Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Kwanzaa to Lu... Day 6...

Day 6: Kuumba-Creativity

Today, Samantha lights a red candle to symbolize our efforts to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Creativity is described in the dictionary as "Originality, progressiveness, or imagination. The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, and patterns. And to create meaningful new ideas, methods, and interpretations.

And it is this Lupe, that you are ALL about. You transcend the "traditional" idea of what a rapper whould be like with your originality and substance. Your ideas are new and full of deep thought. And your imagination has taken people deeper into their minds than anything before. You have inspired others with your new and creative ways to think differently and see things in another light. YOU are the physical embodyment of creativity. And you have given back so much to the people that listen to you. Thank you Lu for staying "a little to the left" and inspiring others to do the same. I love you and will continue to support you always.

Love The COOLEST Whitey

Lupe Fiasco's New Year Greetings

These were posted on Youtube like 3 weeks ago, lol, but its now time for them. EVERYBODY BE SAFE TONIGHT...Lets Make It Into the New Year with all our limbs...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

We On Video

"Screw Stars, We the New Mars, Looking for a Venus, Nigga you a Genius"

Come One... Come All...

Ever since that oh-so-wonderful shout-out that Lupe gave us on his album, we have been getting a lot of interest from women who are interested in becoming Femme Fiascos...

As you know, there are 7 of us originally... Then we expanded and added a few more girls that we refer to as "Femme Familia" into the crew... And recently (last night to be exact) we inducted our first celebrity Femme, Miss Nikki Jean...

But in all seriousness, we're just a group of friends who talk on the phone, travel together, chat on AIM and run a few myspace pages (,,, a couple of radio shows (,, a yahoo group, a facebook page and this awesome blog...

We came together with one common interest... Lupe Fiasco... And from that, our friendship blossomed...

So don't feel like you're being excluded or you missed the Femme Fiasco train...
If you love Lupe Fiasco for his music and not his boyish good looks (LOL)...

If you would spend your last dollar to buy a bag full of Lupe Fiasco's CD's...

If your rent comes secondary to your Lupe Fiasco concert addiction...

If you've been ridiculed and made fun of by family, friends and/or sorority sisters because of your adoration of Lupe Fiasco...

If all of your free time (and some of your work time as well) is devoted to something that has to do with Lupe Fiasco...

Then you're a Femme Fiasco too!... If you love Lupe, then we love you...
-La Prezidenta De La Familia

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nikki Jean on Fiasco Fam Radio

The Beautiful Nikki Jean will be on the show TONIGHT!!!

10 PM


For those of you who are TOO SCURRED to call in, you have the option of joining the LIVE CHAT that will be going on throughout the ENTIRE SHOW...


P.S. Turbo???...hahaha...

Happy Kwanzaa to Lu... Day 5...

Day 5: Nia-Purpose

Today, Natalie lights a green candle to symbolize our efforts to make our collective vocation building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.

Everyone has a purpose, and I believe yours, Lupe, is to serve music to the world. But how you choose to do so is different, and that makes yours extra special. Your music consists of stories, and different things that are going on in the world…issues that people really need to hear about. You serve your music in a way that nobody else does.

Your talent is undeniable.

Your creativity is beyond anything imaginable.

Your music is REAL.

And you’ve helped keep real hip hop alive and thriving.

I believe that our purpose as the Femmes is to support you so that you can fulfill your purpose as a true hip hop artist.

Thank you Lupe, for keeping it real.

Much love 4eva & alwayz,


Happy Kwanzaa to Lu... Day 4...

Day 4: Ujamaa- Cooperative Economics

Today, Keena lights a red candle to symbolize our efforts to build and maintain our own stores and other businesses and to profit from them together.

To Lupe,

I'm gonna keep this message short, sweet and to the point Lol. Just wanted to say that I've been a fan since 2005 and as an artist you have NEVER let me down. I wish you much sucess in 2008 (That Grammy is yours!) and as always KNOW that your girl KayCee will ALWAYS hold you down in VA and beyond.

Keep getting your HIP HOP ON!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Remix Radio Interview with Lupe Fiasco

Happy Kwanzaa to Lu... Day 3...

Day 3: Ujima-Creative Work & Responsibility

Today, Megan lights a green candle to symbolize our efforts to build and maintain our community together and make our sisters' and brothers' problems our problems and solve them together.

Fiasco Fam Radio Tonight

Tune In to Fiasco Fam Radio TONIGHT 10PM EST...

KayCee and the Femme Fiascos

with special guest BIG POOH FROM LITTLE BROTHER!

Submit your questions for Big Pooh to

call in at 646 716 9415

and check out the live chat going down during the show.

Stop thru the Fiasco Fam Radio Blog!

Awww How Sweet...

Happy Kwanzaa to Lu... Day 2...

Day 2: Kujichagulia - Self-Determination

Today, Radhiya lights a red candle to symbolize our efforts to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves instead of being defined, named, created for and spoken for by others.

