Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounters

Lupe Fiasco...is such a great spirit. He has such a humbling but hype quality about him. I loved his performance. However, I wasn't able to connect with him well because....a lot of MIDDIGITY FIGGIDITIES were ruining his show. I don't understand how you can grind to He Says She Says. But the day wasn't over. Sally was determine to get his autograph. And interestingly enough SHE DID! lol. Aight...after the show he was doing interviews. And a lot of his fans were waiting backstage for him to come out. BUT it was taking ages. He got a tip that he was on the other side of the backstage doing interviews (like right near the edge)...so with my peer pressure and Sally's submission, we headed over there. My girl climbs over the fence lol and was able to get the autograph and his t-shirt and towel that he used. CRAZINESS!EPIC weekend!

And another Lupe encounter here...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday 2 ME!!!

21 years old...Im about to go out and celebrate!!!

Check out Gemini myspace for a picture from his video shoot of "We On" feat. Lu and Pooh Bear.

Listen to this Fall Out Boy Arms Race Remix with Travis from GCH, Kanye, Lupe, Lil Wayne and a bunch more.



Thursday, July 26, 2007

**New** Lupe Interview 7/27/07


Lupe Fiasco won’t talk about his upcoming record The Cool, but that’s pretty much the only thing the Kanye West protégé and top dog of the new conscious-rap school wouldn’t discuss in advance of his appearance at Wakestock this Sunday. EYE WEEKLY spoke with the Chi-town MC about everything from gangs to the KKK on the phone from New York, where he was working on that thing he wouldn’t talk with about.

Where’s the best place to do a show, outside of your hometown?

Yeah Chicago’s a good crowd. Chicago, Houston; anywhere overseas, except maybe like London because they’re a little bit more relaxed. I always get a good response at home no matter where we are. And even though Chicago’s just one city, it’s still kinda massive. So you can go to one place and get one crowd, then go to another part of the city and get a whole ‘nother crowd.

I get the impression Chicago is a very divided city.

Yeah, some of it. Like some neighborhoods, it’s like if you didn’t grow up there, you basically have no reason to go there. And then there’s always the level of like gangs, the gang activity is super low, but people have memories of gangs where we couldn’t leave the block. You know, you had to stay on your block because you would risk being shot at or you know just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even in certain racial areas, there’s a lot of black people that won’t go in a Mexican neighbourhood and a lot of Mexicans that won’t go in a black neighbourhood and vice versa because it’s still like a gang racial kind of tension that’s just ripe.
Even certain high schools out here they still have black kids and Latino kids separated.Not segregated different schools, but within a school. There’s a separation because of the violence between the two, like the gang violence, between… it’s stupid. Madness.

I’ve always enjoyed in your music how you often present more than one perspective on a situation. Was that informed by growing up in such a multi-racial environment? Did you go outside of your neighbourhood and soak up other cultures?

Yeah, through my father and through my mother. My father had like karate schools, so we would live on the west side but go to the south side three or four times a week to go to karate school. So we had friends on the south side. Then we would go to Chinatown, then we would go to on the north side and there was a big population of Pakistanis and Indians. So it was little stuff like that, but I would go and see these concentrations of different people, and you’d just became more comfortable with it. And as your comfort level grew you became more receptive to what was going on. As opposed to a lot of people who just stay in their neighbourhood, and it’s just ignorant.

It would be great if more Americans could see each other’s side, particularly now.

Yeah, but America is America, now aren’t we? [laughs]

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound condescending.

Nah, nah, it’s the land of bias. It is what it is. America was built up on conflict and confrontation, it was never built on a unification of everyone’s ideals. America’s a weird place. It’s balanced, and I guess to maintain that balance there has to be a certain level of bias, balanced in the sense that we don’t see a revolution kicking off in the next one hundred years. Everybody here is comfortable, that’s why there could be an atrocity going on and we could still be comfortable. We’re not really worried about anybody coming over here and doing something crazy. And we’re just like, cool. It’s the coolest place on the planet, I think, in that we don’t really… care? [laughs] we’re not really worried about anything else?

