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how did i know that some rapper that comepletely missed the whole concept of the coolest take that one part from the coolest and turn it into something completely ridiculous...COMPREHENSION FAIL

SHOUT OUT to AllenTJones :)

Fan Reviews: Lupe Fiasco @ TCNJ

Thanks to Mike for sending in your review!!

I saw lupe Fiasco at tcnj last night. His show was one of the best hours of my life. I'm a huge Lupe fan and seeing him bring his concept accross in person was nothing short of amazing. He sounded good and was entertaining for his fans and also to those who don't really know him very well. I was a little upset when he asked people to raise their hands if they don't like him and some people actually did, I thought that was a bit ignorant but I understood that their were a lot of people there to see Ludacris and not Lupe. I found it interesting to see how different the two artists are. Lupe had his gold chain and rolex president on( i was in the second row middle), but ludacris had about 2 million dollars in jewelery on which i thought was a bit much for a college performance. Lupe didn't brag on stage and you could tell he knew who his crowd was. Ludacris spent most of the night talking about himself and ran off stage before finishing his last song. Even his dj thought he was coming back. When this happened the students were chanting to bring Lupe back which put a smile on my face. Almost as much as his peace and much love to ya exit! I can't wait to see a show that is strictly Lupe. I could watch him perform forever. Maybe even some mixtape songs would be nice to see live. I took some images with my iphone since cameras weren't allowed and its too risky to bring expensive stuff around crazy fans anyway.

More pics below...

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New from Dope Couture

If You Love the Jetsons, You'll Love This...

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Lupe Fiasco For Converse

Drops Sunday :) Spotted at Avenue Chicago

Lupe Fiasco LIVE @ The College of New Jersey TONIGHT!

The Lupe Fiasco Show is coming to TCNJ! Those that are attending the show tonight...have fun! take lots of pics! and of course..send your pictures, reviews, encounters to and we will get you up on the blog :)

Fresh, New, and EXCITING things are coming up for the Lupe Fiasco Show so if you are a reader of the blog STAY TUNED!


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Lupe Rocks Sold Out Homecoming: An interesting Review Of Lupe @ USF

Apathy was at a low Friday night at War Memorial Gym as students eagerly anticipated the arrival of hip-hop artist and performer Lupe Fiasco, at this year’s homecoming concert. Although Lupe Fiasco only performed for about an hour, approximately 500 students, alumni and staff crowded the basketball court to hear him perform. Even USF President Rev. Stephen Privett, S.J, made an appearance at the beginning of the concert.

President of the Campus Activities Board Courtney Ball said that there were 2,500 tickets available and that the concert was sold out. During the pep rally ASUSF directed students to the ticket booth, which may have contributed to the boost in sales. Attendance at the concert, however, ranged from 400-500 people. The doors opened at 7:30, but Fiasco did not come on stage until 9:15. Alex Platt, an event staff worker, said of the concert, “I thought it went pretty smoothly.” After working with Wyclef Jean, last year’s homecoming performer, on his music video “If I Was President,” Platt was disappointed that Fiasco did not have much interaction with students. While Jean let event staff and some students listen to his sound check before the concert, Fiasco made students leave and did not sign autographs or meet with students before the concert. Platt said, “He wanted to do his own thing. He didn’t really want to interact with students.” On the other hand, Platt said of Jean, “He was very into talking to his fans.” Platt pointed out that the way that both artists came on to campus was significant. Jean entered near Fromm Hall and walked through campus, shaking hands and greeting students as he made his way to the gym. Fiasco entered the gym through a side door, limiting his face time with student fans.

Platt was in charge of the pep rally this year. When the band canceled and miscommunications occurred with the dance team, student turnout suffered. Next year, Platt proposes to hold the pep rally before the concert because students will already be gathered and waiting for the performer. If the basketball team was brought on stage before the performer, the audience’s excitement might transform into school spirit.The music seemed to resonate with students. Even students who don’t identify as hip-hop fans enjoyed Fiasco’s performance at the concert. Chet Bentley, a sophomore media studies major, said the music was not his style, but “it was energetic and appealed to the masses.”

Bentley liked the concert because Fiasco was cool and young. Fiasco played many of his popular songs like “Superstar,” “Daydreamin’,” “Go Go Gadget Flow” and one of Kanye West’s songs, “Touch the Sky.” Fiasco’s backup performers included DJ Simon Says and drummer Baby Bam. 2007 alumnus Ilya Fishman said, “I was really excited to see him. He is a real rap artist with great music. I was already a huge fan so seeing him live was awesome.”Ball said that some students were disappointed Fiasco didn’t perform longer, but Platt said that the concert time was previously established for one hour. Sophomore Katrina Valdez said that although the concert was shorter than Wyclef Jean’s, it was better. She said, “He [Fiasco] brought a good atmosphere.”