Habari Gani?Today's principle is Kujichagulia which means self-determination. This is one of my fav principles of Kwanzaa. I would dedicate Lupe's "Dumb it Down" to this principle because that song is all about Lu rebelling against the typical stigma that most hip hop lyricist tend to have i.e degrading women, glorifying ignorance etc. He clearly chooses to create music that will cultivate the minds of people rather than rot it. So when you light your red candle today remember to never allow anyone to define who YOU are.

"This ain't a pen, this a paintbrush and I tend to rearrange how they paint us"-Lupe


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lupe Quotables

Rapping wasn't the only talent Fiasco possessed that night, as the artist also recited a poem he dedicated to the works of President George W. Bush. In it, he expressed his thoughts about the current commander in chief."Many people know him as President Bush, but I know him personally as Mr. 'man with flaming shards of glass stuck in up his ass' Bush," he said.

"Where the Weed At"


"The Cool" debuts at #15

So One Million minus 144,000 puts us at about
856,000 more to go...

Got Your Copy(s) of "The Cool" yet???

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Kwanzaa to Lu...

For those of you who are unaware Kwanzaa is an African-American, non-religious holiday celebration that was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga...

In the interest of unity and holiday cheer, the Femme Fiascos will be celebrating Kwanzaa by posting the principles of Kwanzaa along with personalized notes just for Lupe...

Day 1: Umoja-Unity

Today, Gracie lights a black candle to symbolize our efforts to strive for unity in the family, community, nation and race.

Marc, I just want to say that I love you and I apologize for everything that I put you through.

Lupe, I hope you have a great 2008.

With Love,
-Gracie the Gemstress

AOL Sessions

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Lu Encounter

I work at a movie theater. I was working box office today and then this man and woman come up to me. Of all people it was Lupe Fiasco!!!!!!! I didn't say anything because I was trying to be professional even though I knew it was him. When he paid for their tickets and walked away that's when I had a panic attack!! I called all the other employees and told them Lupe was here!! Everybody thought I was crazy and didn't believe me. My manager came down and said she heard a celebrity was here then her and another employee went to the movie he was seeing to see if he was in there. When they saw him everybody knew I wasn't lying!!! My manager was so nice and let me go early so I could catch him and get a picture with him. I happened to have my digital camera in my purse!!! When his movie got out I asked him could I take a picture with him and he said yes!! He was so cool and the girl he was with was so nice and took the picture for me!!! She even told me that the picture was cute!!! Then after that they went to see another movie so I got his autograph for this guy I know who loves Lupe. Lupe is like is idol. I still can't believe what happened at work today!!!!

New Section of This Blog

For The Record:

I am not Lupe Fiasco.
(Wish I Was mainly for all the Free Stuff)
So I can't really help you get your stuff to him personally.

However, since we all know that he frequents this blog I've decided that I will do a Non-Lupe/FNF post as often as I chose so that YOU...YES YOU...can get your "product" shown to Lupe and Crew.

So if you have your own blog, or crochet scarves, design clothing, make music, do graphic design, bake cakes, make fakes, DJ, do an internet radio show, or WHATEVER...Send me an email to with the following...

Your name, your "product" in some form (a picture, a myspace page, a website, whatever) so that I can see what it looks like, a brief description. And I will do the rest. Simple right?


Saturday, December 22, 2007

"The Cool" Bike

Check out CTOTHEJL for more details...

Fashionably Cool

TEC: How has traveling influenced your fashion sensibility?
LF: Honestly, it’s more utilitarian and taught me to be more simple. Because traveling, if you really travel, it takes a toll on you. Sometimes the less bags you have…the lighter the move the better the move. When you pack, you pack with a purpose. Style becomes simple or concentrated. Like, so what’s the most powerful thing I can have? Black. So I’m just gonna do black. Black shoes. Black suits. It becomes focused on a certain point, and it just gets crazy because it starts to pile everything onto that one point. That’s better than, “I need this color and that color, this color and that color.” Monochromatic. Too much color destroys it. Even Dior. It’s just one, destroying it.

Click the Link to Read the Entire Interview...

Album Release Party Video

Part Two of the Interview

The Last of the Pictures

These are the last of "The Cool" pictures. Having to switch the slideshow code out everytime I add pictures is becoming too much. HOWEVER, Please continue to send in your photos if you want. I will continue to put them on display for everyone to see as I receive them.

Sgt. Tibs and Max G

Karmaloop TV

Im Playing Catch Up. I realize some of these interviews are old (in Internet time)

The Last Temptation of Lupe Fiasco

The rising rapper may warn againt Benjamins and bling, but he still wants to find Toronto's Louis Vuitton boutique

Lupe apparently had an epiphany about the uselessness of bling before Food and Liquor was released, but for the practising Muslim, temptation remains both a part of life and an idee fixe that runs through much of his work. Compounding his own difficulty is what he describes as the "intertwining" between his image and himself -- no surprise, considering his own mother calls him by his stage name. "Lupe Fiasco is a business in certain aspects," admits the MC. "He's a brand name; he's owned; he's trademarked. Business forces which shouldn't affect you personally affect you -- you take them as personal insults."

Click the Link To Read the Rest...

