Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End Recap...Happy New Year's Everyone!

WHAT A YEAR 2008 HAS BEEN! It went by entirely to fast...i just thought id recap some highlights of the past year and a quick reminder of what we can expect from Lupe, FNF and this blog in 2009 :)

First thing of course was the release of The Cool (even though technically it was released in 2007 but who cares lol)

and the shout out heard around the world lol...Thank You again Sir Fiasco

The Cool Tour 2008

This tour was SOLD OUT PEOPLE! Every damn show Lu and the FNF fam killed it...The Femmes embarked on our "mini tour" heading out to 4 of the shows on the East Coast leg of the tour...what a adventure that was lol Shout out to Optimus! and Lupe for denying us at the signing in Baltimore but then generously inviting us backstage at the show only to FINALLY sign our cds :)

Lupe Fiasco wins Grammy for "Day Dreamin'"!!!

Even though Lu was under the weather and unable to attend the awards ceremony...he took home the Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for Day Dreamin' with Jill Scott...His mother and sister accepted the award for him....CONGRATS Lu!


Lupe announced that Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and himself have formed a supergroup that will go by the name of CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) The first taste of CRS that we got this year was a track called "US Placers" that was featured on Kanye's mixtape...not only was the track DOPE AS ALL HELL...but it got the attention of Rolling Stone...with NO PUSH WHAT SO EVER...Nothing else was released and some are speculating that this supergroup will never even happen. I guess we will see in 2009!

The Glow in the Dark Tour 2008

Amazing, Amazing AMAZING SHOW! When Kanye announced that he was going to be touring this year and he decided to bring Rihanna, N.E.R.D, and LUPE FIASCO along with him i think thats the best thing that some of us could have heard in a long time...Lu opened the show...and many of his fans complained of missing his performance...all in all the tour was definitely a good look for Fiasco...i think he gained new fans and got crazy exposure from it...

"Superstar" Takes Over the worlddddddddddd ha ha!!!

Okay maybe not THE WORLD but damn that song was EVERYWHERE! Everwhere from VH1 to BET from Urban to Churban radio...Superstar was there...becoming by far his biggest record to date and going PLATINUM! The success of Superstar FINALLY got Lupe on shows such as TRL, 106 and Park and every damn late show you can think of lol...Hell froze over when Superstar was voted #1 onto 106 and Parks countdown...being the first time in a while im sure that any of us even bothered to watch the show....LUPE FIASCO IS HEREEEEEEEEEEEE lol

The Expansion of 1st and 15th

In 2008 Lu signed 2 new acts to his FNF label...1st was He Say, She Say, a funky boy/girl duo from the Chi that consist of Drea (vocalist, songwriter) and Mano (DJ, Producer)...the latest signing however had everyone on the net screaming...WTF!!!!!!!!

And that was Hey Champ! Cool guys, Dope Music...its no wonder Lu signed them

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Goes Gold!

This BY FAR being the BIGGEST IMO of Lu's many accomplishments this year...The Cool becoming CERTIFIED GOLD BITCHES! Nothing else needs to be said...just watch the video...CONGRATS Lupe!!!!!!!!!!!

There were plenty of other things that Lu has done this year that deserves recognition...but these i feel are the major the year is can see that his hard work is paying off and he is finally getting the credit he deserves...being recognized by any and every damn blog, magazine, you name it...Lupe Fiasco is at the top of everyones list and HE IS the Best MC of our time...things can only get better in 2009 with the release of the first disc from his final album LupEND, a live album, a concert dvd (what we all have been waiting for lol),and releases from the FNF roster. FNF is just beginning to shine people!!!! The Lupe Fiasco Show would like to thank FNF for everything they have done to support this blog...and we will continue to support FNF in return....WE NOT GOING NO WHERE BITCHES! haha!

See yall in 09'

Vids from the Halloween and the show at UMD that I should have been put on Youtube

More videos can be found via my Youtube Channel

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

103.9 WDKX Radio Pics


pics have been taken down..sorry!



I say 09' Lu gets a new trademark :)

The RapReviews Readers Awards 2008 chooses "Hip Hop Saved My Life" as Single of the Year

He also made the Top Artist of 2008 list :)

1) Lupe Fiasco - "Hip Hop Saved My Life"

"A deserved choice, a wonderful ode to the genre that we all love so much. The beat is simple and melodic, helping Lupe to drop a narrative dedicated to Slim Thug about the rise of a rapper. If any song has ever described the aspirations of a hungry MC as well as this, I have yet to hear it"

Click here to see the entire list

Glad to see a track other than "Superstar" get some love...Lu also took him Artist of the Year over at the Yo! Raps if thats a surprise to anyone lol

Can't wait to see him steal the Grammy's :)

Big Day Out Tour Dates

via MTV

02.01.2009 PERTH, AU BIG DAY OUT

Im expecting lots of pictures yall...or you can take me with you and I can take pictures and blog about the whole trip...that sounds like a GREAT IDEA LMAO lol

A Lupe Fiasco Show Exclusive: New Music from Sarah Green "Me Time"

ME TIME LIVE MIX1 - Sarah Green

You heard it here FIRST! Shout out to Sarah!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lupe FINALLY has a damn TWITTER!


