lupe songs...

And he gets the girl

Just Might Be Okay

Gotta Eat



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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Refresh Your Flow Tour: Philly

Thanks to Harper for sending these along...Harper actually threw one of his PRESDIGOUS shirts on the stage at the show lol We all know Lu loves FREE CLOTHES so im sure that made his day :) Check out his myspace page for more info on his line!

Lupe Complex Article

and new pics up in Lu's pic section on myspace...check em' out when u get the chance

Throwback: What is Hip-Hop?

Another interview i thought was pretty dope at the time

J*Davey SOB Ticket Giveaway

Send you and your guest's full name with the subject line JDavey to

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Clothes from Lupe...

that we can't afford lol

After already working on denim and t-shirts in recent years, Lupe Fiasco and False continue their collaboration project and they are getting ready to launch Fallacy Of Rome, an entire collaboration capsule collection.

For now the website is in stand-by mode and has a count-down running, indiciating that the site and collection will be launching in the next 5 weeks.


Im going to enjoy looking at these items lol

This guy is giving away 2 tickets to see Lupe

In chicago...CLICK HERE to for more information

Our Good Friend Optimus...

Has a couple of shows coming up in the LA area. If you are in the area be sure to go check him out and tell him the Femme Fiasco's sent ya!

Aug 17 2008 10:00P

Aug 30 2008 8:00P

CLICK HERE for more information :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

E4 Interview with Lupe Fiasco

Teens from W.D Mohammed High @ the WORLD FAMOUS Lupe Fiasco Show :)

My girl Summiyah recently scored some tickets for a group of highschool kids that she mentors and decided to take the kids to experience the world famous Lupe Fiasco Show! Here's a review that one of her students wrote about the show...

What constitutes a Good Friday night? Free tickets to see Lupe Fiasco? Oh, yes. A slim chance to meet him in person? Even better. This past Friday a group of 40 students and supervisors from W.D. Mohammed High School, myself included, attended the Refresh Your Flow Tour concert in Atlanta, Ga. The headliners: Lupe Fiasco and Karina.

After standing in line bunched together, for what seemed like the better part of a lifetime, we were admitted into the Tabernacle. Tickets were scanned, groups were formed, and for those of us fortunate enough to make it to the front of queue, pictures were taken without the rush of trying to find a good spot near the stage.

Following a lot of radio fanfare and an introduction by Coca-Cola Representatives (asking us to take heed of the FREE coke products at our disposal on both sides), Karina was finally brought on stage. Her performance was short, but sweet, and I got to hear a song I’d never heard before but apparently everyone else knew by heart, “16 at War”.

Towards the end people became restless, “Where’s Lupe?” they asked, followed by some half-hearted clapping when the radio guy came back on stage. But he wasn’t there for long. Lupe was in the building; and the hyped up tension that could be felt outside was back again.

And then it began. The lights changed, and the music started (what could be better than a live band?). The moment we’d all been waiting for was finally here. Lupe strolled on stage just in time to begin “The Instrumental”, and everybody went CRAZY!

Song after song with his boundless energy, from air guitar with his mic stand to clapping with his kicks, Lupe worked the crowd. Halfway through I was hoarse and couldn’t hear myself think, let alone scream. But I belted the words to “Hip Hop Saved My Life” and “Kick, Push” anyway. And even though you can never tell who the artists are really looking at during these things, my friend Isoke swears he was staring at her the whole time.

So how does this Good Friday night end? Well among free giveaways, you can count an amazing performance by a true Hip-Hop artist, me catching Lupe’s towel (and he smells oh so good), and although we didn’t get to meet him in person, taking pictures with Chilli from TLC isn’t a bad trade.

Peace and Love,
Shaa’ista Sabir
WD Mohammed High Alumni

And you know they took some pictures :)

Isoke L. and Shaa'ista S.

Najah F. Isoke L. and Nadiyah F.

Aliyah A., Khadijah A. and Summiyah S.

Khatiymah A., Aliyah A., Asantewaa A., Saddiyah T. , Mariyah S. and Nadiyah F.


The fellas out of the group just sent in their pic so I gotta show them some love and post it up!

R-L: Salahudin, Hasan, Mahdi, Jamal, Tahir, Sharif, Nasheed and Tajjideen.

Now make nice guys :)

BIG SHOUT OUT to the teens of W.D Mohammed High! Lupe hooked these wonderful girls with some goodies. Thanks for sharing your story with us ladies!