Double Dose of Cool

In a downtown photo studio, Lupe Fiasco thumbs through a rack of jackets, letting out an appreciative "Hi-yoooo!" as he notices a patchwork piece in orange military nylon and black leather, and then another constructed from vintage green army coats and duffel bags, handles dangling from its sleeves. They're all the creations of Darren Romanelli, the L.A. designer and branding guru who creates clothing under the Dr. Romanelli label.The most spectacular jacket on the rack combines elements of a red-and-white marching band uniform: metal buttons across the chest, decorative braid, embroidery down the sleeves, with supple brown leather and a bomber-style collar and cuffs. Spectacular, yes, but Fiasco wore it in the video for "Superstar," the first single off his new album, "The Cool."

And Lupe Fiasco never wears the same thing twice.

S&R with Lupe Fiasco

Click Here for Part II of the Interview

Also Check Out This RealTalkNY Interview

Friday, December 21, 2007

As I listen to "Free Chilly"...

I'm reminded that he is away from his family and friends and what a difficult time this must be for him and them, as it is the holiday season...

So I'm encouraging everyone to keep Chilly in their thoughts and prayers... For he was an integral part of bringing Lupe Fiasco, the man we all adore so much, to us...

On behalf of the Fiasco Fam and the Femme Fiascos, I would like to say happy holidays to Chilly and his loved ones... Keep your heads up... You all are in our thoughts and prayers...

Salaam... K

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Exhibit D

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
My How Things Have Changed

I was re-reading this post I made and its funny how everything I said basically didn't happen. LOL. Like I said I was gonna get my swag back, but I never did. I didn't really realize it then, but I do know. After the shoutout, I was done. Like my attitude toward the blog is NOTHING like it was when it first started. NOTHING compared to how it was even back in December right before the album dropped.

Like I think back, and it really did feel like it was a job. Like it wasn't fun anymore. It became moreso something that I felt like I HAD TO DO and not something I just wanted to do. I guess thats why even now, I don't do too much with the blog. I haven't looked up anything on Lupe Fiasco in about 2 months, when 2 months ago, it was Daily Routine.

And I can't say that I miss it, because I don't. LOL. Not one bit. Because I HATE having to do something especially in this case when it got to the point where I really no longer enjoyed doing it. It wasn't Entertainment anymore, it was a job. And the whole thing I said about the shoutout being the "peak," or the "best its gonna get." Like really. I still think and will forever think that. It was my "skyscraper."

So what the fuck do you do now that you have the skyscraper???...

Riddle me that...Cause all I can picture myself doing is lounging on the rooftop, drinking a margarita, sitting

Exhibit C

Fuck It!! Add More Femmes...
The Beautifully Titled Campaign...(The Cursing Gets the Point Across)

Here is where I stand with the whole thing. I understand that some people may not want anybody who was not there from the beginning to be repping something that they really have not put in any work for. Or they don't want the Femmes to become infiltrated with groupies and crazies. Or they basically don't want someone to be stealing "our" shine. Ok all that is understandable. But heres my thing...


Its Not That Serious Anyway...It is...But Its Not...I don't like to take it too seriously...But People like Brandi, Melissa, Courtney, and whoever else have been showing love for a minute now should be able to be apart of it. Nobody is gonna take our shine. We all know who started the Femmes, who puts in work, and all that. At this point, its bigger than that. Its about much more. We'll never be able to progress and "Do Big Things" if we can't get over this small hump. I mean Lupe knows who we are, maybe not each and every one individually, but collectively, yes. If he already knows you individually adding more Femmes won't affect you because he already knows you, and if he doesn't, it won't affect you either, because he don't know you. Its a win-win situation for everyone.

My Newest Campaign

But its not my decision because I do not handle the Femme Fiasco stuff, I just do the blog. But If there ever is a vote, My Vote goes for Yay...Add More Femmes. Because more people can only help us, even if they are groupies or crazies. Shit...most of the Femmes get called groupies, stans, and whatever anyway...SO WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??? I mean would this even be a big deal if Lupe did not give us the shoutout? I don't think so because now everybody wants to be apart of it, but can you blame the people who genuinely did not know about us pre-shoutout? No. Where is the love???...

BTW, like I said Brandi if you read this, whether you are added to the Femmes or not, I still want you to be apart of everything because you were there just as long as some of the others, and you actually do something, more than some of the others. So like I told you, you're officially the Blog's Design Diva cause you do major work without even being asked.

Saigon Supports "The Cool"

Here's part of a statement he released in concerns of him quitting the rap game.

"Whats up everybody??? First of all, I must say I was and still am amazed by the responses I get from the whole thing about me quitting the rap game. I have recieved literally thousands of messages, many phone calls from very influential people, and much support from just everyday people I may bump into on the street…The love is overwhelming I must say. I got over 500 comments on MySpace alone which was very encouraging considering its many more than I got for indulging in some ignorance with certain ignoramus’ ..I got a very appreciated phone call from my brother Lupe Fiasco that really made me look at things from other angles…..Shout out to that brother and congratulations on that CRAZY album… Support that. I also got a very deep call from Datwon Thomas (Editor in Chief) from King Magazine…Thanks man, I got you Homie…Much love to EVERYBODY who expressed their concern whether good or bad…And thank you to everyone who left a comment on here, I was reading them joints like, ‘Damn….Wow…..Whoa’"

Got Your Copy of "The Cool" Yet?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Cute Is This?

Found at :

They got Kanye and Pharrell down as far as style for Lupe...they got the glasses.

Lupe's Best of 2007 in Music

Add to My Profile More Videos

Look at the video to watch him explain why he chose those as his top albums, and check the link to watch him explain his Top 5 songs, and Top 5 performances.

MixMasterMegan Reviews "The Cool"

Have you ever had too much to drink, then woke up next to somebody, looked at them and thought to yourself...who the hell is this??

That's the way I feel when listening to "The Cool"

I mean that in a good way!! Hold on

Here comes this guy that I met at a radio show in Chicago with a backpack and glasses on almost two years ago KILLLLLLING everybody else and already has people talking "best of....."

1. Baba Says Cool for Thought- I love this. It let me know not to overdose on myself. The poetry on "Food and Liquor" alone introduced me to Harold's Chicken which I will be forever grateful for.

2.Free Chill-The beat and Gemstones and Sarah Green's soulful plea alone make ME want to tear the damn wall down and I barely know the guy!

3. Go Go Gadget Flow- A favorite of mine. I only imagine this song live will be the greatest thing........ever.

4. The Coolest- Introduces the cool....I LOVE the song..but find it hard to sing along with others. Do I have to say "The coolest, (coolest)"?? Don't get me wrong...I just don't want to be caught somewhere I shouldn't be yelling out "I'm the coolest nigga"......

5. Superstar- It just makes me want to go to a movie premiere....give a couple hugs, sign a couple autographs, take a couple pictures, and watch a movie of my own life story while eating yellow M&M's.

6. Paris, Tokyo- This reminds me of a nice, innocent Fresh Prince song from back in the day. It makes me want to fall in love in every city he mentions. Actually, I just want to sit on a chair and have Lupe sing this to me.

7.Hi-Definition- My FAVORRRRRITE! I love the fact that Snoop calls Lupe "Loopy" considering my dad calls him the same thing because he doesn't know how to say "Lu-pe". The beat, the lyrics, everything....I just want to NOD MY DAMN HEAD at this point.

8. Gold Watch- My head is still nodding, but it's a little slower at this point.

9. Hip Hop Saved My Life- Amazing story. What else can I say?? STACK THAT CHEESE.....somthin somthin somthin...STACK THAT CHEESE. By the end of the song Lupe has me rooting for this Houston rapper and hoping he makes it big.

10. Intruder Alert- Sarah Green does her thing. Nice, uplifting story..

11. Streets On Fire- If that whore didn't sleep with everybody, she woulda never gotten AIDS. Lupe's friendly reminder to call the Trojan man.....You don't want this type of fire.

12. Little Weapon- I listened to this with my mom and she complained when she heard the first line "I killed another man today".
Mom- "Megan, why do they always have to be killing people in these songs!!?"
Me-"Mom, listen to the whole'll make sense at the end"
Me-(song ends) "Do you get it now???"
Mom-"No, I can't understand what they are saying"
Me-"Mom, it was a video game the whole time!! A little boy was playing a video game"
Mom-"They're still killing people!!"
Me- "Nevermind......"

13. Gotta Eat- There's probably a million cheeseburgers out there plotting my own death....but it's all good. A tasty death indeed, just like the song. The analogies are key.

14. Dumb It Down- He didn't dumb down this shit.

15- Hello/Goodbye- Nobody probably knew I heard this in Vegas in October. While others may dislike the song for not being hip-hoppish enough, I enjoy it throughly. Kinda reminds me of "The instrumental" Take two..

16. The Die- The Cool dies! A little part of me dies as well. Gemini is amazing.

17. Put You on Game- If I had to pick a least favorite song, it could be this one. I like the lyrics, it's just too slow. I want it to pick up but it just never does

18. Fighters-WWW.LUPETHEFIASCO.BLOGSPOT.COM A little look into Lupe's mind and heart. What a guy. Matthew Santos reminds me of John Mayer...and I love John Mayer.

19. Go Baby- Where your ladies at?? Right here!! LOL Seriously, I just want to go to a show, and have a sign that says "Go Baby!" I imagine I'm not the first one who's had this idea. And being an AVID Maury fan, I LOVE that he references him.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Congratulations Lupe. Thank you for being you.

Lupe Fiasco Interview with HHDX

HipHopDX: What is the meaning of “cool” is to you?
Lupe Fiasco: Being yourself, not really being worried about what people think. To me, that’s the illest cool to have.

DX: In the last year, what’s the best experience you’ve had with your music?
LF: The touring. Going out there and performing. That’s one of the smaller things that I actually look forward to doing. Going on and jumping on stage and performing for my fans, and seeing their reaction instantly. That’s what music is. If you go back 300 years ago to the symphonies, there was no portable music. You had to come and see the music performed. That’s why you dressed up; it was an event. That was where it started. That’s the most fun – whether it’s 60,000 or a little club, it’s always exciting.

Click the link to read the interview in its entirety...