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What Lupe is currently listening too

Good Choice...I was a huge Prodigy fan in the 90's...i fell off with there music when I moved back to the States (i lived in England)...gonna have to check this out :)

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New From FALSE: Death Is An Illusion

FALSE: Death Is An Illusion from FALSE on Vimeo.

Thanks to Amanda and Le Messie :)

Trilly & Truly x Nike Air Force 1

Via Highsnobiety

nike-af1-trilly-truly-lupe-fiasco Trilly & Truly x Nike Air Force 1 Pack

"According to some recent images posted by Nylon, Lupe Fiasco’s Trilly & Truly teamed up with Nike on a pack of Air Force 1’s. The pack consists of a white and black colorway, coming in a mix of leather and patent leather and both featuring a gold Swoosh and tags. No word on a release date so far, but we’ll definitely keep you posted!"

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Lupe Fiasco in EF Mag: Essentials of Cool


I feel like i have seen this before...or something like it atleast but in a different magazine...

Only thing I own on this list is the wee ninja...that i love oh so very much lol

Nikki Jean is Road Trippin'

Thanks Summiyah! Hey Nikki!



In other news...AMANDA is now an Honorary Femme Fiasco :) YES SHE IS!! Hey Amanda! From this day forward im campaigning that Lupe puts Amanda and Le Messie in his next video...they should have been in Paris, Tokyo...but its all good :) Seriously Lu...PUT THEM IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO :)

Im so excited I don't know what to do with sure to visit False and buy some stuff while your there :)

Love, Life and Lupe!


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Japanese Cartoon On Facebook!

For all you JC fans...keep up with the band over on Facebook.

Shout out to Amanda and Le Messie over at False! Thanks guys :)

Throwback: Lupe Fiasco DJBooth.Net Interview

Big Shout out to Z!!!

"DJ Booth: That’s the line! [laughter] Lupe, I wish you nothing but the best of luck on the new drop of “The Cool.” Give everybody a website or a Myspace page so they can find out more about what you got goin’ on.

Lupe Fiasco: Check out, the official Lupe Fiasco site. Also check out, the official news source for your boy, and also check out"

He said it folks...NOT US! :) Click here to listen/download/read the full interview

Trilly and Truly talk from Le Messie

"Lupe’s more accessible lil sibling brand Trilly & Truly has been making it’s rounds everywhere and I’m honoured that an old logo of mine from an old brand project (remember C.O.R Children Of the Revolution) is the main brand identity used as it’s face! It’s called the “Law” logo and lupe knighted it with the quote lightning gave them life”. It’s even on the new face of Japanese Cartoon! This logo is going to be going places…

Off to designing some joints for T&T!

-Le Messie"

hmmmmm interesting :)

via WeareFalse

Nikki Jean Interview (Part 1)

Read the interview here...shout out to both Nikki and Summiyah! Miss you ladies!


1500 Or Nothin EPK from Sunny Mirzadeh on Vimeo.

Seriously...those guys are NUTS! I miss ya'll :(

Lupe @ the KAWS Opening in L.A

Gotta love KAWS! More Pictures HERE

Lupe Interview @ The Black Eye Peas Benefit Concert

Shout out Ayesha :)

Lupe performing "Superstar" (not sure where its from)

Switch? Sound? anyone with info let me know so i can correct the title please lol

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Lupe and Mickey Factz?

Lupe working with Mickey Factz?
I hope so. This would definitely be dope!

Shout out to Stevo for the pic

DON'T HATE...I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get my Lupe shirt game back on track...FNF UP! Shout out to Cathryn Marie for this!

Join the "Lupe Fiasco" (Restaurant) Group on Facebook!

Special Shout out to Jana for sending me the info :)


More Femme Fiascos X The Lupe Fiasco Show X The Lupe Fiasco Restaurant COMING SOON :)

Lupe Fiasco @ USF 2/20/09

If you notice...he no longer has the whole band for his shows anymore :( Shout out Bam and Simon!

I Was Bored

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The FNF Family...via Myspace

via Lu's Myspace Blog

Hey...Pay The Whole Family A Visit!!!

Just a friendly reminder to all fans of everything FNF. We're a BIG family!!! So take the time and make the rounds and introduce yourselves to OR get reacquainted with the whole FNF Music Crew on Myspace...

lets see we got the cool and poetic Matthew Santos...

The hip futuresounds of Hey Champ...

The electro-punk anthems of He Say She Say...

The POWERFUL voice that is Sarah Green... *edited*

The street and struggle of Gemstones...

The rebels in disguise...Japanese Cartoon...

Stop by and say "Hi"


support the family yall...FREE CHILLY!

