Monday, April 30, 2007

Coachella Photos

These pictures, for some strange reason, make me want to go to the beach.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

FNF Tee Shirts For Ya!!!

Laissez Faire has received the FNF Series One Tee Shirts and heres what you need to do to get one of these wonderfully fabolous displays of freshness...

The package for the FNF Series One Tee Shirts have arrived today on April 28, 2007. Only the FNF Army S.1 Tee (Regular Edition) will be for sale, refer to the above picture if needed. There will be more personal pictures of the shirts in a few days, with more angles to view. The only size created is extra large, the exact measurements are on the Republic Union website, and each shirt will be individually packaged upon delivery. There will be three payment options available for customers to use. The methods will include: Money Orders, Western Union, and Paypal. The total cost will be $40.00 US Dollars. The price given includes shipping for US States. Orders outside of the United States will cost slightly more. If there are any questions you may email me (Laissez Faire) at, or email Republic Union at I will need a return email referring to these tee shirts, it is necessary that you fill out all of the information below, and add any necessary questions as well.

First Name:
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Original Message by Laissez Faire

Don't worry if you didn't place your order when they first landed, THERE ARE STILL SOME LEFT...So order yours TODAY...Like Right NOW!!!!

Contact (not me, I have no shirts)...thats

AND He's LEGIT...Too Legit to quit actually...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pose for the Camera Now...FLICK, FLICK

Behind the Scenes of the video for "The Instrumental"
(Yo Lupe, You need to Go 'Head and Leak that "He Say, She Say" Video that I heard was done by Impakt Studios as well)

YO, When I saw this picture, I was immediately blinded by that fly ass jacket...Damn you know what? I 'd have to agree, I don't think that he was born here, I think that he was beamed...LOL

Lupe and Gemini...and I need to meet Gemini so that he can sing to me. Because his voice is definitely one of those throw your panties on the stage, faint in your arm type voices.

Lupe throwing up ten fingers for 10 Deep


Is Lupe doing the motorcycle?? LMAO...Or maybe he was on the verge of BALLLINNN'!!!

I just like this picture...GREAT JOB TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER...Whoever you are...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Smorgasboard of Lupe Fiasco Videos

The link above contains a plethora of videos showcasing Mr. Lupe Fiasco...

There is a video of him answering the basic interview questions and then him answering fan questions (even the most mysterious, untouched question that all his fans (or better yet Stans) are obsessing over and dying to know)

Then there's the videos of him performing Failure and Tilted Live (with a little bit of Don't Get it Twisted mixed in one of them) And then the videos that he released...You know, You've Seen Them.

Check it out...(and yeah its old, but who cares? Cause I don't)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lupe Interviewed at Webster University

This is a very recent interview Lupe did when he performed at Webster University in St. Louis sometime last week. I personally thought the interviewer was annoying, unprepared and talked entirely too much...BUT HEY, I'm not hating...I'm just saying...BUT IT'S LUPE (and they also speak briefly with Gemini at the end), SO WATCH IT AND ENJOY!!!

Here's what someone had to say about the concert...
For about 75 minutes, Lupe filled the gym with danceable beats, positive lyrics and strong advice. He wasn’t preachy, which is surprising considering the amount of guidance he offered to mostly college-age crowd. He told girls to put self-esteem before sexy and he told guys to practice self-respect and self-expression.

The spoken-word interludes between songs about skateboarding and defeating George W. Bush culminated with 32 seconds of silence in remembrance of Virginia Tech. After the silence, Lupe said a few words and left the stage. No closing number, no encore, no complaints from the audience.

Also Here's a Photo from that same day @ Webster University

And some information about a mixtape...

After the show, Lupe recorded some sound bites for DJ Trackstar. He’ll be hosting Trackstar’s next mixtape. Props to John Ginsburg for facilitating the backstage access.

Quotations from Lupe Fans

I've been reading different things that alot of fans have said about Lupe and I would like to share them with you...some of them proclaim how SEXXXYYY they think he is, whilst some just compliment him on his SKILLZ (ya know Bowhunting, I say, I love that movie) But they were all HILARIOUS to me (thats my favorite word, if you haven't noticed) ...SO READ & ENJOY!!!!