*though im pretty sure its someone at atlantic *coughbusy* and not actually him...but we'll see lol

Any questions for Hey Champ?

Ill be interviewing the band soon...if you all have any questions for the guys...leave them in the comments :) be sure to include ur name and where u are from please!

Lupe Fiasco "Doing the Right Thing"

He is donating winter coats to the youth in his hometown of Chicago...

"Lupe Fiasco will be doing his part this holiday season by handing out winter coats to needy kids in his Chicago hometown.

Chi-Town’s Channel 7 news reports that the Grammy-award winning MC chipped in $5,000 in an effort to help families in the area. He has already given out hundreds of jackets on the East Side of town and plans on heading to his West Side neighborhood later today."


Nice to see Lu doing his part in improving his community :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

N.E.R.D Fans!!!

Im HELLA EXCITED my big homies N*E*R*D have a show scheduled at VCU on Feb 6th, 2009...Im DEF gonna be in the building for that...I love Pharrell as yall know...he is sooooooo dope lol as well as Shae (who im naming my first born after) and Chad...and love my big brother Fam-Lay! so i gotta support...i caught up with the band back in October and made a nice lil video for my blog THE SHAMELESS PLUG...


Reader Review of The Cool

Don't quite know what to think about the review because i don't COMPLETELY agree with everything that was said...but it was fair at best...either way THEY BOUGHT THE ALBUM lol

Lupe Fiasco has this annoying habit of titling his albums with his own name in front (there's a term for that, but I can't remember at the moment), and it's pissing me off. Why? Is there a point to that? No, of course there isn't. Anyway, this album, before it's release, was originally described to me as "a know, about the kid from the '"The Cool", and Lupe basically expands on it." Sounds promising, right? What follows is a bashing of the public perception regarding AIDS, video games, and other randomness. Lupe went and reached far out for subject matter, which all somehow ties to materialism. Did it work?

A spoken word introduction. Short, but still a waste of time. And I'm not sure that anyone considers gentrification to be "cool". Next!

Another little, if you'd can call it that. A little tribute and call-to-arms for Lupe's imprisoned friend and partner "Chilly", who received 44 years for drug distribution, I believe. Honestly, this is not really worth listening to more than once.

This wins the award for corniest title ever. The song is fast-paced, as you can imagine, but isn't that rewarding.

(I suppose calling your song "The Cooler" would recall vivid memories of William H. Macy's junk in The Cooler, which is why Lupe skipped from "The Cool" to the "-est".) Lupe's hook-writing abilities have not gotten any better. My solution: Do an album without the hooks. Just straight verses all the way through, with the music switched up a bit every four minutes or so. Problem solved.

The first single, with some dude named Matthew Santos, who, due to the relative success of this song, did fairly decent numbers himself, despite the fact that he doesn't sing all that well, and I've used about one hundred commas in this sentence. The song isn't bad though. (Wait, Matthew Santos has songs of his own, not just Lupe Fiasco feature appearances? I always believed he was a studio singer that was miraculously conceived in the recording booth right before he made his first appearance on Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor.)

Well, ironically, this sounds like a Tribe cut, despite Lupe never hearing Midnight Marauders. Interesting. (Someone should put that in his Christmas stocking, as he's truly missing out on some good shit.) That being said, it's a smooth, quality song.

I've heard many people lose their minds at the thought of Snoop being featured on conscious rapper Lupe Fiasco's album. However, the beat works, Snoop doesn't have much of an impact, and this song makes for great summer cruising. (If you say so.)

Confession time: I've never listened to more than 30 seconds of this song. The beat is that fucking atrocious. (And yet I liked it. Funny, that.)

Average hook by Nikki Jean (yeah, I have no clue who that is, either), but the verses are alright. Simple, yet effective production.

Oh, this song? I was going to listen to this, but then I just went on living my life.

Much better, despite the depressing subject matter of AIDS. I really like this one though.

Ridiculous drumroll, courtesy of Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. What the fuck? (Indeed.) It doesn't really matter, though, as this song is awesome. (Yeah, I wasn't expecting Andrew to go in that particular direction, either.)

I'm not hungry, but thanks, though. Much appreciated.

Incredible bassline, which makes for a gritty track. Find the lyrics online, read them along with the song, and then pick your jaw off the ground. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Takes a little bit to get started, but Lupe shows why some consider him to be one of the best newcomers, relatively speaking. The track ends oddly though.

Andddddddd skip.

Couldn't get into it. To be fair, I didn't try that hard, but I shouldn't have to.

Matthew Santos, otherwise know as the Magical Magician, reappears here. He sounds much better, and this simple and effective closing to the album works extremely well. One of my favorite tracks.

Not really necessary at all. The album could have done without it and still work just fine.

FINAL THOUGHTS: At nineteen tracks, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool is an exhausting listen. The production, while still in-house from Lupe's camp, has gotten better, and more adaptive to Lupe's style. There are some slow points and some production duds, but for the most part, the beats are functional. Lupe's wordplay continues to be solid, although his subject matter can be a little bit bizarre for some people.

BUY OR BURN?: I would recommend a purchase. There are some absolute shit-bricks, and this album would be better as maybe a thirteen-to-fifteen track endeavor. It's worth your money however, and I'm wondering what he's got in store for his so-called "final" effort, the three-disc LupEND. (Why Lupe's opting to skip the double-disc in favor of the more pretentious three-disc offer, we may never know.) We'll see. In the meantime, pick this one up - it's pretty solid.