I just speak that as a whole, I don’t agree with that personally but I am a part of the system. It’s just like, when you look around and you see how everybody’s just so comfortable and you can catch a plane 12 hours from here and be in a place where there’s rubble, you know, their downtown is ruined, there’s tanks rolling around in the streets… I think Americans are pretty content. Even within atrocity and within the bias and everything else, at the end of the day I think the system has a very good way of keeping everybody content and years and years and years away from any type of real revolt, or any type of real action to kind of shake up the system.

As a Muslim, do you ever get hassled getting on airplanes? When James Hetfield from Metallica is getting stopped…

It’s definitely a profiling situation. When you at war with something, you gotta demonize it, right? You take all of its physical characteristics and you make that the enemy. Everybody when they think of terrorism or they think of a threat, you think of that. Blacks used to think of the Ku Klux Klan when they thought of terrorism, they were kept in check because of “oh, the Ku Klux Klan” they’d think of white robes and a burning cross. Now people see a kufi and a beard.

There you go, seeing the other side again.

Well you know… [laughs] the Ku Klux Klan is still an institution that makes me question anything America does. One of the longest-running, one of the most powerful and one of the most culturally accepted terrorist groups in the world was the Ku Klux Klan. They did a march on Washington! You think you could see Bin Laden and Al Qaeda marching through Washington? Can you belive that? You could never see that. To go back that far and see what this country was built on, that’s why I question everything this country does because for them to accept that and not go out and annihilate that on they own soil? You know, they were going around lynching babies and cutting babies out of peoples’ stomachs and blowing up stuff and burning people alive? Like really wicked, evil forms of terrorism, not just going on a bus and blowing somebody up. But going and actually systematically keeping people ignorant and terrorizing them so they don’t want to vote or get involved in the political system or bettering themselves or anything like that, a real genocide that took place in the south and in certain parts of the north? And it’s still alive today! And you can go there and become a member. Ku Klux Klan, I keep that very clear in front of me. When I wake up I remind myself, hey, Ku Klux Klan.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Wonderful Pictures from Artscape

I just wanna address a few comments...

I was not laughing at the Gamers because of their culture and what they love...I believe that everyone should have something in life that they love and do with a passion...I was only laughing because some of the costumes were HILARIOUS...nothing more, nothing less. When I see something funny I laugh, thats all. I LUV GAMERS!!!!

And to the guy standing behind me, I had no idea you would be reading this...LOL...I even asked to read what your shirt said...I liked it. And now that I know you read my blog, I want to apologize to YOU, for what I dont know. lol...But you really weren't annoying, it was the heat and I fully understand the enthusiasm, cause Lupe was great.

And Yeah Meli Mel, the part of the show where Lupe said "I wanna dedicate this next song to the most gangsta white man I know"...and then Lu points in the crowd and says, "Is that You White Man" LMAO...I totally forgot about that...HILARIOUS!!!!

Okay now you can enjoy my photos, which were taken on a busted down Kodak Easyshare, but my phenomenal photography skills overrided the quality of my camera and these wonderful photos were produced.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Lustrious Detailed Account of Artscape 2007

Picture It...Baltimore Maryland, July 21st, 2007
(Who else loves Sophia from the Golden Girls??)

I arrived in Baltimore around 3pm after a 4 hour drive where a man on the highway was harassing me and my friend in traffic (Like who seriously tries to holla at somebody on the highway, and to add to it, he asked if he could wipe us down...LAME)

After arriving in Baltimore, I had to ride around for about 30 minutes trying to find a park which was ridiculous because even if you parked on the street it was 10 dollars. CRAZY RIGHT!!??! So I ended up parking in the craziest damn parking garage I have ever seen. It reminded me of Fast and the Furious: Toyko Drift for some reason.