Awwww...Nikki Jean is gonna make me cry

First Hand Account from Michelle

Her Account of the Concert at the Filmore LAST NIGHT...

Iesha Jaco opened up the concert with the F&L intro, Lupe did songs from that album. He's so energetic. He even stopped the song cuz we weren't jumping up and down! He let Gemini spit and did a wardobe change. Iesha came out again and did the poem from The Cool, then Lupe did cuts from The Cool. He gave little intros to most of the songs, which was nice. It was a great show -- wait, no it was a great EXPERIENCE. The only thing I didn't like was that he didn't come out for an encore, and he didn't do any mixtape cuts. Oh, and if he brought JayZ out for "Pressure", that woulda been nuts. Hov was just chillin' in the balcony with Beyonce. Trey Songz was sitting next to them too.

Lupe grabbed his belt buckle at one point, and all the ladies went nuts. Matthew Santos was looking mighty tasty.

Nikki Jean also handed out "Go Baby" posters to the ladies and video recorded us while we waited on line. Probably going to be on one of her blogs.

Truly & Trilly,
Michele Isabel

Exhibit A

Just A Little Something To Say

I hate people who are easily influenced. Like people whose favorite color may be red, but if I say I hate red, then all of a sudden their favorite color is blue. It makes me angry. Like what do you stand for? What do you believe in? If my favorite color is red, and every motherfucker in the world hates the color red, then I will be the only bitch in the world rocking red. (side note: I hate the color red) You should stand up for what you feel, what you believe, what you're passionate about. If you wanna do something, but nobody else whats to do it...FUCK it anyway. Because more than likely if what you're doing succeeds even a little bit, motherfuckers will be ready to jump on the bandwagon anyway.

And speaking of bandwagon, I WILL NOT DEAL WITH BANDWAGON MOTHERFUCKERS. Its a difference of you knowing something and not knowing. Like for instance, if I have something and Im telling everybody I know that this something is the best thing ever. And they're like awwww, that something aint shit. It aint nothing. But then lets say my something gets a little attention. If you didn't know about my something to begin with and all of sudden you think my something is hot, cool. But lets say you knew about it from the start, AND NEVER fucked with it when you had the chance, and then now that my something is Hot, you wanna fuck with it...NAW. Fuck That. Get your own something. And I don't care how much you have to offer me, I don't need it. I don't want it. I don't give a fuck about it. Keep it. Cause its a respect issue. Don't doubt me, then when I do good, you wanna join in. Naw...I'm cool. My bandwagon is full.

But back to what I was saying. I kinda went off on a tangent there. Be You. Do You. Stick to your opinions and feelings. Its not a good thing that somebody can always change your mind with a few words. You're basically setting yourself up to be taken advantage of and thats not a good thing. Ok Im done. I just had to get that off my chest because I've been seeing alot of that lately.

Have a Great Day!!! LOL...

Exhibit B

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
I Feel The Pressure

Lupe Fiasco is taking over MY LIFE!!!

With that statement said, Don't get me wrong. I am a Fan of Lupe Fiasco. I decided to create a blog showcasing the things I find most interesting concerning all things concerning him. And I am so grateful for the Enormous boost that he has given my site from the shoutout he gave it on his album. I Love It All...But...

I feel the pressure to basically just keep it up. Like its not hard at all. I've developed a system where I know exactly where to go to find what I need. And since the shoutout, alot of people do the work for me by sending me links and things that they have come across. But just the pressure to uphold the greatness of the site. Like I feel Lupe giving the ShoutOut was the ultimate. Like it doesn't get any better. It definitely could get better but in my mind, that was it. The was the grandiose moment, the culmination of what I had started the blog for- to get the attention of Mr. Lupe Fiasco. And now that I have his attention, as well as the attention of about quadruple the blog readers pre-shoutout, I don't know where to go from there. Everyone has big ideas for the blog and all the groups associated with it. But Im still feeling like I don't know whats going on. Like alot (well not really) is going on thats crazy to me.

Like when I said I feel that Lupe Fiasco is taking over my life, I mean that there is not one day that I can go through without him. And its in a difference sense now, like when before I was doing the blog ultimately for me. But now its like Im doing it for everybody else. For Lupe, for the Femmes, for everybody else who reads. And like that reason is why I moreso didn't want anybody to know I do the blog. Well nobody in my personal life, as opposed to my internet life. Thats why I don't have Lupe Fiasco posted all over my myspace or Facebook, why I don't rep Femme Fiascos as hard as the others, why Im not really bragging about the shoutout. I get tired of talking about Lupe Fiasco, day in and day out, blah blah blah. Im a Fan, but Im more of a Jay-ish Fan, laid back and cool, as opposed to a Diddy-ish fan, flashy and in your face.

The blog has almost become my job. Not in a bad way, but in a way where I feel like I can't really fuck up anymore. I couldn't not "go to work" for days or just quit altogether now. Like I could but I just couldn't. And I won't. I just have to get back in the mind state of when I first started the blog. That this blog is for me. It is about Lupe Fiasco but its my take on Lupe Fiasco. Its how I feel. Its my blog. I gotta bring the funness (new word) back into it whether my new readers like it or not.