BEST TRACKS: "Paris, Tokyo"; "Streets on Fire"; "Little Weapon"; "Dumb It Down"; "Fighters"



Thoughts? It's nice to know that even after a year after it's release The Cool is still urging bloggers to review the album...there was another review on that site also CLICK HERE to read it

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool X Black Lightening Bike


Okay so...this is dope as hell...seriously...I WANT ONE :)


From everyone over at The Lupe Fiasco Show we want to say congrats on all of your success and have fun on your day baby boy! Love ya lots!

The Femme Fiascos

Lupe Fiasco is the best rapper ever...

thats what this guy thinks...CLICK HERE to read what a fellow stan posted on

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Lupe Fiasco Show is linked on Lupe's FANBASE

Yep we are...under the links section...thank you Lupe, Busy, Atlantic Records...whoever we are suppose to thank then THANK YOU :) CLICK HERE to download Lupe Fiasco on Fanbase!

More Minisodes

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

If you didn't know...this footage is from is the Refresh your Flow show in Chicago :) and FTR I love I Gotcha Live lol

Hottest Remix of the Year??

More from the Yo! Raps Awards...

1st Place: Lupe Fiasco ft. T.I. & Young Jeezy - Superstar 39.10%

2nd Place: Lil Wayne ft. Kanye West - Lollipop 17.12%

3rd Place: Shawty Lo ft. Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne & Plies - Dey Know 11.86%


Okay...was Superstar REALLY the hottest remix of the year over Lollipop and Shawty Lo? Lets not be stans for a second and lets be REAL...JEEZY'S VERSE ALONE on the Dey Know remix shyts on the Superstar remix...YEAH I SAID IT! and i dont even like Shawty Lo-ser...but that remix is def in my ipod...and Kanye and Wayne with the Lollipop remix you COULD NOT escape from...they shyt was everywhere...

Im not saying that i didnt like the remix...T.I's verse was dope as hell and Jeezy (who i happen to like a whole lot) did his thing...Lu has had one hell of a year and excited to see that hes getting the much deserved shine he should have BEEN getting since this negro came out...BUT...that Shawty Lo remix made me actually like the fool for a hot minute and that says alot lol...

go head and leave comments saying i shouldn't say stuff like this cuz this is a lupe fan blog but SO WHAT! I can have an opinion not biased to Lu every once in a while hes not gonna e-shoot me!!!

Vin's TOP 5 American Rappers of the Year

Don't know who this VIN character is (i think hes a music critic) but he's alright in my book...he named Lu in his Top 5 rappers this year...placing him in 4th...this is what he had to say about our commander-in-chief...

"Lupe Fiasco returned in 2008 with his album 'The Cool' which was actually a song from his previous album 'Food and Liquor'. His kick off single 'Superstar' blazed mainstream American radio solidifying his name among Hip Hop's hottest artists. Lupe Fiasco even earned a shout out in T.I.'s '56 Bars' making T.I.'s list of Hip Hop greats. He definitely left his mark this year and fans are eagerly awaiting his third and supposedly final album 'LupE.N.D'."



Can We Get Some WOMEN'S CLOTHING Wasalu!?!?!?

Click here to view, and if your pockets are right...PURCHASE the latest from Lu's Trilly and Truly line...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lupe Minisode...thats what im talking about!

A whole ten minutes of concert footage non stop...the DOPENESS

Lupe x Murko

the caption is "Lupe is showing me how many albums hes going to sell"

ONE OF my Lupe Fiasco STAN moments...caught on camera lol

well u dont see me...but Lu is rapping to me on the first verse...testing to make sure i knew the lyrics...and whats worse is he ran directly to me first so if i DIDN'T know the lyrics to THE COOL im sure Lu would have put me on BLAST that night...but IM A PROFESSIONAL OF COURSE i know the lyrics...hence the reason he started it all off with ya girl...he also did sunshine to me that night for like the 4th time...ahh mannnnn MEMORIES!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

To all those that celebrate it...While everyone will be out spending time with family...i will be working :) which is the reason i have to go now...enjoy your holiday!!!

Nikki signs with Columbia...CONGRATS NIKKI!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fan Pictures from Lupe's Facebook

A dope fan potrait

something is just NOT RIGHT about this one...can't put my finger on it lol

this one looks photoshopped...which makes it dope as hell to me lol

This is hilarious and is one of the few pics that lu isn't doing his trademark! lol

that shiny shirt is bothering me...Lu taking it back to 97-98 with that!

FNF fan logo...FNF UP!

I had forgot all about Lu's facebook and i found these while browsing...whats hilarious is that he has like 3 fake pages up there lol

To Our Sister Rhoyal Fiasco

We love you, and we will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers! If you ever need anything know that your sisters got ya back!

Much Love To You Always,

The Femme Fiascos

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Fun Saturday w/ Hey Champ

go there, get your drink on, enjoy some dope music :) Much Love to Hey Champ!