When he threw on a Gorillaz track for a back beat, I knew this was a man with class and taste. I mean, he sported Chucks and an Andy Warhol pin, and had on the first pair of hipster jeans I’ve seen on a rapper. Call ‘em the un-phat pants. They sagged just right beneath his boxers, then tapered off into a tight bunch at the ankles. And it didn’t hurt that he was ga-ga- gorgeous. To be honest, from the moment he cameout all I was thinking was: Can you please take me home with you?

I’ll say it upfront: I adore this album. If I saw Lupe on the street, I wouldn’t ask him for an autograph; I’d fucking thank him and give him my bike

Wow, what a super fun kid. Just super super fun. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fun. Just a DJ, him and his "backup rapper" I will call the dude for lack of a better term, with a few singers coming to the stage for a song here or there. He's cute and sassy and fun and tells funny stories and dances like just a total goofball. I bought this album in January after sort of putting it off all fall. Then I hadn't even listened to it before going to this concert. I'm an idiot. When we finally find out what rare and incurable disease I am dying from, I want someone to contact the Make-a-Wish foundation and get me half-an-hour on the dancefloor with Lupe Fiasco.

My husband (referring to Lupe) is performing on the 25th and I must be in attendance. I’ll be damned if I miss him. I sound like a groupie. Oh well. He doesn’t fuck groupies anyway so I have nothing to worry about. I’m not trying to fuck. I wanna get married. LOL. Let me stop.

I learnt a lot about Lupe Fiasco that night. He is a martial arts master and is not afraid to dance around a table in the middle of a restaurant telling his animated stories. I liked the man and his entourage, they were good sorts who offered to "put us out" on myspace. Seeing as Lupe has 400, 000 friends, that could be a really big favour.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Overly Dramatic IM BACK Post

I been Internetless for like 5 days...

I don't stress out too often...But this week was definitely the exception...

I Miss You GUYS!!!! And Promise to never ever leave you like this...BUT I'VE BEEN CRAZY BUSY!!!! But I am SO SORRY!!!! It will never happen again!!!

Now Back to Where I left off... OH YEAH...

LMAO...Just playing...
It's Time for Shoutouts!!!!

Official Members of the Blog- RHOyal Fiasco, Laissez Faire, Kennykenken, KayCee, Isaac & Newest Member Radhiya...FIASCO FAM UP!!!! Gotta Love It!!!

International Blog I told you so, People reading out in Tokyo Singapore Illinois Florida North Carolina Portugal South Carolina Denmark California Virginia Arkansas Missouri Massachusetts United Kingdom Alabama Canada Georgia New Jersey Louisana New York Tennessee Australia France Wisconsin Pennysylvania Germany Nigeria Michigan


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...Radhiya

Radhiya's Myspace

1) I first HEARD of Lupe when I was on the Atlantic Street Street Team website....I'm not sure what i was doing on there (prolly some Pretty Ricky mess shhh! u aint hear that from me) but i was...they had the little music player at the top of the page playing Kick, Push...the beat sucked me in..and the fact that he was talking bout something different blew me away....It was instant Ear Candy if i must say so myself....(smiles)....After that experience I totally forgot about him....He found me again later that summer (You likes how i said he found me haha..whatever) via the internet again... go figure...and I heard more of his music...I think Muhammad Walks was the song that did it for me...being a Muslim myself, sheesh I was flattered AND WE'VE BEEN TOGETHER EVER SINCE :) LOL

2) If I could steal one thing from Lupe it would be his heart...just as he stole mines (smiles) You know i had to do it, I had to go there lol....but seriously.....I wouldn't mind raiding his sneaker collection though...but i wouldn't steal anything...Just experiment a lil...i promise...I dont steal FNF UP ERRRRRDAY! NEVER DOWN! UP, UP, UP, UP WEEEEE GOOOO!