I feel like I lost my swag. But it shall return...'08 WILL be a great year.

How Ya Love That???


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Got The Cool... Yes I Do... I Got The Cool... How About You?...

I cleared that Best Buy shelf of all The Cools and Food & Liquors that were there...
I kept two that will never be opened... I gave one F&L and one Cool to my bestest friend... I'm giving one to my favorite DJ tomorrow (hey Victor!)... I gave one to my little sister... I opened one... And I have a few more left over, to give away as I see fit...

My little sister loves hers...

I'll be buying at least one copy with each paycheck in 2008 (it's my new year's resolution)and giving them away to people who I believe need some Lupe in their lives...

How is your contribution to the Move-A-Million-Units Movement coming along?...

Hit us up at with a picture of you and your purchased copy of The Cool...

The Cool has Come... The Takeover Begins...

If you are visiting us for the first time... Chances are... You heard Lupe shout us out before his song Go Baby off of his newly released sophomore album The Cool (Hip Hop Hooray... The Cool has Come!!!)...

We figured once they heard it, people would probably be wondering just who us "ladies" are that he speaks of...

Well... If you must know... We are none other than the...

A group of seven girls who came together as a family on this here blog... All for the love of Lupe...

The blog was started by Muah and frequented by RHOyal Fiasco and KayCee in its early stages... As time went on, Miss Sammy Mac and Miss Natalie became a part of the crew... And after that... Radhiya and Gracie the Gemstress joined our close knit family... Together we are the Femme Fiascos...

Friends change... Lovers leave... Sisters are eternal...
Introducing the Femme Fiascos...

Muah: The Fearless Leader

Five Things You Should Know About MUAH!!!(get it Muah, Me, lol...lame I know)
1. I hardly ever respond to myspace comments, so send me a message.My" Myspace-ADD MEor AIM me...check my blogger profile.

2. I Run This Blog but I only read the interviews. I hardly watch the videos, or listen to the audio interviews, none of that. You'll be better off asking any of the other Femmes specific questions about Lupe.

3. My Dream Jobs would be Hypeman, Heiress, or World Traveling Food Connoisseur .

4. I LOVE COMMENTS, EMAILS, and anything

5. I Hate the Song "Riding Dirty" by Chamillionaire. I avoid it at all costs. But I LOVE SOULJA BOY...haha...SHOOTOUT AYE!!!! SHOOTOUT AYE!!!! And heres a Free One...Im a very FUN person, If you're with me, its a guaranteed good time.(Not that kind of a good time TURBO or DAVID)

RHOyal Fiasco: La Prezidenta De La Familia

I'm K-ROB and I'm a Scorpio...
Don't ask me cause I just don't know...
I feel kinda like a jerk...
But I'm gonna try and make this work...
Bear with me as I attempt to flow...

My favorite rapper is Lupe Fiasco...
He hails from the Westside of Chicago...
I'm a Bay girl, he's from the Midwest...
But I still think he's the best...
There is no other that can match his flow...

January 13th will be my 17th Lupe show...
He'll be in Frisco at the Fillmoe...
I've been across the USA...
Just to see my man Lupe...
How much I love and admire him you'll just never know...

All my family, friends, sorors and associates know...
That when it comes to Mr. Fiasco...
If you dont want me to catch a case...
You best stay outta my face...
Because for negative talk about Lupe, I just won't go...

Okay... Enough of that... (I had to do it, I ADORE limericks...lmao)

This is RHOyal here...

Hmmm... A few things about me...

-I'm the eldest of the Femmes (but I'm young at heart)

-I'm from the Bay (CA)
-I'm a teacher
-My brother is a prison guard at San Quentin (I love telling people that for some reason)

-I'm often referred to as "unapproachable"

-I have freckles

-I'm kinda top heavy (as seen above) and am EXTREMELY self-conscious about it

-I read a lot

-I crochet

-I go to the shooting range

-I contribute to this blog (thanks Muah!!!) and I absolutely adore doing it

-My birthday is the same day as Nelly and Marie Antoinette (OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!... lmao)

-I have the absolute pleasure and honor of saying that Lupe is my homeboy... He's my number 1 and I'm his...

That's all... Hit me on AIM or myspace if you wanna know more... Check my blogger profile for the 411...

KayCee:The Official Promoter/Marketeer

okay so little things about me

5 Favorite People

And as im sure EVERYONE is aware I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON I didnt put him on the list cuz its just a given lol...Hmm what else see my name that everyone knows me as is KayCee, I host Fiasco Fam Radio on blogtalkradio with the rest of my bitches and we do work! haha. Im a promoter and ive promoted from everyone to Gwen Stephani to Talib Kweli...I love to travel ESPECIALLY if Lupe is involved...One of my goals is to hop on a WORLD TOUR with somebody...just so that i can do both things I enjoy and thats travel and music! I love to cook , my fave food is mac n cheese and most importantly I love my Femme Sisters! Peaces BITCHES!!