DJ Semtex BEST OF 2008-The Cool

Here's what he said about THE GRAMMY AWARD WINNING AND 8 TIME NOMINATED Lupe Fiasco and The Cool :)

"Lupe Fiasco is one of the most slept on artists. A lot of people didn’t clock the depth of his lyrical skills on this project, and he may have needed a couple more ‘Superstars’ to get that mass media attention.

The Carter 3 is hot, as ‘808s & Heartbreak’, but ‘The Cool’ is a body of work in the same way that ‘College Dropout’, or ‘Black & Both sides are. This is pure Hip-Hop, one of those classic albums where you don’t have to press the forward button on any track, and every time you listen to it, you clock a deeper meaning behind what he was saying.

‘Streets on fire’ is my favourite joint, his performance at Somerset House in 08′ was exceptional, he has longevity in this Hip-Hop game even though he keeps threatening to retire."


Damn anyone who disagrees with Semtex!!!! lmao

THE MAN is ganking Lupe related Youtube videos

I blame the recession...

"If you want to watch music videos from artists like Diddy, Missy Elliot or Lupe Fiasco, don’t bother going to YouTube. Warner Music Group has yanked their videos from Youtube (nearly 20 percent of the market) after negotiations with Google (YouTube’s owner) failed. “We are working actively to find a resolution with YouTube that would enable the return of our artists’ content to the site,” the label said in a statement. “Until then, we simply cannot accept terms that fail to appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide.” Warner basically wants to make more money from their videos online and YouTube has been very slow converting their massive traffic into income. Sites that are profiting from their content, like, are consistently growing. Warner Music Group videos are still available on MTV and MySpace."


Shout out to James on Youtube that had like FULL LUPE SHOWS on youtube and they straight suspended his account...dirty bastards!!

Lupe Fiasco Announces plans to LEAVE Atlantic Records???

Im not sure if this is OFFICIAL or not but here's what one site is reporting...

"Lupe Fiasco,who is what I feel, the most unappreciated artist of his time, has announced that he will be leaving his home at Atlantic Records. There no word on whether or not Atlantic's obviously outdated marketing team was the cause, or a lack of money. We all know that the music industry is in the shitter, so there's a big chance it could have been a budget cut. You know commercial music is always a priority, to real Rythm And Poetry. But he will release a final album in 2009."


It actually kinda makes sense...since LUPEND is his last album...and Atlantic has sucked over the years as far as the push behind Fiasco im not gonna say this is confirmed...cuz i didn't see this posted on no other site but this one...until Lu REALLY comes out and announces it...then ill say its confirmed :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lmao! my 2 second Lupe vid from a while back

LMAO! I so forgot about this video...i was on my facebook and realized that i had put it on here (im just now getting back on my facebook page heavy)

The story behind this video is i had PLANNED to film Lu walking from out his dressing room to the stage BUT my camera had DIED and thats all i got...HILARIOUS RIGHT! Here's a pic i posted along with this video on my blog...

which is of Lu and Bishop right before they hit the stage...oh man...MEMORIES!!!!

If you haven't seen Lu do his back flip

Enjoy :)

Hella Old Bumsquad Interview

someone is hella late...shout out to the Bumsquad DJ's, The Core DJ's (DJ Babey Drew what up!) and the Shadyville DJ's (Dj Ruckus TAKE ME WITH YOU TO HAWAII!) and all the rest of my DJ buddies :) i love u all!

Anthony Hamilton wears Lupe's Chucks

So I just got off the phone with Anthony Hamilton (Thanks Anthony!) and he tells me he has a blog and that he had while out on his "Playin' It Cool Tour" so i go to the blog...and guess what shoes he wore while performing in the wonderful city of Chicago...

Lu's CHUCK TAYLORS! 1st of all im HELLA SALTY cuz I WANT THESE BAD BOYS...and 2nd this is the first time ive actually seen someone wear these lol...Click here to check out Mr. Hamilton over on his blog...and go out and get his album THE POINT OF IT ALL In Stores TODAY!

Lupe Fiasco DOES NOT I repeat...DOES NOT have TWITTER PEOPLE!

Stop looking...the Wasalu Jaco one was CLEARLY a fake...why would his real name be his twitter link? If he does get twitter...expect him *coughbusy* to make a blog or something about it...though i seriously doubt twitter is in Lupe's future...I would love for Lu to have on it CONSTANTLY lol those that follow me know im forever twitting about lu too...but yeah either way STOP SEARCHING PEOPLE! HE AIN'T UP THERE :) Stans i know ur feelings are hurt because u would like to know what he's doing every second of his days...but get over it lol Just read this wonderful blog to get your Lupe Fix :)

LA Times Best of 2008

CLICK HERE to see Lu and the camel gettin' fresh...i tried to post the pic on here but i couldn't sorry...check out the full photo album and article as well :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lupe...a plea from your fans in New Zealand...

An email that was received from a fan and reader out in New Zealand...

Subject: NZ SHOWS!!! HELP PLZ!!

Hi there!

Great job on the blog!! Can you please please please post a petition on your blog to get people to vote for Lupe Fiasco to play a side shown in AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND after playing his BIG DAY OUT 2009 gig. He is doing side shows in AUSTRALIA after the Big day out and his fans in NEW ZEALAND would love to see him in an extended concert after the big day out!!.....So I was thinking maybe a post on your blog MIGHT make this happen??, after all you guys did get a shout out on the album!!! lol.