So I park, and then have to walk up a damn hill, cross two dangerous ass streets, and go around a corner and through this dark alley before reaching the mass amounts of people at Artscape. On the way up the hill I saw two women (I think they were women) playing a guitar, one with her face painted and she was playing clams, like REAL Clam Shells, it was HILARIOUS!!!! I took a picture but it got lost in limbo somewhere so you all won't be able to share in my laughter.

Okay Back to Artscape...It was an outside festival that smelled of Chicken and Beer. And I still can't imagine getting drunk during the festival because it was probably about 5,345 degrees outside. But anyway...My friend and I found a spot on the grass where the main stage was and just decided to chill and try to keep from passing out in the heat like the drunk man who sat beside us did. We watched a couple performances before Lupe came out, Marcell and the Truth and Emily King. Well some of Emily King...The heat got unbearable and we were both hungry so we left during her set. But you should really check her out if you like soul music...


When we returned from getting our food a million more people arrived and had taken over the lawn, but that didn't matter because we were making our way to the front of the stage. So as we're going to the front I thought I was gonna have to beat up an old lady and her daughter. Like Really...I was waiting for Keena to walk down the hill and the old lady kept telling me and my friend that we were gonna have to move, which we were gonna do anyway, but she insisited on reminding us every 3 seconds and she called my friend retarded (Which was Funny as Hell). Now mind you there were people sitting in lawn chairs in front of the stage, old ass people at that, and Im thinking, Who the Fuck sits at the front of the stage in a lawn chair, and to add to that their was a little boy sleep on the ground and a baby in a stroller in front of the stage, IT WAS RIDICULOUS!!! And I admit I was being ignorant as hell because I was talking shit the ENTIRE TIME I was waiting for Lupe to come out. Like who the fuck does that, and if push came to shove, that little boy was gone have to wake his ass up and that damn baby was gone have to move...Okay its making me mad all over again...Moving On...

So we all finally make our way to the front, there are only one group of girls in front of us and I’m short as hell so I ask this man to let me get in front of him and thankfully he does. So finally the show starts and its GREAT!!!! When Lu did Failure, I knew it was gonna be a great show because I love that damn song!!! And Keena finally got to hear him do Switch. We definitely were the crunk section of the audience. Everyone was looking at us like how the hell do they know these songs. It was funny.

There was this guy behind me that was all over my back, calling Lupe name everytime he breaked between each song. It was annoying as hell, and he was holding up Lupe CD like he was gonna jump off stage and sign his CD and then continue the show. And somebody wasted a drink on the back of my pants leg. I was mad as hell.

The funniest part was when Bishop G was dancing, and I mean DANCING, he said he was doing some Tupac dance…And then Lu goes over to him, taps him and makes this face like “What are you doing” and then shakes his head telling him to stop. LMAO…I was expecting the show to be similar to the one I had seen before, and it was BUT the in between songs and the prelude (is that the right word??) to the songs where all different. It was GREAT!!! It was my friends first Lupe show and I think she may be more of a fan than me now. She said she was gonna actually buy his CD “The Cool” when it comes out on October 31st. And that statement means ALOT.

So yeah, It was great. The after party was EVEN BETTER…LOL…I had SO MUCH FUN laughing at all the people who were in Baltimore for the Gamers Convention who were walking around with Samurai Swords, Light Sabers, Crazy Wigs, Full Blown Costumes…HILARIOUS!!!

All in All that night was AMAZING!!!!! I even saw Nikki Jean of Nouveau Riche but didn't know it was her until after the fact. In her pictures she looks like she should be taller, Ive been told the same thing. But she was like my height.

Check her out too...

Shoutout to my partner-in-crime, Courtney nicknamed Corona…LOL…We showed out that night, well YOU DEFINITELY DID and I’ll admit so did I, laughing at the Gamer People in their faces ALL NIGHT…Doing the Superman at 4 in the morning, Only Us…LOL.

Also Shoutout to Keena BKA KayCee G…GIRL I had so much fun, and you were gonna just go home. Aren’t you glad you stayed? Lolla is gonna be CRAZY. I promise Chicago WILL NOT BE READY!!!! Oh yeah, Remember the Diva…You can never Forget the DIVA!!! LMAO...Free Willy!!! HAHAHAHA...