#5-My laptop
#4-My Zune Mp3
#3-My sidekick
#2-My Lupe Concert Collection...AND IT KEEPS GROWING LOL
#1- My Michael Jackson Collection-TOUCH IT AND DIE...

Miss Sammy Mac:The First Lady

What can I say about Sammy Mac? Well (speaking in the third person... lol)...

1)Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West are her anti-drugs.

2)Sneakers are the ONLY thing that touch this girls feet.

3)She NEVER misses an episode of Rob & Big.

4)She has been mistaken for the girl in all the Missy Elliot videos.

5)Her lifelong dream as been to live in New York city.

6)She is fascinated by the music business and everything to do with it.

7)She has a wee ninja named Seymour that she takes everywhere.

8)She has often been called a dreamer.

9)She hates ignorance.


Miss Natalie: The Wee Keeper

All about me (Miss Natalie)

1) Lupe Fiasco, Chris Brown, and Kanye West are my 3 greatest loves.

2) I have had the opportunity to see all of my greatest loves, except for one...Lupe (But theres still hope!) :D

3) Music is my worst addiction.

4) I have an awesome wee ninja named Wasalu.

5) I am always caught in a daydream.

6) My iPod is my best friend.

7) I'm a senior in high school (08 BABY!) and plan to move to Houston after I graduate.

8) I suck at Guitar Hero, yet enjoy attempting to play it.

9) I kick some major ass at playing Uno.

Radhiya:The Official Hostess
My Umi named me Radhiya (Ra-thee-ya) which means "agreeable" but I don't think I am. I'm a Black Woman!! hahaha..but anywayz besides the obvious fact that I'm serious Lupe fan and supporter I'm pretty chill, randomly silly person. I'm currently attending Rutgers University majoring in Biological Sciences.I'm determined to be a doctor. I'm totally hyped about how this blog is expanding and I'm a pround member of the Fiasco Fam Blog and the Femme Fiascos (smooches). I feel more comfortable when I list things so....

-I can't wait to brag to people about our shout out on The Cool.

-Got insane love for Lupe Fiasco

-All my life I've always wanted to be a part of a group..well not really..but I am now and what's better than being a memeber of this sexy blog and the femme fiasco?

-People tell me that I have an old soul...Blah: is what i think about that..I mean i know could be boring sometimes but come on now.
-3 sisters, 2 brothers..yes I'm the Go Baby, Go Baby, Go Baby.

-People say that I'm a strong individual because of the way I've dealt with my disability..yes disability..I was born with a physical make a long mushy story short I use a wheelchair. As you can see I dont make a big deal out of it.

-I appreciate the smell that comes from laundry vents hahahaha...admit it! you do too :)...its amazing!

That's me in a nutshell. Later for yall.

Gracie the Gemstress: Leader of the Gemstones Faction

Love Lupe's music but my heart is partial to Gemstones who just so happens to be my best friend... What else needs to be said?...

So there you have it folks... The 7 deadly Femmes... Check us out on our myspace page at or just come back here and visit us sometime...

If you forget this website... All you have to do is listen to the very end of Fighters and Lupe will remind you where we are...


Monday, December 17, 2007

Real Talk NY interviewing Lupe Tomorrow

Here are a few of the questions I found from the site...


Will the bulls ever win another championship? lol

Ask him is lil wayne the best rapper alive!

Okay...Go There to Submit Your Own Questions by leaving a Comment on the Page...The interview takes place early tomorrow, SO DO IT NOW!!!!

Paid & Popular Interview with Lupe Fiasco

Check for Lupe Appearances

Today 12/17
- Miss Jones Morning Show on Hot 97 - 8am
- MTV's TRL - 3:30pm
- BET's 106 & Park Countdown - 6pm



Who's gonna be in NY at the Filmore on Tuesday??

How Matthew Santos met Lupe Fiasco

Singer Matthew Santos jokes that he met labelmate and friend Lupe Fiasco when Santos walked into a Burrito House in Chicago and ordered a seasoned pork burrito.

The skinny kid who stood next to him had just ordered a vegetarian-style burrito and showed discouragement for his carnivorous selection.

"I told him I could not start my day without bacon," Santos said.

Click Here to Read the Rest of the Article

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Cool Cometh...

First it was Halloween...

Then it was November 20th...

And now... It is finally arriving... The Cool is on its way!!!...

In the interest of Lupe's continued success, my fellow Femmes and I have created what we are calling the Move-A-Million-Units Movement...

It's pretty much the simplest movement that you'll ever be involved in... All we need you to do is buy, buy, buy!!!...

Everyone is always talking about all the "garbage" that is being put out these days but these guys are selling like canned crotch while our boy Lupe and other quality artists are left in the lurch...

Come on people... It is true that more often than not, the kind of person who is partial to Lupe also tends to be the kind of person that society would deem a "computer geek" and, therefore, would be more inclined to download an album of their liking rather than trudge all the way to the mall to spend their hard earned 1,000 pennies on it...

But that's no excuse... If you are what you say you are... A Lupe fan... Then buy the freakin' CD...

We'll even give you somewhat of an incentive...

Send a picture of yourself posing with your store-bought copy of The Cool to and we'll post it...

And you know Lupe checks the blog...

So get your A.S.S. to the store bright and early on Tuesday, December 18th... Buy The Cool... And get to posing...

We're trying to help Lupe move a million son!!!...

Lupe's Skate Deck Contest

I'm Adding a Blog Roll Soon

I've been getting a bunch of emails from people who wanna exchange links with this blog. So I've decided to add a blogroll of all the blogs that I deem worthy of being on the list...An affiliate list of sorts. Affiliates sound so corporate to me, so Im gonna think of a flyer name for it soon. But if you wanna be added...send an email to

If you've already sent me an email, you don't need to send another one. I gotcha.


P.S. Don't forget to send your site's URL!!

A Few Videos to Check Out

Friday, December 14, 2007

Let the Hating Begin...

With the upcoming release of Lupe's Sophomore album The Cool, we should all prepare ourselves for some major hating...

That being said...

My favorite rapper's least favorite blogger... Who just so happens to be this guy...

Has posted a review of The Cool... And while it is not nearly as blatantly hate-filled as his review of Food and Liquor last year... It's still pretty haterish... Check it out at the link below...

Fall of Rome

Check the link for pictures and more details on how to get it
(If its not already SOLD OUT)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And since this is the Holiday Season of Giving...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

cineMAX Tour Stories: Lupe Fiasco

Matthew Santos Article


Matthew Santos started out playing music at an early age. Now 24, he has just released "Matters of the Bittersweet," his debut solo album, and he also has the industry buzzing around his collaborations with recently Grammy-nominated rapper Lupe Fiasco.

Santos is coming to the Black Cat in Washington tonight to perform songs off his new album, along with a few tracks off his next album.

The Chicago native has forged a sound for himself that is very much akin to Dave Matthews', but with a much more intimate feeling.

"Initially I started out as a 6-year-old kid fooling about the piano trying to figure out tunes I heard on the TV and radio," Santos said in a recent interview. "And then it turned into formal piano and then my brother got a guitar and I started fumbling around on his guitar and it turned out I basically learned a whole bunch of chords."

The songwriting process came naturally from there, he added. "It was more of an intuitive process of playing what felt good and what sounded good. I started putting words to songs and it just sort of took hold."

Santos got his big break once he got hooked up with Lupe Fiasco through industry connections. That led to Santos' contributing vocals to Fiasco's first album and his sophomore effort, "The Cool," which will be released next Tuesday. Santos performs on the first single, "Superstar," and will join Fiasco on "The Late Show with David Letterman" next Wednesday.

Santos' show at the Black Cat will be his first in the D.C. area in which he will have the backing of a full band. His first experience touring with a group of people came while on tour with Lupe Fiasco.

"That's been a fun and enlightening experience," he said of touring with Fiasco. "He doesn't like to rough it so much, so we stay in really nice places and we eat at really nice places. So I think that going on the road with a band is going to be like one big camping trip."

Though his first full-length album has only been out since November, Santos is looking ahead to the next one. He's signed on with Fiasco's 1st and 15th record label, a subsidiary of Atlantic, and will bring his backing musicians along.

"We've yet to discuss and start plotting out our plans for releasing the full-band album, but I was promised by Lupe that it would happen the summer of '08," he said.

Coming to a City near YOU

Lupe Fiasco - 2007/2008 Tour Dates

Dec 18 New York, NY The Fillmore at Irving

Dec 27 Honolulu, HI Pipeline Café

Jan 10 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre

Jan 11 Seattle, WA Showbox Sodo

Jan 13 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore

Jan 14 Anaheim, CA House of Blues

Jan 15 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern

Jan 17 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues

Jan 18 Las Vegas, CA House of Blues

Jan 19 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre

Jan 20 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre

Jan 22 Austin, TX Emo's

Jan 23 Dallas, TX House of Blues

Jan 25 Atlanta, GA The Roxy

Jan 27 Baltimore, MD Sonar

Jan 28 Norfolk, VA The Norva

Jan 30 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

Jan 31 Philadelphia, PA The Fillmore at TLA

Feb 1 Richmond, VA Stuart C. Seigel Center

Feb 2 New York, NY Nokia Theatre

Mar 1 New Haven, CT Yale University

Mar 25 Fredricksburg, VA Great Hall

We Ain't Too Proud to Beg (c) TLC



Waffle House! (Ya dig!?)

To prove to all of Missouri that you are NOT Mexican! (We are SICK and TIRED of dirty bastards assuming this!)

You can have some authentic Missouri corn on the cob!

By coming here you are helping us by supporting our habit.

Kanye came here and he LOVED it!

Due to the recent backlash of all of your white people jokes, doing this for us will show the country that you really do care about white people.

Seymour and Wasalu will finally get to see their idol!

MIZZOU ARENA! (This is the place Kanye loved so very much.)

It's in the middle of the United States! So it's VERY easy to get to from ANYWHERE!


So there you have it Lupe. You've GOTTA come to Columbia, Missouri. RHOyal's been to 16 shows. SIXTEEN! By the end of next year she will have AT LEAST doubled that number. Can the white girls get 1?

Thanks for your consideration.

Natalie and Sammy