Yeah I think I would like to dibble and dabble in his sneaker collection as well...but mainly so I could go around to everyone screaming like a maniac "CHECK MY FOOTWORK, CHECK MY FOOTWORK, YOU AIN'T GOT THESE, YOU AIN'T GOT THESE!!!" LOL...That would be extremely FUN!!! But thanx for participating, I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!!! And Yes, FNF UP, NEVER DOWN, DEFYING THE LAWS OF GRAVITY EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! MUAH!!!

Wanna be Lupe's #1 Fan like Radhiya??? here for details

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Video that Changed Everything...

For me, Before there was Lupe Fiasco, there was Jay-Z, the only rapper I declared was my favorite. I am still a diehard Jay-Z fan and will forever remain one but now Jay has competition when before I never really thought there was any. I believe my first introduction to Lupe was watching BET's UNCUT (lol...yeah) and they played Kick, Push on there, I liked the song, but didn't think much of it. And because I don't watch music videos often or TV for that matter, and my radio station only play the same three Snap songs over and over, I missed the whole, Touch the Sky blowup and Kick Push deal. Like literally...didn't know anything about the leak, or Anything about Anything, NOTHING, until I started reading interviews and such. However, this video below was my Grand Introduction to a man that goes by the name of...LUPE FIASCO. Without this video, THIS BLOG WOULD NOT BE IN EXISTENCE!!! So I dedicate this blog to the video, Thanx, without you video, I'd probably be studying instead of maintaing this blog.

Okay, So I will continue my Sob Story to How I discovered Lupe Fiasco...

I remember watching this Behind the Scenes, Making of the Video type thing on MTV2 one day with all my family, and I have to admit I didn't think of Lupe much more after seeing it. But the video must have ran subconsciously in my head because I remember going to a Wal-Mart and lookin through CDs, and without any previous desire, I wanted to buy Food and Liquor. And it was weird because anybody who knows me knows that I DO NOT BUY CDS at all unless they are Jay-Z. But they didn't have any. But this was the day before, Jay-Z Kingdom Come came out, and I knew I was gonna go to the store and buy that album, so when I did, I picked up Food & Liquor too. But its funny because I don't think I even listened to the album for like an entire month after buying it. Like I would play it, I heard it, but never actually listened to it. Then Daydreaming came out, and I love that song, so one day I just made myself sit down and listen to the album and like the Captain from Peter Pan, I WAS HOOKED!!

Blaise, Blaise, Blah...This that and the third, Mo Money Mo Problems, and its all spiraling into an abyss that leads to where I am today...THE LUPE FIASCO SHOW BLOG CREATOR!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAA....MUHAHAHAHAHA...(thats my evil laugh)...MUHAHAHAHAAA...Now that I have your attention, let me distract you some more...CONTINUE TO READ MY BLOG, LIKE IT...LOVE IT...LIVE IT!!!! MUAH!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lupe Quotables

This edition of Quotables show Lupe's response to questions that people asked him on messageboards (FM board back in the day) and interviews... HILARIOUS MIGHT I ADD...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

so ur telling me ur also broke?.. :p
hahahahahaha OH NO my friend I'm Filthy Rich Actually...

is that your real name? lupe fiasco
No I was born Michigan Seymour McDougall Coogamellencamp Esquire The 18th to be exact....

didn't go the kanye route of makin a cd called "the college fuckthat"?
nope it was more fittingly titled "The College Can't Afford That, Better Stick To Rapping Or Be A Wandering Hobo"

lol - that's great....*shakes head and continues laughing* any advice for a kid who can write raps but can't freestyle???
uummmm...Write Freestyles!...
but that would be the same thing as writing raps, wouldn't it???? because freestyling's when you think of raps off the top of your head and rapping you write the lines down first....i can rap fine, but in freestyling i have to think a lot first and say parts of what i wanna say over and over....
whatever, i'll just stick to writing rhymes then....
just jiving homey...practice rhyming about nonsense, seriously, anything to get the flow out and then over time the subject matter will get better and that'll be $4,000,000 dollars

lol dude ur so funny, do u do stand up comedy?
more like sitting sarcasm...

u stared rapping @ 8 whatcha rap about
8th grade!....not 8....and I was rapping a bout hennesy and biyaatch's...the breakfast of champions

On “He Gets the Girl” you woo a chick by talking about playing the tuba and having an autographed Linkin Park shirt. What kind of game do you kick?
I don’t kick game no more. If your purpose in life is to find that one person you can trust and be with for the rest of your life, it’s not gonna come through no game.
So you haven’t got hoes in different area codes?
We can jump on MySpace right now! Ask them, “Have you ever done anything with Lupe?” They’ll say, “No, I took a picture with him.” When I leave shows, I’ll walk right to my car and go straight to my hotel and go to sleep. Because to me, it’s a job.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just A Little Something to Look At (Or Stare)

Let's Slow it Down like we're on the Syrup...

From the view of the groundlings...


Im not sure who the first guy is, but the one in the middle is Dano, and that last guy looks kinda familiar, but I just can't think of what his name is...

Thumbs Up!!!

There goes those shades again...I LUV EM!!!

I just love this picture...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Wanna Confess My Love For...

LAISSEZ FAIRE...My Online Boo...I LOVE YOU BABY...Tell your Two Stalkers (Yeah He's an OG Pimp) to back off because you're officially mine now. No more online pimpin for me, I've found my digital dream and his name is Laissez Faire. I'm so glad that I meet your TWO MAJOR Requirements in a be a match made in heaven. And to end this I just want to say, LUV U BABE, CAN'T WAIT TO CHAT WITH YOU AGAIN SOON...MUAH!!!!

LMAO...I Told you I was gonna do it.


Reserve Yours Today...Like Right Now...

Don't know what I'm talking this

Get ya shirt by emailing my boo at:

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Laissez Faire Got it For Cheap...

So by now I'm sure you've Heard that the FNF Series One Tee Shirts sold through are SOLD OUT...

BUT Thats because Mr. Laissez Faire loves his Fiasco Fam and has bought many of the shirts himself to sell to YOU...YES YOU...for a more affordable price...Don't you love him for that??? I do...


Compare that price to the original price of $66...You save $26...and then you can afford the FNF Series One Ipod Film as well...

This low price of $40 also includes shipping and handling... Shirt Size is XLarge

One stipulation, US Customers are the Preferred Customer But Depending on circumstances, he may handle customers outside the US

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DON'T PASS THIS OFFER UP, You'll Regret It...


FNF Army has LANDED!!!



But if you're nice to Mr. Hustler BKA Laissez Faire, he'll probably sell you one....details here...Awww David (Can I call you David?), You're So Sweet & Thoughtful, Thinking about the Fiasco Fam and such, But Hey thats A Leo for ya...


170 US Dollas plus shipping...Exclusive Exclusive...ONLY 8 PAIR MADE...Not bad, not bad at all...

(Oh and Dano, for future reference, I wear a size 5 mens in chucks, THANX!!! lol)


- 30GB / 60GB / 80GB

Special Offer Jumpin Off...20 US Dollas for one single order, and if you have friends with Ipods as well, then you can all get yours for 17 US Dollas each....

Visit for more details...GREAT JOB DANO!!!! I LUV IT!!! And so does Krusty...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Check your bank accounts, get your account numbers ready, PayPal is a Must!!!

Count down soldiers.. 11.30 p.m 15.04.2007 Chicago time zone..

Republic Union

Don't be caught scraggling behind...Get there EARLY and NOT on CP TIME!!!

Republic Union & FNF UP UP and AWAY...

The Things I'd Do For Those Shades...

Update: On this messageboard there is a post asking what would you do for the shades, let me know, and the funniest ones I'll put them on here...

Laissez Faire: "I would give up kennykenken's first born, if push came to shove."