Meli Mel…I think we may have seen you but wasn’t really sure. If you had on a purple dress and gold shoes, then we saw you and just didn’t wanna make fools of ourselves if it wasn’t you. Oh and I loved your shoes, Creative Recreation shoes are dope as hell.

Ummm… Anything else …Nope, nothing clever at all to say as I end my account of what happened. I actually left out a lot, could you tell? LOL…But I didn’t want to bore you anymore with my story, Id rather hear your stories anyway, so if you have them, send them to me.

Ok…I do have something to leave you guys with…Sort of like a motto, maybe? I can’t think of the word I should be using, my brains not working right. Umm…A few things that I encountered on my trip that may help you out later on in life. Well hear goes…

(1) If your lips are ashy as hell, Carmex Works.

(2) Laughing in Peoples faces is always fun, especially if the people are dressed up as Zelda.

(3) And if you like Porn, don’t be ashamed, or try to hide it, embrace it. Your life will be much more enjoyable.

(4) Rats are disgusting, always have been, always will be.

(5) Always read parking signs thoroughly, so that you will avoid waking up at 7am to find that you didn’t have to move your car because it was Sunday.

(6)Baltimore Sucks...For one major reason that I care not to share.


My Wonderful Pictures will be coming as soon as my laptop stops acting retarded!!!

A Letter To Lupe

Artscape Photos and the lustrious detailed account I promised will be coming very soon.....VERY SOON!!!!

This letter was found on a blog that I forgot the website of...SORRY!!!!

Dear Lupe Fiasco:

I had heard of you a while ago, but your name was silly to me, so I didn't really pay attention. I grew up on hip hop but I've disasocciated myself with most of it in the past five years or so because a lot of it sucks balls or makes me sick.

Then one day about three weeks ago, the local NPR music critic lauded your newest album, pulling bits of it, playing it. I was confined to my car, stuck on Hollywood Boulevard and so I was obligated to listen. When "Kick Push" came on the air, I could actually listen to the lyrics of your music and smile for once. It made me happy. As he went through the album picking his favorite songs and telling his demographic of old white people about the skateboarding rapper, I fell in love.

So, today when I saw this article on Billboard.com, with you talking about your next album, I immediately got excited. I look super forward to it and hopefully, you can get the rest of Pink Floyd to work on it with you.

Thanks for everything,


Friday, July 20, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Found on a Myspace Blog...HERE

Yeah. I met Lupe Fiasco at HipHopSite the other day. I didnt find out until the day before when I got an email from the store and I was off that day so I figure why the hell not. Hes sick too and Im a fan so easy decision on my part. He was scheduled to be there at 5:00pm and I almost didnt want to go because I had to work at midnight that night and I wouldnt have any time to get sleep but I sacrificed. I could get sleep later. The bad part was that I was up since 7am that day, I went to see Lupe, then I went home with about 4 hours until work but I had to do some other stuff so I wasnt able to get a nap so I went to work and was basically up for about 26 hours straight. Nothing more fun then falling asleep while standing. Anyway, Lupe was scheduled to be there at 5pm but when I went there to see Pharrel a few months back he was about an hour late and I just figured that this would be the same case. I was right. I didnt show up until about 5:45pm and he wasnt there yet. There werent too many people when I arrived. All of the people there were able to fit inside the store and the store isnt too big. There were about 60 to 75 people waiting when I got there. I didnt think there would be too many people since he barely got his first solo single out. I waited for about 30 minutes or so before he got there. When he arrived the store employees said that Lupe was in the building and then Lupe just walked in the front door, went behind the counter and started signing stuff and taking pictures.

He was hella cool though. No security guards or anything like that. He took his time writing his autographs and taking pictures with everyone and stuff. His "autograph" is somewhat big too. It was weird though because he was totally humble. It was almost just like asking for the autograph of someone you knew all your life you know. Just totally down to earth. Very appreciative of everyone that showed up. As I was waiting in line I was just watching him and he seemed to be enjoying what he was doing and everyone that was there was happy when they left. He spent at least a minute with each person mainly because of his excessively large "autograph" but he chatted with everyone and there was no sense of trying to rush people out at all.

When I finally got up there I pulled out my rhyme book and the first thing he said to me before I even said anything to him was "what you got, youre rhyme book there." I was like yeah and I need you to bless it for me. I just thought it was cool that he automatically knew that it was a rhyme book. As he was singing my book with his long ass autograph I asked him about Elemnop because he was doing the show with them the night before. It was actually less then 24 hours since he was down in San Francisco to then he was at the store. Thats crazy. Thats grindin yo. He just pretty much said yeah to everything and "thats cool" stuff like that. I asked if I could take a picture and he was like "of course." The dude in front of metook the picture for me. I think his name was John so shout out to John for that. After I took the picture Lupe said thanks and said he appreciated the support then I said no, thank you very much sir and headed out. I dont know why I left though. I was like the 5th last person in line and I wanted to by something from the store too. Its just somewhat standard protocol to just leave when you get someones autograph for some reason. All in all he was just a great person and he one of those people that you want to support because of how he truly appreciates it. His album got pushed back just like Pharrels did whom I also met at the same store. I might be bad luck. Anyway, this was probably the best autograph signing Ive been to. The worst is still Mandy Moore. That bitch. 5 fuckin hours and I couldnt even take a picture with you. Whore!!!

To BMore I Go

Yo What Up, What Up!!!!
Great day isn't it???

Well guess what??
(Wait for it...Wait for it... )

Tomorrow for me, KayCee G, and Meli Mel
(whom I am assuming is still going)
will be EVEN BETTER because
(DrumRoll Please.......)

(And the crowd goes wild)
Can't Make it to this show?

Don't Fret because when I return I will be giving the full blow-by-blow
(lol...nevermind scratch that)

I will be giving you the most lustrious detailed account of a concert that you have ever witnessed. So when I return BE READY to experience the Lupe Fiasco Show through my eyes, with mounds and mounds of photos for your viewing pleasure...

(Oh and if anybody can tell me what cartoon I got that phrase from I will feature you on my blog as the coolest M'Fer Alive)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#1 Hater of the Moment: R.O.'s World Blog

R.O.'s World Blog: Lupe Etheres Himself 2x's in few months

Let's get right down to business on this post. All of you meat bags know that I don't like Lupe Fiasco and his corny ass music. This nigga only good song is Kick Push and he can't even skate. Anyhoo, unless you don't really follow hip hop news, you know that his 1st and 15th partner Charles Patton was just sentenced to 44 years in prison for conspiracy to sell drugs. There is a tape recording of Lupe and Patton talking about "white" and "yellow" packs on the day of the suspected drug deal, but Lupe said they were talking about music......The only reason why Lupe got off without being charged was because they didn't have enough evidence to accuse him of anything other than talking with a Patton. Also, he probably has a clean rap sheet without any felonies or jail time. Despite all his bullshit conscious songs, Lupe is actually a sometimey, Islamic facist drug dealer peddling H to Chicago's children. I hate to say I told you so....but I told you meat puppets he was a flake!

But wait, there is more. Lupe supposedly wrote on the okayplayer blog that he never heard of Midnight Maurauders and he doesn't give a damn about hearing it. Huh?! Is this dude insane? He is one of the main dudes besides Pharrell and Kanye trying to swaggerjack Tribe to the fullest. Dude is really talking reckless since he got his little bit of success. He has to be the flakiest mc besides the Game and Kanye. They all must have a tie for the dumbest shit done and said from 2006-2007. At least the Game and Ye are somewhat consistent with their bullshit. Lupe just wants to keep on destroying his career. Well go ahead buddy, I'm loving it!