Big fan!!

Im not sure if this blog post is gonna sway anyone's decision...but atleast he will know that he is heavily demanded in NZ...Shout out to our NZ Femme Safia! New Zealand STAND UP!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sarah Green's Biography

Chicago is home to some of the finest talent in the music industry...Sarah Green is no exception. Sarah recognized her gift as a vocalist at the tender age of 6 when she started singing in her family church, King of Glory Tabernacle Church of God In Christ, on Chicago's South Side. Sarah began perfecting her craft by performing in talent shows and singing in her high school choir. Every talent show, Sarah took home top honors, proving that she was a star in the making.

Finally in 2005 Sarah got the chance to show her star power as part of the now defunct R&B group Risque. Through her involvement with Risque, Sarah found her current home, 1st and 15th Productions, which was founded by Charles "Chilly" Patton and Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop artist Lupe Fiasco. Both "Chilly" and Lupe have been a driving force behind this vocal powerhouse, featuring the dynamic songstress on both of Lupe Fiasco's studio albums: on the tracks "Real" and "He Say, She Say" on Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor; and "Free Chilly" and "Intruder Alert" on Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Aside from Lupe's album project's, Sarah was featured on a track on DJ Deckstream's Soundtracks entitled "Can You Let Me Know" alongside Lupe Fiasco and Verbal, a popular Japanese MC. Most recently she was featured on Lupe's "Paris Tokyo" Remix with Q-Tip and Pharrell Williams.

In early 2008, Sarah began touring the world, wowing every crowd as a featured act on Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool Tour". The tour was a sold out venture and it formally introduced Sarah to her soon to be audience. After completing "The Cool Tour" she went out on the biggest tour of 2008, Kanye West's The Glow In The Dark Tour. After showcasing her talents in the U.S., she began to tour Europe and performed in such exotic cities as Paris, London, Amsterdam and Sweden. Sarah's star is only just beginning to shine. With her debut album slated to drop in 2009, she is prepared to show the world her amazing vocal ability, and create a forceful and lasting presence in the of world R&B.

Pretty Dope :) she also has in email setup where u can send any booking/press inquires, questions etc... and don't forget add her on MYSPACE



My Brother, Lu, Bianca, and my girl Lula!

Ain't she cute yall! Lu is doing his trademark and my brother look a lil lost lol....either way this is a cute ass pic :)

SHOUT OUT TO LULA! Catch ya in DC :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Year Later...The Cool is STILL THE SHYT!!


It's OFFICIALLY BEEN A YEAR PEOPLE! Im so excited for what Lu has in store for 2009...A Live album, a DVD, and the very 1st disc from LUPEND :) And don't forget about CRS and The Cool Remix album...and MORE LIVE SHOWS! haha! No matter what he has in the works just know that us ladies over at The Lupe Fiasco Show will be supporting you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY...Even if you decide to quit and cut trees for a living....??...????? yeah...the Femmes will be right here...still seeing our shiny faces at random shows and appearances :)

Congrats on all of your success and we wish you nothing but best!

and always...


Hey Champ Interview with

CLICK HERE to check it out...And don't forget to get you HEY CHAMP SHIRT!

Lupe and Bun B

Click here to read the full entry

There's always something going in Chicago! I heard this joint was CRUNK lol

Lupe and Others head to Europe in 2009

"Also heading to the U.K. and Ireland is singer Lady GaGa, who will be supporting the Pussycat Dolls on their 2009 tour. The tour abroad starts January 18 in Aberdeen and ends February 6 in Liverpool.

N.E.R.D will perform at Melbourne, Australia's Vodafone Arena on March 5. Lupe Fiasco will also be in Melbourne and will perform at the Palace Melbourne on January 27."

Click here to read the full article

My interview with Cali's own U-N-I!

The Shameless Plug Interview w/ U-N-I from The Shameless Plug on Vimeo.

Shout out to U-N-I for showing love! i have an interview with Anthony Hamilton tomorrow so hopefully that will be up sooner than i got this lol...As always you can check the rest of my interviews including one with Drea from He Say,She Say and with VA finest Fam-Lay and N.E.R.D all over at The Shameless Plug!

Lupe Fiasco and his importance to Hip-Hop

Pretty ill discussion going on over on's a couple of the comments...

"Lupe is like the coolest nerd ever... in a very good way.. let me explain before I get bashed ...who would have ever thought your favorite rapper would be wearing glasses with normal clothes & not nice ice or stuff like that ... Lupe is an un-ordinary rapper, Lu is in my top 5 rappers of all time because he just does him ... thats' what makes him Lupe Fiasco"


" was Blackbeard till i brought the Roc into ur ships "

Blackbeard was a famous English Pirate. He crashes into rocks, where as lu means he brought the "Roc" as in Jay Z. had to post this again

just found the meaning to that line on youtube ... lupe is so clever"


The problem is.. to me, Lupe makes or breaks these tracks (usually/always it's makes)... the production just isn't special. Of course he needs beats that don't overprower his lyricism, but if he would work with the best producers in the game, the beats don't have to overpower him, just add an additional treat to his lyricism... He hasn't really ever tried to get more famous production (Ok, Kanye West & Neptunes each gave him a beat, but I think they've got more in store than just these two beats...), and I'd like him to just try it... Dr. Dre/Premier/insertotherlegendhere, why not?"