Lupe Fiasco on "The ChRihanna Fiasco"

Lu recently spoke on Chris Brown and Rihanna and this is what he had to say...

“They are great live and both are good people. It’s a tragedy.”


It really is a tragedy...head on over to for the pictures of Rihanna AFTER Chris went ape shyt on the girl...SMH

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drea Smith: UR Chicago Interview


CoutURe TV- Drea from HE SAY SHE SAY from Jamie McArthur on Vimeo

"For Drea, being one half of the group He Say She Say (she plays front woman to Million Dollar Mano’s DJ/Production) definitely comes with perks, one of which is being an exclusive member of an “all boys club” as the down- to-earth singer puts it. Tattoos cover a great deal of Drea’s body, further reinforcing her tomboy swag. This is no good girl gone bad. The reason being her air of authenticity, it is unlikely that the label heads over at 1st&15th, (label heads meaning the one and only Lupe Fiasco) have prepackaged one ounce of Drea’s, or He Say She Say’s for that matter, character. Her style is all her own."

More at UR Chicago

Also check out another article on He Say, She Say HERE

all via the FNF ARMY

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Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi "Welcome To Heartbreak" Video

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo

HOW DOPE IS THIS DAMN VIDEO YALL? Shout out to Kanye! Check out his Details interview over on My Blog...

Lupe featured on DJ Yoda's "Colorful Clothes"


via Something Like A Critic

Thanks to Aleisha for sending this thru!


After listening to the song...i realize its FUCKING RECYCLED VERSE...hella disappointed...

Vashtie x Lupe B-Day...

via vashtie

our good friend LUPE celebrated his birthday yesterday (not today, the WIKIPEDIA is wrong). he turns the big 2-7. ELLE and I caught up with him for a moment and gave him a birthday hug. had we been prepared, we would have done a Magic Show in his honor - but, he failed to mention it was his birthday until the last minute! BOYS! oy vey.

Dont get jealous kid, i kid.....

Monday, February 16, 2009

NOT LUPE RELATED: Lupe plays Coachella April 19th, MJ Auction on April 22nd...GUESS WHERE MY BLACK ASS GONNA BE AT!

I think im going to shed tears can't possible understand how much I love MJ...

Michael Jackson’s belongings from the Neverland Ranch are set to hit the auction block. The sale is being organized by Julien’s Auction House and will take place in Los Angeles from April 22nd to April 25th 2009. There are some really interesting items with a wide range of prices which could bring in a lot of cash to M.J. The auction book alone is $500 but looks like a solid investment fr any fan

via BBC

THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING NEWS EVER! Im taking donations for ANYONE who wants to help me get ANYTHING from this auction...NO BS...I need EVERY SINGLE PIECE thats being auctioned off in my life to add to my collection. Do you see the stuff thats being auctioned! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I need to seriously having a conniption...

back to the birthday boy...

Lupe Fiasco: Some Folks Dress Better Than Kanye *enter Kanye bitchfest HERE*

Kanye West made a stir both when he said he takes fashion inspiration from gay people, and when he backtracked on that statement this month by saying, "That's when I was ignorant to gays. 'Cause there's a lot of gay people who don't dress good at all. There's a lot of gay people that I dress way better than." Backstage at the Y-3 show, where Kanye showed up with a pretty fly ducktail/mini-mullet haircut, his friend and frequent collaborator Lupe Fiasco backed him up. "It's true!" said Lupe (who, incidentally, is waiting to talk to former tour-mate Chris Brown "until all this nonsense boils over"). "What do you want me to say?" Lupe acknowledged that Kanye doesn't dress better than EVERY minority group. "Japanese people and people from Paris have the best style. They can beat Kanye hands down. That’s where we get it from," he said. But he did think Kanye has the style edge on most of his fellow rappers. Said Lupe, "He definitely dresses better than me."


Keep ya heads up C. Breezy and Ri Ri :)

Lupe @ Y-3 Fashion Show w/ Yeezy-FRONT ROW STATUS! lol

same status the Femmes be at Lu's shows....TABERNACLE!

Lu doing an interview (obviously) and looking a tad bit greasy...

SMH and LMAO @ the brother in the back with the glasses...*wendy williams voice* how you doing?

More pictures of Lu at the Y-3 event can be seen HERE

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUPE! & the Slideshow has been updated...

so if you sent me your picture today it will now show up in the slideshow :) thanks to those that participated! and once again...Happy Birthday to Lu and SHAYLA G who is also celebrating her birthday today :)


FTR I can read people...i know that it says Lu's birthday is tomorrow (on wiki) BUT...that doesn't mean his birthday is tomorrow...its can wish him happy bday on the 17th if you want to...but you will be a day late :)

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We On - Micheal Jackson beat Remix

This is dope!