Does this make you happy???...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope Not...Because its Fake...LOL

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Kiss My Ass Blog
I met Lupe Fiasco back in May at an early fan awareness party. He arrived, skateboarded for us outside and spoke of himself, instead of singing. When he signed my poster I asked him how he was feeling because of his album getting bootlegged and consequently being pushed back. He shrugged his shoulders and mumbled. I bet he wanted to reach across the table and hit me. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him that I had the ability to bootleg is album, but I choose not to – not out of respect or caring but because of my lack of caring to listen to him. Kick, Push, Kick, Push and Punch. Kick, Push, Kick, Push and Toss.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Lupe was in the store. Guy's real nice and a good sport. We cracked jokes for like an hour. We even tried to get him to skate and I showed him the stores downloaded copy of his album. Tim even told him flat out that he didnt want to go to his show. He just kept smiling the whole time. Probably cause he makes a lot of money and nerds with blogs don't.

The ReedSpace Blog

MixMasterMegan Says

Yo yo yo......MixMasterMegan guest blogging in this bitch. The wonderful president (who has the same name as me btw) asked if I'd like to share some Lupe stories with you and I was more than happy to...

*Throws on a Lionel Richie "Hello is it me you're looking for?"* OKay, let's begin.

I'll share the story of the very first time I met the whole gang...

The date was March 6th, 2006. My good friend Smashley and I took the 40 minute drive to Chicago in hopes of finding Lupe and FNF radio. We found the school it was at, blah blah blah...sat in the student lounge and waited. RIGHT before the show was supposed to begin in walked Lupe and we said to each other "Omg is that him??" Then we walked up to him and he kinda looked at us like 'Who the hell are these two white girls?'

We said,"Umm..can we have your autograph??" and he replied "Sure!!" Then he even took some pictures with us and insisted we do so in a karate type stance....which didn't work out incredibly well..which is why I look like a retard in my picture and it makes me sad...

BUT ANYWAYS, we thanked him and whatnot and turned to leave and he said "Aren't you guys staying for the show??" We said "Ohhh yeah, okay" and turned to sit back down in the student lounge. He was like "No no, come in the studio" Then he said,"Ya'll know my man Bishop G"?? We just kinda stood there with dumbfounded looks like "Yeah....." (having NO idea who the hell he was)

So....we stayed for the whole show and it became a weekly ritual. We started answering phones and that was that. It was a sexy time for all.



Love, Megan

And For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lupe Serenading Solange at Her Birthday Party

"Imma Woo the Shit Outta Her"...LMAO

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Artscape in Baltimore Maryland

Lupe will be performing a free show at Artscape, America's Largest Free Public Arts Festival.

The show is on July 21st and starts at 6:30 pm.

So all DC/MD/VA people, if you have nothing else to do, GO AND SUPPORT LUPE!!!

Im in the works right now to figure out a way to get there so I can go to the show. Its on a Saturday, AND ITS FREE...its almost too perfect to be true.


Also, Chicago people and surrounding areas, Lupe is suppose to be doing a show at House of Blues with Emily King on August 4th. This is during Lolla weekend, so if you're lucky, you can get two Lupe shows in one weekend. HOW GREAT IS THAT???
(However, I don't think it has been Officially announced Yet)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Youtubing Real Heavy

Some Lupe videos from Summerfest. The look of the video is not that great but the sound is okay. And these videos can kinda give you a feel of what its like to experience a Lupe show. And two of these videos have a code, WNSO, and they are for my ladies who think Lupe is OH SO SEXY...lol...You'll be able to figure out what WNSO stands for as soon as you see the video. ENJOY!!!!

Lupe What is that In Your Hand????

Where my ladies At!!!! Watch Yo Self Girl...LMAO

American Terrorist...(Ladies: WNSO)

DayDreaming...(Ladies: WNSO)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...Meli Mel

Name: Meli Mel

Age: 21
Happy Belated Birthday

Location: Richmond (VCU, Business)

Activities & Interests: Writing, dancing (I've actually choreographed two dances to two different Lupe songs for my dance company, which we performed), blogging


When Did you first fall in love with Lupe's music?