"a few lyrical songs doesn't make you one of the greatest emcees of all time, it's more than just lyrics (cuz trust me if it was I'd be in the top 10 lol). I'm not saying Lupe isn't a talented artist, but come 10? You can't base it off of lyrics, cuz so many people have had lyrical songs in their careers. "


Click here to read the entire thread



Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This has got to be the most RIDICULOUS attempt at trying to get some shine...WHAT IN FASHION HELL can a fucking NO NAME, WHO GIVES A WOOT BRAND have against a DAMN HIP-HOP ARTIST! I mean I understand BEEF WITH PURPOSE...but this shyt right here is just IM A SAY FUCK LUPE CUZ HE PUTTING OUT A CLOTHING LINE THATS IN SAME LEAGUE AS OURS SO HES OBVIOUS COMPETITION AND NO ONE IS GONNA BUY OUR SHYT...Seriously people...and then gonna put "FUCK LUPE" in the corner on some bitch shyt thinking ain't nobody gonna see it...GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE TRIUMVIR!

The fact that a fashion brand would stoop SO LOW as to go and start some random ass beef with a rapper just proves that dumbasses like the people behind Triumvir are willing to do any and everything to get they stuff seen...ISN'T LU GOING TO LAUNCH FALLACY OF ROME SOON!?!?!??!?!?!?! SO BASICALLY THESE DIRTY IGNORANT BASTARDS ARE TRYNA FUCK UP HIS OPERATION?!?!? which puts them in the HATER category...I didn't even wanna post this shyt and give those douche bags the shine they wanted but this is just dumb as HIGHSCHOOL dumb as hell...its like me hating on the popular girl at school because I started a club and she started the same club after me but got more members so I make a damn picture that says FUCK YOU! ...doesn't make any damn sense...thats prolly not the right analogy but you know what im trying to say...

This so reminds me of the "Kill Lupe" T-Shirts that some people put out (that's how relevant they are I don't even remember the name) and the extremely retarded beef with TK (him going on BEEF made him look like even more of a dumb ass). When is somebody gonna come at Lupe with some ACTUAL BEEF? This petty hater shyt is getting ridiculous...Could it be possible that Lupe is THAT DOPE that nobody can't ever come at him?

Im sorry...I still can't get over that these niggas reallly just posted a wallpaper and put FUCK LUPE..! in the corner of that bitch...SOMEBODY IS HELLA SALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet those bastard are bumping The Cool as I type this very message...

and I hope they go outta business :)

Im ranting...i just REALLY annoyed with that mess...for the record it could have been artist that this could have happened too but since its Lu of course im gonna be EXTRA annoyed..but if someone told you that clothing brand was starting beef with a rapper no apparant reason given whatsoever what would your reaction be? Just like mine when i first saw this...WTF!!!! lol

Those Veins!!!!! lmao

Throwback Method Shop Interview CLICK ME!

Yo! Raps Video of the Year

1st Place: Lupe Fiasco - SuperStar 48.31%

2nd Place: T.I. - No Matter What 19.64%

3rd Place: Lil Wayne - Lollipop 11.88%

He's gonna win them all...i told yall!

More Trilly and Truly (aka Stuff We Can't Afford) from Ya Boy

via HypeBeast

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Im still looking for that damn shout out! if you have footage from the show HIT ME UP! and Muah would GREATLY appreciate it :)

Superstar is Yo! Raps Song of the Year!

Lu is gonna win all these shyts so we might as well say that he's winning everything he was nominated for...FNF ARMY FOREVER REIGNS!

1st Place: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar 35.30%
2nd Place: T.I. & Jay Z ft. Kanye West & Lil Wayne - Swagga Like Us 27.01%
3rd Place: Lil Wayne - A Milli 12.27%

N.E.R.D's Sooner of Later Video

sigh...I LOVE PHARRELL! Another dope vid from the Star Trak Crew :)

Have A Question for Gemstones?

Our homie Cinque will be interviewing GemStones this weekend and he wanted to open the questions to his fans...SOOOOOOOOOO if you have a question for Mr. Stones...leave it in the comments :)

808's and Heartbreak Artwork by Fred Hart

Freshness at its Finest people...he did a piece for each song on the album...To view all of his pieces check out this post over at homie's in the Chi... GoWhere Hip-Hop

MTV doesn't know GOOD Hip-Hop

Seriously...They posted their list of their Top Hip-Hop Songs in 2008 and the majority of the list is complete garbage..I wasn't gonna post it on the blog but since Lu did make the cut...what the hell...he should have been ranked higher...the # 3 spot went to Shawty Lo-SER "Dunn Dunn"...nothing else needs to be said...MTV definitely takes the award for "Dickriders of the Year"...with BET in a close second...Check out the list below...