My Cuzin Lex: "I'd tongue kiss Flava Flav" (YOU NASTY...LOL)

RHOyal Fiasco: "I would ask him what brand they are and then buy some of my own... I'm kinda no fun" (Yeah You're Not...LOL...But I still luv ya)

Not his shades personally, but the shades in general...I would

(1) Slap My Mama (but before I'd have to write a note that would be read post-humously that would leave specific directions to bury me wearing those shades, cause she'd DEFINITELY kill me)

(2) Run through a briar patch naked (Im from the South and I know first hand that running through a briar patch WITH clothes on is hell, so without would be like death) FYI: A briar patch could be compared to barbed wire

(3) Stop eating Pork (Again I'm from the South and I LOVES MY Bacon, Ribs, Ham, Chitlins, etc)

(4) Sign up for the Marines and be shipped off to Iraq (and become a Bush Supporter in the process)

(5) Give up the Internet FOREVER (No Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Blogging, No Messages, No Nothing)


Friday, April 13, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Another Edition...

Dear Lupe Fiasco,

Yea, that was me in the airport yesterday, the one who chased you down. Thanks for not running away from me. It was nice meeting you. I was a little excited and I think I forgot to mention how fabulous you are. I use your lyrics all the time in my classroom (we did a whole lesson on the history of hate in America and we listened to "American Terrorist" and picked apart the words and weight of the issue). I'm proud to have introduced my students to music with meaning. Yea, they dig you. Figured you'd want to know that. Couldn't quite remeber how to talk yesterday besides calling your name and shaking your hand with the enthusiasm of a 12 year old girl seeing someone she has a poster of (minus the screaming and carrying on). Better then when I saw Ahmir, in which I think I uttered "Quest you're the best". And don't get me started on the time I bumped into Dave Chapelle. Pitiful.

So, yea, I think you are an amazing musician. Keep it up.

Peace, King.


posted on Okayplayer

LMAO...The first two sentences of this "letter" made me laugh out loud. I pictured in my head a scene of this person chasing after Lu in an airport, like a typical chase scene where Lu was running up the down escalator, pushing down old women with walkers, knocking over trash cans, falling and then doing a tuck and roll type move and then running some more...LOL...It was funny in my mind...

This is the look that I image he had on his face when he saw this person chasing after him...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Addition to the Blog

There is a messageboard now located on this blog.

You can get to it by clicking the link that is right above the TagBoard. Or simply clicking the following link
The Lupe Fiasco Show

Come on in, Sign Up, and Begin Messageboarding...

Disclaimer: I do not intend this messageboard to replace Lupe's Official messageboard. This was requested and added basically to post lyrics. Nothing more, nothing less.

But Basically, DO WITH IT WHATEVER YOU LIKE (c) Dave Chappelle as "Rick James"

Thanx, MGMT

Even Little Kids Know Lupe is what it is!!!

This is too cute.

Kid raps Lupe Fiasco

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Awww...Somebody caught Lu Slipping...LITERALLY

No really...It looks like he slipped and fell in this clip...right in the beginning, and his reaction of him laughing afterwards confirms (at least to me) that YEAH he did fall...LOL

But like a true pimp, He played it off Perfectly and without losing his cool AND unless you just find it HILARIOUS when someone falls (like me) You probably wouldn't even have noticed it...LOL

Also, this is kinda a good clip, nice sound, nice video (except for a few arms in the way) and near the end Lu jumps in the crowd and runs right pass whoever recorded this...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Squad Up...FNF ARMY...Cool x Fresh

The Countdown Begins...

The Official Hood/Gangsta Lesson Post (made especially for Kennykenken)

LMAO...I thought it was Hilarious when KennyKenKen asked could somebody teach him about the hood. But I understand because their is so much Slang that rappers and people in general use that if you don't know, then you just don't know.

So I want to help out as much as possible and educate those who want to learn, even if its about "The Hood" or the art of being "Gangsta" LOL...

Chat DOWN BELOW...and lets all help KennyKenKen and whoever else be in the know....

This is just an experiment, ya know, a little Science Project (c) Lupe Fiasco

A Lil Bit of Dis, A Lil Bit of Dat

This is HOT!!!! Vid of a dude named K-Moon beatboxing and Lu does his "Hay" (crucial conflict) rhyme Don't Get it Twisted...thanx guys didn't know the name

Rap City Freestyle

This video was probably removed off of Youtube for Copyright Infringement...Sorry!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To sum it up, I'm havin a nice run, yall have a nice one, PEACE!!!!