Well let's see, this could take awhile, but this is really how it all started. I heard one of his mix tape tracks awhile back, can't even remember the date. It was actually "Conflict Diamonds". I wasn't die hard then, I just really dug the track and couldn't for the life of me find out who this cat was. He emerged again, well in my world, in "Touch The Sky". The third verse was my fave on the song, I didn't know it was the same guy at the time. All I knew was his name was Lupe Fiasco. Then came, "Kick, Push", which my boyfriend actually put me on to. From there, I snatched up all his mix tapes and fell for his music. He was actually one of the first rappers in a loooooong time to really catch my attention. His lyrics really grab hold of the listener, like you want to learn every verse, every hook. Of course, I added F&L to my very extensive CD collection. I probably listen to that CD everyday, no lie. My friends, boyfriend, everyone can testify. I mean the radio isn't worth listening to these days. His album and mix tapes are just timeless, I just hit repeat and random, and let it play. He's real, I can relate, and he's goofy as hell.

For some reason, I never thought he would make it to VA, but he did. March 7, 2007 with The Roots. Yea I was standing front row with some of my girlfriends. I have to say that was hands down the BEST show that I've ever had that chance to witness. They both put it down. I even got to be one of the very special ladies he serenaded on, "Sunshine". 3rd verse. He looked shocked that I was spitting the lyrics word for word, he was like smirking. But shouldn't all his die hard fans know the words? My friend recorded it with her camera phone, wish I could upload it, but she tried and failed. After Lu's set, he actually stayed around for The Roots show watching like he'd just seen it for the first time. We got to party with Bishop G, and his manager friend, which you probably met. I got a compliment there from him said I was "super fresh", he liked my kicks, and asked me where I got them from. Would've been nicer coming from Lu but I'm content. I got to watch Lu party onstage with The Roots while his friends commentated with us. I was actually suppose to open up (background dancer for an artist) for another concert he was performing in, but that fell through (heartbroken). I still ended up going to the show, but it would've been so much sweeter to actually have opened up. But oh well, after those two shows I'm still going strong, not letting up. Lupe is a genius in my world.

If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco, what would it be and why?

I would definitely steal some time from him. I just want to act up with him, and travel, cause I swear he gets to go to the best places, London, Japan, Paris. That way I'd be up on my fashion game like he is. GQ w/o a question done so effortlessly. Gotta love that!

Lupe Interview in Japan

If that link doesn't work for you...

Go Here and then find Lupe on the page and click the picture and the movie player should pop up...
If that doesn't work...UPGRADE YOUR DAMN COMPUTER!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lu's Signature Poses

I Have Accumulated a Bunch of Lupe pictures, and as I was uploading them to the new sideblog feature that will be appearing shortly on this blog, I noticed how in alot of the pictures Lupe poses just about the same in most of them. There are about three different ways that a picture taken with Lupe will turn out. And Im talking about just random pictures with people, and not photoshoots, because I noticed he poses just about the same in those too, But thats another post that I'll get to later...

First up We have the Peace Pose...Done Five Different Ways...

Way#1 (Regular)

Way #2 (The Reverse)

Way #3 (The Handshake)

Way #4 (The Behind the Back)

Way #5 (The Lean Forward)

Next Up We have the THUMBS UP...

And Lastly, If you're Lucky, You get the Abstract/Doesn't Fit Into Any Other Category Pose...


If I ever get a picture with Lupe, I plan on asking him to re-enact some crazy scene where I'll have costumes, scripts, 2 minihorses, watermelon, three mexicans, a jump rope, 5 toothpicks, a magic carpet, a trash bag suit like the one from Missy Eliot's "Cant Stand the Rain" video, and a blowdryer, All Just to be different and mainly so I can say I BET MY LUPE PICTURE IS BETTER THAN YOURS!!!!...Lol...Oh and a Little Person to top the picture off with that extra freshness... LMAO