1. Lil Wayne - "A Milli"
2. Kanye West - "Flashing Lights"
3. Shawty Lo - "Dunn Dunn"
4. M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
5. Fat Joe (featuring J. Holiday) - "I Won't Tell"
6. T.I. (featuring Rihanna) - "Live Your Life"
7. Lil Wayne - "Lollipop"
8. Snoop Dogg - "Sexual Eruption"
9. Young Jeezy (featuring Nas) - "My President"
10. Rick Ross (featuring T-Pain) - "The Boss"
11. Plies (featuring Ne-Yo) - "Bust It Baby Pt. 2"
12. The Game (featuring Keyshia Cole) - "Game's Pain"
13. Young Jeezy (featuring Kanye West) - "Put On"
14. David Banner (featuring Chris Brown and Young Joc) - "Get Like Me"
15. Maino - "Hi Hater"
16. Shawty Lo - "Foolish"
17. Rick Ross (featuring Nelly) - "Here I Am"
18. T.I. - "Whatever You Like"
19. Lil Wayne (featuring T-Pain) - "Got Money"
20. The G-Unit - "Rider Pt. 2"
21. Busta Rhymes - "Don't Touch Me"
22. Lupe Fiasco - "Hip-Hop Saved My Life"
23. Jay-Z - "I Know"
24. Kanye West - "Heartless"
25. Lil Wayne (featuring Bobby Valentino) - "Mrs. Officer"
26. Red Cafe (featuring Fabolous, Fat Joe and Jadakiss) - "Paper Touching" remix
27. Ron Browz and Jim Jones (featuring Juelz Santana) - "Pop Champagne"
28. Busta Rhymes (featuring Ron Browz) - "Arab Money"


Also there's a mixtape called The Best of Lupe Fiasco that DJ Coutz put features some unreleased and released material from our boy...If you wish to download CLICK HERE


"Lupe Fiasco made a permanent mark on hip hop with his second album THE COOL. Along with it, a Hip Hop Album of the Year award at this years Yo! Raps Awards. Lupe wants to thank all his fans who took the time out to vote for him, and also for the support they have given him throughout his career. Not far behind THE COOL was T.I.'s latest album PAPER TRAIL, which came in at 2. Not too bad Lupe, as PAPER TRAIL did hold TWO 1 singles. Check out the rest of the winners at now!"


1st Place: Lupe Fiasco - The Cool 48.90%

2nd Place: T.I. - Paper Trail 23.97%

3rd Place: Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III 11.31%


Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You Atrak, Fool's Gold, and Nike!

Atrak's Running Man Dunks that I won via the Fool's Gold Blog :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lyricism Dead?

Styles P says lyricism is dead!

Personally i don't think lyricism is over. Lupe,Common,Mos Def,Kanye,Q-Tip,Pharrel among others are big-and i don't see them dying out soon. I personally have a deep respect for lyricism and i created a blog dedicated to it. (LiveLyricism)

Your Thoughts?

Evolution of The Neptunes

So glad that lu is part of that Evolution...IT'S GREATNESS...PURE GREATNESS...Pharrell and Chad are absolutely amazing!...Shout out to everyone that reps VIRGINIA!

FNF Fun Fact #2...One of Lu's favorite songs right now is...

Im salty cuz I hate T-Clown but this song goes extra hard...the vid is ass because it looks just like the Can't Believe It video lol

Lupe Fiasco x T-Clown Collabo on LupEND...autotune and all...and I think Lu is even gonna grow dreads...him and bishop gonna finally go cop them grills...and wear ridiculous clothing that makes him look like he straight out of the nuthouse (VMA red carpet outfit X 10 bitches!) and if we are lucky...soulja boy will hop on the track too...

all that and Lu would go platinum in 72 hours WATCH! LMAO!


Seriously...that kid is so adorable!!


and the deck is aight too :)

Click here to check out more of these Lupe Skate Decks!

Soundtrakk is a fucking beast...

Damn anyone who says that his beats suck :(

Lupe at Mikey Rocks 21st B-Day Bash

I heard Lu was in the building for his party...and I heard (from people who attended) that it was absolutely crazy! Vashtie was in the building and she post pics and such over at her blog...Click here for more

Happy Belated B-Day to Mikey and Shout out to Vashtie!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Soulja Boy diss by Charles Hamilton

Funniest crap i heard in awhile.
Charles Hamilton disses Soulja Boy hard!


via LiveLyricism blog

He says what every lyricist wants to say about Soulja Boy

Your Response?


There's a Video on Thisis50

Has It Really Been That Long?... as of December has been 1 year since The Femmes found out about "The Cool" SHOUTOUT. {I still remember the text message from Keena. I was hella GEEKED} BUT anyway I feel like we should celebrate...I dont really know why but What The Hell, Why NOT? Its been a year...

So Ladies...

Im Callin You OUT!
Muah, RHOyal, KayCee, Natalie, Sammy, Courtney, Mixmaster Megan.

Where ya'll at?
KayCee I think we need to bring Fiasco Fam Radio back.

And to Mister Fiasco...
From all of us...We are still so very Thankful...You are a cool dude! I♥You(Even though you never come to Detroit and you never gave me self defense lessons)

Okay!!! So I was bored and...I MISS YOU GUYS!
But I really think there should be something special especially since its almost been 2 years since Muah started this masterpiece. Anyway I have some hella cool ideas...STAY TUNED!

Friday, December 12, 2008

FNF Fun Fact #1

Did you know....

That Sarah Green is the voice behind the reoccurring "DIE!" in this record?

Yep! She sure is! Don't know why I have never shared that lol...more FNF Facts coming soon...I think this is another interesting addition to the blog...what do yall think?


SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!! Behind the Scenes of N.E.R.D Sooner or Later Vid

Sooner Or Later - Behind The Scenes

Spotted at Marcus Troy...Im so damn excited...Shout out to my homies N.E.R.D and my brother Fam-Lay of course :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lu...GET YOUR ASS BACK TO BLOGGING! Throwback || nimnim blog

Click here to check it out...


This was short lived...but after the hypebeast blog ended us STANS needed something right?

Seriously Lu...think about have some time off...and you can blog about the LupEND process...


either way negro get your ass back online and start posting some shyt!

who else is hella sad that Lu won't be doing any shows for a while?

shout out to Kevin Ma again for bringing this thing up lol


Shout out to everybody Mama...

Updated interveiw on Refresh Your Flow Show with Lloyd...Click here to watch

Coast 2 Coast Exclusive Series Vol 3 featuring Gemstones

1. Gemstones - More 2 Life
2. Gemstones - G4
3. Lupe Fiasco Feat. Gemstones - Boss Playa
4. Gemstones - Freestyle
5. Gemstones - Superstar
6. Gemstones - My First 16
7. Lupe Fiasco Feat. Gemstones & Un Kasa - The Map
8. Gemstones - Bury Me A Gem
9. Gemstones - Nothing Like
10. Gemstones - Good Morning
11. Gemstones - Skeletons
12. Gemstones - Warning
13. Gemstones - History (Skit)
14. Gemstones Feat. Lupe Fiasco - We On
15. Gemstones - Never Give Up
16. Lupe Fiasco Feat. Gemstones - The Die
17. Gemstones - Everythings OK
18. Gemstones - Southside
19. Chi Chi Dollars Feat. Gemstones - Everyday Thoughts
20. Gemstones - Time
21. Gemstones - Outro

This isn't 1 of the 2 mixtapes that Stones has been working on...but it is a nice collection of his work to go ahead and cop it if you are missing any of these tracks in your life :) Thanks for sending this thru Jroc :)


shout out to Chi Chi Dollars! His track with stones is serious...Hey CoCo!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gemstones Performing @ Truman College THIS SATURDAY

Hey Champ LIVE w/ Justice NYE!

Go if your in Chicago! FNF UP!

Ko*Starz X LDRS Photo Shoot

Shout to to Circut, K-Rich (my honeybun), LDRS and my whole chitown fam :) Be sure to check out the Ko*Starz on Myspace!

1500 or Nothin Live @ The Key Club

Come out and check out 1500 or Nothin with Caviar
Thurs, December 11, 2008
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Location: Key Club
9039 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, Ca 90069

Come out and support us as we celebrate 3 grammy noms for:
Chris Brown: Take you Down
Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown: No Air
Heavy D: Vibe for Reggae Album of the year

This will be a performance and celebration you don't want to miss!!
See you there!!!

If you are in the area...i suggest you be there and get it in with my big homies the 1500's!

Throwback || Lupe Fader Cover

Man...if this joint isn't a throwback I don't know what is...I dont know how far some of yall go back as far as Fiasco goes...but I remember when I first saw this and I was thinking "why does this kid look different in every pic I see of him?" lol Failure vid hit the net and next thing I remember Lupe had got Myspace...Trey Songz (Busy) made a bulletin saying "Add my label mate Lupe Fiasco!" and I remember I would send messages, comments, etc all the time (Lu wrote back to me a few times actually I wish I still had those messages lol) 2005-2006 where the best years for Fiasco (atleast to me). Lu mixtapes >>> any and everything the Syrup King puts out...(and I mean that) Oh and the message boards were poppin' then too...Lu would actually post then (and he was heavy on Linkin Park's message boards if I can find those archives again Ill post them) and you can't forget the infamous HYPEBEAST blog! Man Lu...THOSE WHERE THE GOOD OL' DAYS!!! Anyway's enough of my reminscing...

Now its your turn...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And for Bishop's birthday...let me bring you some tweak muzik...

This is Tweak Muzik at its finest lol...

LMAO! Gotta love these Youtube Stans! He's the next biggest thing for sure....


aka the King Poetic aka Bishop "Motherfuckin'" G! Happy Birthday from Me,Megan,Keka, Brandi, Sharp Nose (Knife...or whatever the hell you called her Friday lol) and the readers and supports of The Lupe Fiasco Show! You know we got MAD LOVE for don't even try and front and act like you don't love us back Caucasian :)

Everyone go to Bishop's myspace and BOMBARD HIS PAGE with lots of happy birthday wishes, comments, messages, etc...make that brother feel loved today :)


Here's his first ALBUM- Yes his first ALBUM (before the fame)- It's free for the public.
I couldnt find it on ONSMASH (where it was supposed to be released)so i put it on my LiveLyricism blog. He mentions he's a fan of Lupe-Go Figure!


SOBs Giveaway

Send the full name of you and a guest to to win tickets to see Immortal Technique. Contest ends Sunday, December 14th. Must be in the NYC area to win. Thanx again kozza!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


a song for ol girl.

P.S. Turbo wrote this song for me...(MUAH)...LOL


She's getting rid of the personal one so add the music page if you haven't done so already...Get ready to hear more from Sarah in 2009! Im so excited!