Just wanna say Whats Up?!? to everybody who reads my blog...I really do appreciate it. I'm tryin my hardest to make this something you want to check out each and everyday. I think I'm doin an alright job...Yeah I think I am.

I just wanna do some shoutouts right now...

Isaac, 1 RHOyal Fiasco, KennyKenKen, Laissez Faire, KayCee

Thanx for making this an interactive blog and not just a one-sided thing. I love the comments, appreciate the feedback, and all that good stuff. Keep it comin.

I've decided to make each and everyone of you OFFICIAL MEMBERS OF THIS BLOG...

Isaac- Fashion Guru- You always seem to know what brand of whatever Lu is wearing, from jackets, wallets, Maharishi Land Rover, to everything. You must be a pretty fly dude yourself...

KennyKenKen- Official DJ of the Blog- You might just have every single song that Lupe has ever recorded,or at least you want to. But a DJ without there music is what??...Ummm...A VJ?!?'ll try to my hardest to get those RARE tracks you love.

1 RHOyal Fiasco- PREZIDENT of the LUPE FIASCO SHOW FanClub- Who loves Lu more than you? Nobody that I've discovered...gotta have the love, FNF UP ALL DAY RIGHT???...Left?!?...RIGHT!!!!!

Laissez Faire- Go 2 Journalist of the Blog- Mr. Interviewer Extradonaire!!!I can't wait for that interview...I'm sure its gonna be DOPE, and again did I say I can't wait? Ultimate Goal that I present to you...An Interview with the man himself, MR. LUPE FIASCO. Do this and I will...ummm...I'll get back to you on that...LOL

KayCee- Official Promoter/Marketeer- Just wanna say thanx for the love. This is what you do, so who better to have the job...And about the picture...I'LL NEVER TELL...but it wasn't THAT hard to

Everybody else, loves yall too...

INTERNATIONAL BLOG, I TOLD YOU SO, PEOPLE READING OUT IN Tokyo, Singapore, Massachusetts, Sweden, California (LOVE), South Carolina, Brazil, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois (Chicago it is then), Virginia (Bad Bidness), London, France, UK, France, NY, NJ, Canada, Georgia (On my mind), The Netherlands, Michigan, Japan, Oregon & Louisana.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Another Edition of Lu Groupie Encounters...


Saw Lupe Fiasco today at the UW. Not only was he great in concert what made it freakin over the top is when he got to "I Gotcha". Anyways, while he was singing the first verse to "I Gotcha" he freakin points me out in the crowd and starts SERENADING ME!!!! . Then not only that, he was wearing sunglasses, and he took them mid way so I can look into his eyes and then he called me beautiful. FUCKING YES! aint nobody can say anything about me ever. I mean a man so talented and gorgeous freakin considers me beautiful, HA! I believe it! Freakin yes! I AM BEAUTIFUL according to LUPE FIASCO!!!. I was also singing along with him while he was singing to me, but then i forgot the lyrics because I couldn't freakin believe that that was happening , but my stupid ass decided to take pictures, which didnt come out, instead of taking a video, but its engraved into my memory! Freaking the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!
suzannygranny from Myspace

Ummm...Doesn't he do this at Every show with some girls to the song Sunshine???...

Friday, April 6, 2007

Test Your Hood IQ

A video of Lu doing a drop for Swagga TV, and after the drop they (Not Lupe but the Host) play this game with people called "Test Your Hood IQ"...Its real Stupid & Funny...Watch it...

Test your Hood IQ

Add to My Profile More Videos

Taking it Back

Lu is the kid to the far right...LOL...cute. I tried making this bigger so you could really see it but I couldn't with the software I'm working with...

This picture looks kinda old too...Real Baggy Jeans, Big Jacket...Maybe back in his "Pop Pop" days...ButIonknow...maybe

Acclaim Magazine featuring Lupe Fiasco