Via Lupend Blog

Click Here To:
Download Gemstones and Lupe on a mix of MJ's "Thriller" and "Beat It"

Loopy Fun: Another MSU Review

A few highlights from the show, not including Fiasco’s performance of his major hits and distinct dance moves, was his remix of N.E.R.D’s “Everyone Nose” followed by a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Touch The Sky” before doing the “quintessential hip-hop freestyle” for which he asked DJ Simon Says for “some weird techno shit.” Bishop G especially killed it, displaying his raw talent and skill as a rapper.

Read the entire article here

If anyone went to the show be sure to send us your pictures and reviews so we can post it up on the blog. This is an INTERACTIVE blog...meaning you gotta send us ya stuff :) the email is

Fan Artwork: Lupe Fiasco Wallpaper

via Deviant Art

Fan Reviews: Lupe Breathes Hip-Hop

The energy Lupe and Bishop G (his hypeman) brought was on a different level. Period. For some artists, going through the motions is all it takes to sell out a show. But when it comes to Lupe Fiasco, you often fear he’s going to collapse on stage from exhaustion, and no it never gets sloppy… this man breathes hip-hop. Aside from a microphone breakdown during the second song, everything was seamless and incredibly intense. Even the show’s opener, Asher Roth, every US college’s current poster boy, did exceptionally well. Despite a failed attempt to burn a University of Michigan shirt on stage, his performance was crisp and on point.

Read the entire review here

Bonus-Why Lupe Fiasco Is Amazing: A Review from Lupe's performance at ECU last year

Lupe and Bishop Freestyle @ MSU

Im salty that Lu said "give me some weird techno type beat" and Simon puts on a house record lol SMH

Lupe Fiasco Fan Birthday Slideshow

If you want to send your pics get them to me ASAP!


I think their is someones picture that i missed...if you could please resend the picture I will get it added to the slideshow...sorry and thanks in advance

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Its pronounced Wah-Suh-Lu you dumb &!#$#@@%$!!!!!

Lupe on the E!'s Grammy Red Carpet Coverage

Fan Reviews: Lupe Fiasco @ MSU

"Lupe's performance was ill...way better than the Detroit stop at the Glow In The Dark tour...sidebar: FUCK MSU AUDITORIUM SECURITY. me and the crew had media passes and the house management started buggin cuz we were lordin too hard on them...treated

So after the show, E-Huff and I are backstage after the show, and I start talking to Lupe's DJ. As I'm about to take a pic with him, Bishop G comes down, then Lupe. I start choppin it up with Bishop G, while Huff talks to Lupe, who is also very cool peoples..."

More at Cliff Notes

Lupe Fiasco @ Michigan State University

Lupe Fiasco Merch is NOW AVAILABLE!

Click here to check out the Lupe Fiasco Store

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Black Book Mag Interview

"Who’re some of your biggest idols?
A lot of people that should have been in that movie, and would’ve related to the movie. People like Bob Marley, people like Joe Strummer, Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols. Musicians with a cause, and with a voice. That’s what I’m inspired to be, and to have that kind of social awareness."

Read more here

Here's the Trailer for People Speak

Lupe Fiasco w/ Girl Talk LIVE

At Elon University

Lupe Fiasco, Grammy-winning hip-hop artist, and Girl Talk, world reknown mashup DJ, will be performing on May 1st for the big Spring Show!

When: May 1st

Time: 7pm

Where: Alumni Gym

Tickets are $20 with Phoenix Card, $25 for the General Public, and $27 at the door. Tickets go on sale online on February 12th or downstairs Moseley from March 3rd to April 30!

Buy your tickets now...the first 200 poeple to buy tickets get a chance to dance on stage during the concert!

Questions? Email

Lupe Fiasco Listens

"Last night, MOMA hosted a the New York premiere of “The People Speak” to kick off their Documentary Fortnight 2009 series. Directed by Howard Zinn, Anthony Arnove, and Chris Moore, and featuring performers like John Legend, Matt Damon, Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Bratt, Marisa Tomei, Danny Glover, Josh Brolin, Viggo Mortensen, Sandra Oh, and Eddie Vedder, the film documents struggles against social injustice throughout American history, drawing from the written works of Zinn and Arnove.

Among the guests joining director Zinn and Moore were Lupe Fiasco, Kerry Washington, Amanda Piola, Yigal Azrouel, Carol Han, Consuela Costin, Michael Ealy, Emma Snowdon Jones, Kick Kennedy, Even Toparek, and Victoria Schweizer."



i could be wrong but doesn't the person at roughly the 2:31-2:32 mark look kind of familiar.
i'm not exactly sure as to why i was watching this video to begin with but yeah...

Lupe Fallacy of Rome Hand Screen

Via False :

Some pics of Lupe and Simon messing up the house with Fabric and Silk Screens: