Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"It's been a long time, I shouldna left you..."

Hey, remember me? Originally I was just another bright eyed college student with way too much time on my hands, which resulted in my cultivating something wonderful. Fast forward to now, and I have pretty much become a ghost of Lupe's past--with no explanation as to why, until now...

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Im a non-confrontational type person, very go with the flow and all that. My major goal in life is to make sure I enjoy myself, and that people around me enjoy themselves also. With that said, when I first started this blog I had no expectations of it AT ALL. I didn't start it because I wanted to be able to watch shows from backstage, and hang out with a lot of different cool people (which was AMAZING, btw).. I never expected that I would actually get the chance to do alot of the stuff that we (the Femmes) did. I damn sure NEVER in a million years would have thought Lupe Fiasco would shout out my little blog on what I think is the best song on the album. My intentions were to occupy my time, and since Im a slight dork, I started a blog.

Kennykenken was one of the first visitors to my blog to show me love, and he said and I quote "this blog is gonna get big." I paid that remark no attention. And honestly it was not until about a week after Lupe's album 'The Cool' was on MTV's 'The Leak" (which was the week of his actual release) that I realized how "big" my blog was. I was always open to suggestions and didn't mind letting people jump on my bandwagon, because again, I was never doing this blog for attention, so the more, the merrier was always my motto.

And because I CHOSE not to let people know I ran the blog (by myself until I allowed others to start posting only because I could see my desire fading but I wanted to continue the greatness), a couple of other people got my recognition. And I never got bitter about that because I CHOSE not to put my face out there as much as the others. But what I didn’t like was how some people were not taking the opportunity to explain that this was MY BLOG, my writing, my hard work, my long hours of searching for shit, and not theirs. And sitting back watching people try and pretty much take over was killing me on the inside.

Because this blog had become a major part of my life, and we all know that time is EVERYTHING when it comes to the internet. So being the first to post stuff and find information is key; it separates the good from the great. But what that entails is a constant search for information. I had the shit down to a science, you would be surprised at what you can get some of these search engines to do. It was hard work though, and I did it for as long as I did because I really enjoyed it. But once it switched from feeling like a hobby to feeling like a job, I knew it was not long before this blog would eventually crumble.

Everybody had their opinion on what they thought I should be doing with MY blog. Readers, Femmes, shit I even recall getting phone calls with orders from Mr. Lupe Fiasco himself to take down things that I posted on my blog. It had become a circus, and I no longer wanted to be ringmaster, even though I was pressured into thinking “the show must go on.” And I tried to continue blogging, but it just wasn’t fun. I had no passion for it anymore. And I regret allowing others to take that away from me, but it came down to me either continuing to do all my hard work and letting others take the credit for it, or me completely stopping everything and watching the blog go down in flames.

And we all know which road was traveled on that one, so yeah. That was it. That is how this blog has gotten to this point. I almost feel like I could do an E! True Hollywood story about everything I encountered as a result of this blog (I see why Enquirer and Perez Hilton stay booming)…but luckily that’s not my style.

But back to what I was saying in the beginning, I just wanna do something I enjoy. I’ve gotten paid one $100 check from Google, so it was definitely NOT for profit. To this day I am sure Lupe Fiasco does not know my name or recognize my face like he does some of the other Femmes, so it was definitely NOT for attention. It was just for a love of writing, and new found interest in this rapper dude named Lupe Fiasco. And I took a much needed break but now I think I am ready…

And I’m OUT

-WLFL (The blogger formerly known as MUAH!!!)

Stay Tuned…